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Lesbian parents test Florida adoption law

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Reader comments

  1. ‘Ryan, who is now engaged to a man….’

    So she’s a ‘hasbian’ then isn’t she?

  2. Mihangel apYrs 23 Jun 2009, 11:05am

    it never ceases to amaze me that people will readily abandon any principles for advantage…

    These women BOTH OF THEM probably fought tooth and nail for the right, and involved lots of other people in their fight.

    Now it doesn’t suit one of them, she spits in the face of all her erstwhile supporters just to get her own way.

    And who will consider the children who thought they had 2 moms willing to look after them.

    (PS: has Ryan rejected her adopted daughter? If so she’s a true bitch)

  3. Thanks girls – you’ve given the fundies some real ammunition there!ars!

  4. Rachel Titley 23 Jun 2009, 6:31pm

    Lezabella: I was just about to make a similar comment myself, except more along the lines of “so she’s actually bisexual?”
    And if they both had children, perhaps they are both bisexual. One is not a lesbian just because one is in a relationship with another woman, bisexual is not a transitive in-between state.

    ReCaptcha irony: nonmilitary warlike

  5. Kimberly Ann 14 Apr 2010, 4:20am

    Those kids are daughters? Really? Did they dress them as boys to ruin their lives too? Let me guess, the daughters were born gay too.

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