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Gay Mormons seek ‘reconciliation’ and an ‘apology’ from church leaders

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Reader comments

  1. Mormons have apparently worked to shake off their image as morally/ethically dubious because of their mysogynistic practices in the past with polygamy, forced marriage etc. But sadly they have replaced one vice with another and they are just as terrible as they always were. They have become homophobic political campaigners, which most of the civilised world sees as morally disgusting. I find it hard to imagine a world in which Mormons have a good public image…

  2. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 4:01pm

    The Mormons still engage in their practise of ‘baptising the dead’ ie the practise where the church elders baptise non-Mormons who have died into the church where they are then registered as members.

  3. Oh, how very lovely of them..!
    Patronising arseholes.!
    Sanctimonious prats!
    Stuff your love and ‘forgiveness’
    Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon; understand that and deal with it..!
    It’s like forgiving the wind for blowing; the tides for ebbing and flowing and the sun for going round the earth.
    Silly me!
    Did I really say that?
    What I meant about the sun was………..


  4. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 6:24pm

    MORMON ‘Sex-In Chains’
    The Mormons that used to ply their door to door cavasing in my district disgraced themselves.
    A Morman woman fancied a Morman chap (probebley a Gay one) and he did not want her. So, she got another Morman coleague to help her to chain him to the bed so she could have sex with him–hence the SEX IN CHAINS CASE. Before the police could do anything about the situation. The Mormans escaped back to the USA.

  5. Like in the catholic church, petitions will fall on deaf ears. Smarten up gay mormons.

  6. Surely the teachings of the Mormons is only binding on Mormons. So why remian if you consider their teachings unacceptable? I mean,m why aren’t I a Mormon, for example?

  7. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 10:55am

    In my limited experiance with Mormons, I was a little suprised. When I asked one of them was he a Mormon? He quickly brushed the question aside and said “We are the Church O Jesus Christ.” People like that never live up to the real teachings of Jesus I find. But then who dose? I have never met a Saint nor am I likley to. If I had met Mother Terasa of India, in her life-time, then I would have met a Saint.

  8. Brian – I’ve read the story of John Smith and the magic eyeglasses that allowed him to decipher the markings on the sheets of gold he found buried in his backyard; I’ve read about the cross-country trek until he and his followers found heaven on earth at Salt Lake City, and much more.

    But, is it true that when two young Mormon men come knocking at the door, healthy smiles and all, that they are wearing an undergarment made of special fabric that repels homosexual advances? Didn’t I see that in a gay movie?

    Anyway, gay Mormons don’t need special spectacles to read the writing on the wall. Having come out, they are out…out the door, and no way back in. Just like catholics, no matter what the official rhetoric.

  9. Bishop Ioan 13 Jul 2009, 4:50pm

    The gy Mormons are talking to the blank air. Mormonism is NOT going to accept them. How anyone can believe that tosh is beyond me–Joseph Smith was a liar and a pervert and the religion he founded is equally perverted. And no, I’ve yet to meet a Mormon who doesn’t say the whole “Church of Jesus Christ” stuff. They’re smart enough to know that most sensible people are turned off by Mormonism. I took the time to read the “Book of Moron”–er, Mormon and I laughed myself sick.

    The gay Mormons would do better to leave the Mormon religion and find another liberal faith community.

    I don’t know about special underwear to repel homosexuality, but Mormons do wear a special underwear akin to union suits…maybe a shorter version of the bottoms for women.

  10. Wow, a lot of ignorance and hate here … All too sad. I think understanding from ANY perspective makes a big difference for all involved. So far, I’m not seeing that. Can you imagine how better a place the world would be with it? :(

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