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Gay couples can use married names in passports

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Reader comments

  1. So what determines the married name of the huband of another husband?
    In straight marraige its pretty clear.

  2. Not always, Kiki. In different countries it varies. I know one straigh couple where they both kept their own names, one where they linked them, one where the man took the woman’s surname. There’s an element of choice involved – just as in same sex couples.

  3. Hang on… surely if you legaly chainge your name, then your name is *chainged*, right? How the hell did they get away with making people use sepertae names for seperate documents because they don’t like they situation under which is was chainged? That’s beond homophobia, that’s just totally demented.

    Kiki: The husbands determin their married names (as with two wives).

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