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Tories join with ‘homophobic’ Polish party in Europe

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 22 Jun 2009, 4:29pm

    The Tories claims to be be gay friendly are obviously a pack of lies if they are consorting with a shower of bigots like this.

    Give them your feeback:

  2. Pete & Michael 22 Jun 2009, 4:47pm

    Shame on them!

  3. Brian Burton 22 Jun 2009, 4:48pm

    Since Tories have always been a homophobic party and they cannot be any different, nomatter who is Leader. I have always known that the Tory Party is really run by men in grey suits, who keep themselves well in the background.

  4. So it looks like we`re heading for far right wing tory government next year

    And for those gays who were going to vote tory
    OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. vulpus_rex 22 Jun 2009, 5:37pm

    Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth on a biblical scale, as this now proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the tories want to drown gay people in tramp sick.

    The polish government as a matter of EU law and as firm condition of their EU membership are requried to pass equality legislation and laws that afford minority groups protection.

    Even so it is naive and foolish to expect that all political alliances require that the thus allied parties’ policies will be 100% the same.

    This grouping is about anti-federalism, anti-corruption and anti-big brother EUSSR bureacracy and I applaud David Cameron for not throwing out the baby with the bath water.

  6. No LGBT person can be both self-respecting and supportive of Tories.

    Spread the word: the Tory commitment to gay rights is merely a veneer. It’s a sham.

  7. Mihangel apYrs 22 Jun 2009, 6:04pm

    all coalitions make compromises. However certain things one doesn’t compromise on: equality and human rights are two

  8. vulpus_rex 22 Jun 2009, 6:12pm

    all coalitions make compromises. However certain things one doesn’t compromise on: equality and human rights are two”

    I agree and therefore am pleased that as a condition of their membership of the EU the government of Poland have signed up to introducing exactly the same equality legislation required in all other EU member states.

  9. Bill Perdue 22 Jun 2009, 6:34pm

    The election of a pack of rightist Thatcherite wolves in England will have the same consequences for GLBT folks as it had when Poland elected a government of catholic bigots.

    It won’t be pretty.

    The problem seems to be that Labour has moved so far to the right that many of their economic and war policies are identical to those of the Tories. Corruption is rampant in both parties because both are lap dogs for the rich. Clearly Labour has to get rid of the New Labour types and move left or it’ll find itself abandoned. It’s already hemorrhaging badly enough to give the Tory wolves a chance at winning.

  10. It is obvious that the Tories are not interested in winning the next general election. The Law and Justice party is one of the most unpopular parties in Poland and the ‘Presdent’ of Poland is very unpopular. No wonder the Tories side with the losers. Birds of a feather etc. PiS is the Polish abbreviation for the Law and Justice Party

  11. Andy & Steve 22 Jun 2009, 7:46pm

    Bill Perdue – sorry but I peed myself at the irony of your opening line….. we’ve been living under a Thatcherite government for the last 12 years, in case you hadn’t noticed…….

    However – Camoron’s decision to align with the loony right will no doubt wake up a few queens to the reality of voting for a fundamentally selfish right wing bunch of toffs.

  12. Oh come one. I’m no supporter of the Tories, but all the blocs have dodgy parties in them. The Tories are right to seek an anti-federalist, but not anti-EU, alliance.

  13. Tory scum. There’s no smoke without fire. They’re homophobic. Anyone who thinks this “bedfellow arrangement” isn’t about like minded “ideals” is a blind idiot.

  14. Well I would most certainly vote for the Tories before I would Labour, but actions like this disappoint me; They know they have a bad rep in this area, yet they continue to drop massive gaffes like this. It really doesn’t help their PR, and Conservative voters are leaving in their droves to other central or right parties because of it.

  15. I hope David Cameron is fully aware that he’s made ‘a deal with the devil’ in this situation.

  16. DROP COMPLACENCY, GET INFORMED, GET POLITICAL AND VOTE TACTICALLY. That’s the only way to try and avoid another long and nasty period of a government pandering to homophobic attitudes. The Tories will always protect a large homophobic crowd cooking their poisons just underneath a very thin veneer. Take your own conclusions. Think: Is it time to vote Lib Dems, or even Green to win and avoid the Tories? Or is Labour still a winner? It would be easier if Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens joined forces against the Tories.

  17. Another thing every wise and self respecting gay person and/or leader should do is to be aware of the methods being more and more employed by nasty parties. They rely on voters laziness and ignorances and so they name their parties and coalitions with nice words or themes, giving the impression they are on the side of “Law and Justice”, for example. Be careful when you choose your words too.

  18. David Griff 23 Jun 2009, 6:05am

    I don’t like the conservative party by any stretch of the definition but I still didn’t think they would do that. Surely they can see the massive mistake it is to align themselves with vile right-wing lunatics.

  19. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 6:23am

    Looks like they have elected a ‘Far Right’ Speaker too, dos’nt it?

  20. What we need from are some clear and reliable citations showing homophobic policies in the Polish Law and Justice party.

    With that, we can go to our MEPs (and to Conservative Central Office) and challenge them about the affiliation.

    But at the moment, I’m pretty stuck for anything to write, because all that’s in the pinknews article is vague, unattributable suggestions:
    – “The Polish party has been accused of homophobia, antisemitism and racism”
    – “The Law and Justice Party […] has a reputation for homophobia”

    Surely if they are committed to a homophobic agenda, they have specific homophobic policies we can challenge directly and effectively..?

  21. As I have said before…once a Tory….Not to be trusted full stop. As to all this clap trap about the end of civilisation, don’t these people know that homosexuality was accepted during the greatest flowing of human knowledge under the Ancient Greeks? Doesn’t seem to have harmed civilisation then!

  22. Jesus of Nazareth 23 Jun 2009, 9:04am

    Poland – they deserve to be back under the soviet thumb. What else would you expect when their religious leader’s name is so close to NAZI – RAZInger.

    I have already reserved a well heated room for the leaders of these homophobic groups, who deny the meaning of my Life on Earth, as a message of the Father’s Love for all His creation.

  23. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 9:37am

    Jesus Of Nazareth,

    We want no ‘False Prophets’ on this site thank you very much. We have enough to contend with from the reality boys!

  24. Dear Jesus of Nazareth –
    The meaning of your life on Earth, in so far as it can be gleaned from the earliest texts associated with you, was a reiteration of not entirely original rabbinical Jewish ethics which on the whole deplored the hard-line strictures of the Orthodox regarding Torah. You seem to have combined this with an urgent feeling that the world was coming to an imminent end and that this vaguely had something to do with you. This didn’t happen, of course – which, after the Romans topped you on the view that you were less troublesome to them dead than alive, gave some of your followers an excuse to re-invent you as a Divine Being suited to the tastes of a pagan Graeco-Roman world. Your failed mission indirectly created a monstrosity we are still living with. May I suggest that you employ the seance from which you are communicating with this message-board to inform some of those who worship you as a God(something scandalous to a Jewish prophet)that they should really stop using supernaturalism to justify bigotry and hatred?

  25. What’s more interesting than the obvious blatent neo-facist Christian political opportunism they all hanker for – is how they will actually communicate with each other as a self styled ‘group’.
    The Torys are at odds to point out that they are capable of forming political groups in parliament with the formation of this alliance. They say it as a sign of strength.
    However i would very much like to see Cameron handle both the Czech and Polish camp on a bad day. It will make interesting viewing. Cameron is essentially a somewhat confused man of priviledge. He’s a toff. At best he’s a tory wet and at worst a muddled conservative provincial with neo-con free-market reflexes. The Polish Brothers are to my knoweldge from poor rural farming background, essentially uneducated and brutalist in the school of UKs Tebbit but with that brand of Slavic illogical cruelty that comes with a culture whose habits are not well understood by the UK.
    Cameron is potentially open to a very absurd ride which could leave the next election result swung more towards a hung parliament rather than a secure Conservative majority rule. For the undecided among you, a hung parliament remains a viable option and Westminster has been making contingency plans in the event it may occur for some months now. This story only increases the reasoning that suggests this way forward may be the best for the UK at the next election.

  26. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 10:42am

    Vulpus Rex – it is true that Poland (along with all EU member states must sign up to equality legislation). Did you happen to miss that little news item last week where the government of Lithuania has signed their own Section 28 banning teachers from any positive reference to homosexuality or else they will be fired. These lunatics in the Law & Justice party are the same.

    The Tories are still the ‘nasty party’ and anyone who votes for them is voting for bigots. Cameron is just another Eton boy pretending to give a toss about people. Consorting with these wack jobs shows his true colours.

  27. On Newanight the other Night, William Hague specifically said this wouldn’t happen. So, they’re still liars and homophobes, nothing has changed.

  28. Apologies, it wasn’t Newsnight, it was Question Time

  29. Simon – No I didn’t miss it and let’s hope that the EU Kommissioners now do something about it instead of prioritising the lining of their pockets and churning out Banana related laws.

    I distinctly remember in the 80s the labour party had to deal with homophobia in the Unions who were initially reluctant to commit to protecting the rights of their gay members. “I can’t get my members to sign up to a charter for Queers” was the choice turn of phrase that I remember from the day.

    Did the Labour party immediately cut all ties? I don’t think so, instead of hysterical overreaction they did sensible thing and played the longer game.

  30. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 12:18pm

    Vulpus_Rex – what was acceptable in the 1980’s is no longer acceptable. Times have changed for the better and to go back to the practices of the 1980’s has no benefit for anyone except the far right of the Tory Party. This seems to be what Cameron is doing with the Tories. Consorting with bigotted, Polish lunatics is absolutely unacceptable if the Tories want to be seen as moderate. Allying themselves with a party whose president said as recently as 2007 that “the promotion of homosexuality would lead to the eventual destruction of the human race” ( is absolutely unacceptable.

    The bigotted Tories are back and any gay person who votes for them does so at their own peril.

  31. Weasel words I’m afraid Simon that typify the Don’t do what we actually “do”, Do what we “say” approach of the left.

    Anyway, hysterically repeating the word bigot over and over again in the same sentence as Tory won’t actually change the fact that I, the larger proportion of the gay population and the larger proportion of the general election are going to vote Tory.

    As has been repeatedly demonstrated in opinion poll after opinion poll, the UK have just had enough of the tired, corrupt, unelected dictator Brown.

  32. I think some of the responses in this discussion are disingenuously implying that all Polish people should be tarred with the homophobic brush of that party; which is rather like saying all British people should be tarred with the homophobic brush of the BNP (or perhaps Conservative) party.

    At any rate, I have written to my MP, 2 x MEPs and Conservative central office asking them to explain themselves. I have some sympathy that when a party (like the Conservatives) has such an extreme view on Europe, it must be pretty tough to find some substantial grouping with which to ally themselves, without making unpalatable compromises as to who your friends are. (They might have taken it as an indicator that their polices on the EU were also extreme, but 30 years of experience suggests… anyway…)
    For me, the key practical question is about what happens when there is some vote on sexual equality in which this Polish party wants to vote against. Will the Conservatives resign from the grouping, fight the case, vote their own way, or vote to appease the Polish party or abstain? I doubt I’ll get a sensible answer to the questions I’ve sent to the MPs/MEPs/etc, but I live in hope.

  33. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 12:54pm

    The EXACT quote by President Lech Kaczynski is “the promotion of homosexuality will lead to the eventual destruction of the human race”
    How is my condemnation of this facist extremist ‘using weasel words’ as you claim?

    You may support the Tories but please remember that the Tories CHOOSE to link themselves to a Polish party comprised of homophobic extremists.

    I think you will find that as the Tories link to homophobic extremists becomes more well-known that your claims that gay people will vote Tory will not be true any more. If the Tories don’t mind vicious homophobia in their political bedfellows then only an absolutely moronic gay person would vote for them.

    What has Alan Duncan and all the other gay Tories said? Or are they all too rich and remote to care about ordinary people;s reaction to this?

  34. Har Davids 23 Jun 2009, 2:43pm

    This could be a ‘marriage de raison’, but whatever the reason, this will put a lot of people off, and not just gays.

  35. vulpus_rex 23 Jun 2009, 2:51pm

    More weasel words to obfuscate previous weasel words Mr Murphy!

    I think you will find that when people think about which way they will vote in a UK general election, very few people will really consider the thoughts of the prime minister of Poland.

    Furthermore I think they are unlikely to be interested in parties represented by people like you who resort to calling them morons for considering voting Tory.

    Have you ever thought that your strategy of trying to attach words like moron, lunatic & bigot to every sentence in which you also use the word Tory makes you sound slightly deranged and hysterical?

  36. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 2:56pm

    Thankfully they showed their true colours before the general election. Now no-one can claim to be surprised about how nasty they turn out to be after the election. Gay people who vote Tory are doing so at the risk of their own civil rights. If the Tories think this bunch of Polish nutters are acceptable comrades in Europe then I think gay rights will suffer under them if they get into power.

    In the meantime I also want to hear how the Tories are going to vote in Parliament with this group if the Poles want to vote against some measure concerning civil rights to minority groups that they hate. Are the Tories going to resign from the group? Or are they going to tolerate it?

  37. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 3:06pm

    Why are you avoiding the question Vulpus Rex?

    For the 3rd time I will repeat the quote from the Polish president (leader of Law & Justice Party – the Tories new best mates).


    Is that compatible with Eton-boy Cameron’s pledge to support gay equality?

    And I must point out to you that you made the claim in comment 29 “the larger proportion of the gay population and the larger proportion of the general election are going to vote Tory”.

    However in comment 33 you change this to “very few people will really consider the thoughts of the prime minister of Poland”

    So do you accept that gay people will obviously react negatively to the Tory association with bigotted lunatics?

    By the way I use the words ‘bigotted’; ‘extremist’ and ‘lunatic’ to describe the Law & Justice Party because that is what they are obviously if they believe that homosexuality will lead to the destruction of mankind.

    If the Tory Party wish to associate with deranged catholics (a new description I’ve not used yet) then obviously the description should may well apply to them as well. Don’t blame me because the Tories have revealed their nasty, vicious side once again.

  38. vulpus_rex 23 Jun 2009, 4:50pm


    1)It is a problem for David Cameron that this man has apparently said what he did.

    It does not mean that the whole of his strategy in Europe should be suspended immediately on the back of one man’s homophobia. Change would never take place at all if people suspended all communication in such an stupidly abrupt manner.

    BTW – why is where David Cameron went to school relevant here?

    2) you suggest some tension between the meaning of point 29 & 33. OK well let’s just imagine that all of the gay people who intend to vote Tory suddenly became aware of what has been said and have to rethink their position.

    I still contend that most probably won’t be that bothered and even if they were, would put it to one side and see it as a small matter in a much wider range of issues and vote Tory anyway.

    I don’t think they are morons for taking this stance and I don’t think that they will thank you for telling them they are either.

    In fact I rather think they will look at your millitant posturing and say “no thanks”.

  39. Ah, so the Tories have shown their true colours.

  40. why did anyone expect anything different from the conservatives, they are the party of homophobia and are anti gay to the core.the extreme right wing EU group they have founded consists of political party that want to introduce their own version of section 28.presumably thet are looking to cameron for guidance.

  41. Simon Murphy: Isn’t it pretty obvious by now that the EU want everyone as members, thus filling the pot and expanding territory? They are quite willing to impose crappy little directives to snivelling little arse-lickers like the Labour-run UK, but when it comes to controlling hard-line ex-communist countries that actually stand up for their beliefs, (however misguided they may be), they let them slip under the carpet. The EU is a toothless, money-driven bunch of bureaucrats intent on expanding their empire whilst feathering their own nests. I cannot understand this bizarre urge of all the major parties to snuggle up to this regime, unless it is get something out of it personally. (Yes, President Blair step forward. Of that scenario I am sure) – The UK needs to get off this gravy train NOW. This little island once ruled half the world, we do not need any assistance from tin-pot third-raters like Portugal and Greece, or corrupt greaseballs like Italy and Spain in telling us what we can and cannot do IN OUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRIES! We are quite capable of paddling our own canoe.

    We have hospitals running charity whip-rounds to raise cash for Kidney dialysis machines and the like. They should not have to do that. It should come from public funds. However, we are skint because we pay out £40m a day.

    Yes, read that again: FORTY MILLION POUNDS A DAY!
    I suggest people consider voting UKIP next time round.
    That’s why everyone wants a piece of that EU pie.

  42. Having slept with a UKIP candidate, I can say they are no more going to fight for LGBT rights than David Cameron. We see here who he is CHOOSING to ally with. Vulpine Rover can bark all he likes, but the tories are still steel blue through and through, which means another section 28 like lithuania when they get in.

  43. Simon Murphy 24 Jun 2009, 11:11am

    RobN: 39: You say:

    “This little island once ruled half the world”

    True but those days are irrevocably over. Today Britain is a reasonably large economy off the west course of Europe that needs partners to retain any sort of international influence.

    I always wonder why right-wingers never discuss the consequences of Britain leaving the EU. They spout all their (usually xenophobic)nonsense like ‘Oh those dirty foreigners won’t come here to steal our jobs if we leave the EU’ but they never say ‘Oh but we are very happy to welcome back the millions of expats in Spain and France and Greece because OBVIOUSLY if we leave then it will effect us.’Or ‘Oh we’re really happy that British people are going to require visas and residency permits to live on the continent’ The right-wingers never say ‘Oh I wonder how leaving the EU will effect our trade with the EU’. They never say ‘How will Britain cope not being a member of the world’s largest trading bloc’

    As for the £40 million a day? Well how many billions is Britain going to spend on Trident? (allegedly ESSENTIAL for Britain’s security – apart from the fact that the US will continue to control its deployment – Britain just pays for it)

    As for the Tories – well them climbing into bed with homophobic, misogynistic extremists from Poland is evidence of the Tories own moral bankruptcy.

  44. When Britain ‘ruled half the world’ we had an easy supply of raw materials (and art treasures for that matter) to steal off our denendencies. we didn’t need to innovate because we protected our markets with massive trade barriers.

    Nowadays we have no manufacturing base, because no one can do science, (or spell, or add up, judging by the sinking standards of schools, in such dire straits and with A-Level results devaluing like the Zimbabwean dollar, universities have their own exams) and if they do, they are off to the USA.

    Integrated economies need easy movement of money and people too.

  45. Simon Murphy: There were ex-pats all over Europe long before the days of the EU. There are non-EU people wandering all over Europe, so when did that ever stop them? Just because we are not EU does not mean we cannot have trade agreements, like the long lost common market. European countries like Sweden and Switzerland do fine, I don’t see them struggling because “they are not being a member of the world’s largest trading bloc”. There is a big difference between being partners and being joined irrevocably at the hip.

    Trident may be expensive, and I disagree with it, but it’s still a shitload less than we are pouring into the money pit called EU; And we would have something to show for our money.

    TomPaine: “We didn’t need to innovate because we protected our markets with massive trade barriers.”

    No innovation? Are you pulling my chain? We had the greatest country of innovators, inventors, investors and forward thinkers on the planet!! Even long after the British Empire, we still managed to fight off the mighty Hun, not once, but twice.

    I agree we are now all but a service industry, but we still have the wherewithal to go it alone and regain our position. We are still the 4th richest country in the world, so lets start spending some of that money where it counts, not on fat fuckers lunches in Brussels.

  46. “This little island once ruled half the world, we do not need any assistance from tin-pot third-raters like Portugal and Greece, or corrupt greaseballs like Italy and Spain in telling us what we can and cannot do IN OUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRIES! We are quite capable of paddling our own canoe.”

    Beautiful, RobN. Simply inspired. Reminiscent of Hitler, 1939, isn’t it? Now, what racial minority do you pick to be your scapegoat, then, eh? Ye know, to blame for all the countries ills. You pick one, and I’ll get the gas chambers going, okay?

  47. “Even long after the British Empire, we still managed to fight off the mighty Hun, not once, but twice.”

    4 words: Living. In. The. Past.

    A united Europe is a safe Europe.

  48. James: Name one? I name all of them. If you weren’t born here, fuck off.

    Les: A united Europe is an expensive, straightjacketed Europe.
    And safe from what exactly? Muslims? Eastern Europeans? They are already here. Americans? Like they never set foot out of their country.

  49. So, we are all bankrupt, uneducated, ill and in social chaos due to Nu Labour, but that’s ok.

    I love how short sighted and narrowly focussed all the rabid tory-haters are on here. Stop hanging on to unrealistic student type snobbery and get a clue!!

  50. “If you weren’t born here, fuck off.”

    Oh, how wonderfully intelligent of you to say! Well done! Well done, indeed. What a clever come back that was. Quite the angry little bigot, aren’t we? No surprise there, most bigots are. So, do tell, eat any good books lately?

    So, yes I am British. I was born in Bristol. I am entitled not to accept your narrow little right wing views, and even if I was from outer Mongolia, I am STILL entitled to express my views that your are a dim witted buffoon for your filthy racism. And racism is the last vestige of the uneducated, beautifully demonstrated by your inspiring and poetic comments.

    So, to borrow from your crude and delightfully learned approach, how about YOU “fucking off”, you piece of bigoted scum.

  51. RobN – yes, we didn’t need to innovate.

    Actually, the folk of places like Sheffield, with their fast flowing streams, hills, forges, could not have failed to discover steel. The raw materials were there on a plate. We were spolit with idustrial might, mainly because of conceit, with an Empire, literally a captive market, on which the sun never set. Everything came together at the right time in the right place. Infact our success was dependent on the empire.

    Good craftsmen, eccentric gifted amateurs. We might have developed every single stage in making steel, but we never capitalised on it. Like everything we invent. We left that to the Germans, who by the early 1900s had 60,000 university students, while we had 9,000. Out attitude to innovation and science has been the same all along – and our spolit Empire status sowed the seeds of our destruction.

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