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Man raped by taxi driver in Salford

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 22 Jun 2009, 11:16am

    Bravo to the victim being brave enough to report it. I imagine it can’t have been easy, and I hope he’s getting all the help he will need.

  2. Brian Burton 22 Jun 2009, 4:05pm

    I second that Mihangel. I wonder what our friend Keith from Saford Thinks?

  3. Brian…!

    How about “It wasn’t me, yer ‘onner…!

    (…he screamed as he was led off to the cells.)

    Well, I am sorry for the young man; that must be dreadful and the place is only yards from my flat, in spittin’ distance of the Corrie studios.
    But at 6 in the morning I was asweep in my wikkle bed.
    And the assailant was possibly Asian?
    Difficult to understand since there are allegedly no homosexuals in … get my drift..
    Or in Iran…..or Poland….or any God fearing cou….
    Some re-thinking needs to be done, dunnit…?

  4. Brian Burton 22 Jun 2009, 6:51pm

    Male rape is not been in the news much up your way or Durham area.
    When I was a schoolboy in Durham (many moons ago) I was always managing to escape from men who wanted to pull my pants down. In those days ofcourse, you said nout! It was’nt untill I was about fourteen that I realised I was sitting on a fortue! I did nothing about it I hasten to add! I have known some male prostitutes over the years. They have to eat too. Mary Magdaline was a reformed prostitute and She is still revered 2,000 years on. I Love the Lass, She reminds me of ’empty tombs’ and Resurection. Cheers Keith, Tat-Tar.

  5. Seriously I’m surprised this hasn’t been reported sooner. I used to avoid the Taxis that hung outside of gay clubs and bars when I was a student back in the UK, especially if i was heading back home on my own.

    The taxi drivers outside gay clubs in Leeds are nutorious for slipping in obscene comments about gay sex and questions about sexual preferences. It was extremely uncomfortable and disturbing.

  6. Well if this isn’t enough to persuade people not to use dodgy unlicensed cabs, I don’t know what is. If you have to, at least make sure there are a crowd of you.

  7. #4
    Don’t you just rue yer lost yoof?!
    I know I do.
    Instead of spending it on my knees in church every farts end like I did, praying the Rosary for the sins of the world, I wish I had known that I was sat sitting (a la Hilda Baker) on a fortune.

    Pray for the world now?
    I couldn’t care less if it blew up.
    Am I twitter and bisted; possibly.

    I still thought it was for peeing through at 20 and had taken a monastic vow of celibacy.
    God knows why or what was going through my head because I was as thick as a bull’s lug about anything like that.
    We all were.
    It was simply not discussed; I suppose one just simply ‘let it dawn’
    It didn’t ‘dawn’ on me until I was 38; then it dawned. BUt by then it were too bleedin’ late.
    In them days of course we knew nowt and it was illegal anyway.
    Raping taxi-driver land.

  8. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 6:41am


    No I’m afraid I do not rue my lost yoof or anything close. The other night, I walked down to the bottom of the garden and sat down. I looked up into the dark, dimond strewn sky and witnessed the glory of those far away planets like Jupiter and mercury. Then suddenly I though, I’ll have to have a roof put on this toilet.

  9. Rape being about power rather than sexual attraction, I am not sure if this is really a “gay story” to be included in Pink News.

  10. An Asian taxi driver in Manchester? Christ that narrows it down then….not. The police will have no chance catching the bastard, nearly every cabbie I’ve ever seen in Manchester were Asian dudes. The poor man, he was so brave to report it though.

    “Difficult to understand since there are allegedly no homosexuals in … get my drift..
    Or in Iran…..or Poland….or any God fearing cou….”

    Actually in the Muslim world gay sex between males is rife! They do it before they marry as the women are totally out of bounds before marriage, to the point where the girl’s father will kill you if you even touch her. Especially in places like Iraq and rural Turkey. But it’s not seen as ‘gay’ or anything like that as they then go on to marry. It’s the equivelent of men in prison who shag but then come out and are straight again….it’s a case of beggars can’t be choosers!

  11. i wish i got raped by the right man…its been 19 mths since the postman came bye last…wishing and hoping by dusty springfield

  12. James you tit.

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