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Gay New Zealand man beaten to death with banjo

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Reader comments

  1. Oh no. I can smell Portsmouth defence coming. Murder is murder!

  2. Christina Engela 22 Jun 2009, 7:15pm

    Death by banjo. Stands out from your regular crimes.

    Insanity pleas just don’t do it for me. Besides if he went wonko like that once, as he claims, chances are he will do it again.

    And please, just because the victim was a gay man does not scale murder down to manslaughter. This fella seems way too high strung to be out in public anyway – best put him in a nice padded cell where he won’t be a danger to anybody for the next 30 years or so.

  3. A simple ‘no thanks’ would have sufficed.

  4. Thank God he didn’t have an accordion.

  5. Oh yes, the familiar temporary insanity (to explain the overkill), diminished capacity (alcohol), gay panic defense strategy.

    …what tony said.

  6. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 7:28am

    Now look here, you cannot blame an innocent Banjo for this crime. Some of my best friends are Banjoes and even Yuks.

  7. HarrietSupportsGayRights 2 Aug 2009, 1:07am

    …well…I hope he knows about droping the soap… he has no chance of saying ‘no thanks’ in prison…

  8. Eagle Ashcroft 17 Oct 2009, 9:05pm

    Actually there is no such a thing as insanity as its just a word people use when some one acts different than they do. Murder is murder and they should put this murdering asshole in the electric chair and frying him for killing a senior citizen. That is why we should never trust foreigners.

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