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Gay CNN presenter Richard Quest on his comeback after that embarrassing park incident

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  1. Brian Burton 22 Jun 2009, 5:11pm

    A great Guy richard Quest. His biggest crime was getting caught cruising Central Park. Some of the best cruising sites are Supermarkets. Grab a trolly and start ‘Trolling.’

  2. A bit silly but not so bad. It isn’t illegal to wear a rope around your tender parts, but each to their own. It isn’t illegal to own a sex toy either. he drugs is obviously a bad idea, but if he has done the six months of drugs counselling then I think that’s an appropriate response. It probably does him a favour career-wise as it makes him sem a bit edgier. I hope he settles down and finds a nice boyfriend and starts acting a bit more sensibly!

  3. Well if he chooses to hang around public parks at three in the morning with a rope around his bollocks, he deserves all he gets.
    Haven’t these pervs got homes to go to?

  4. He’s young, he’s rich, he’s famous, he’s gorgeous…give him a break!

  5. he’s young, he’s rich, he’s famous, he’s gorgeous…give ‘im a break!

  6. The dead don’t speak or give statetemnts so I conclude he’s still alive… blah dee blah

  7. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 7:09am

    You cannot set youself up as keeper of Public morals since you are ‘Amoral’ you stupid oaf!

  8. Brian: Please explain where or how I am amoral? I follow a strict moral code. Unfortunately it doesn’t always run parallel to everyone else’s. If you can’t contribute to the conversation, please refrain from the posturing and insults, you are crap at it anyway. (Oaf?)

  9. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 9:57am


    Thank you Dear (You silly old Queen) I will ‘posture’ and insult you as long as you continue on Pink News Comments…Savvy?

  10. I actually agree with RobN. (to an extent)

    Why be in a park, in the middle of the night, with ropes around your privates and a bloody dildo in the car?!

    Stereotypical gay behaviour anyone??? Yes and the ‘straight’ press had a field day with it. Well done, Richard; re-enforcing one of the most destructive perceptions of the gay community. And well done everyone for applauding him for it.

    Oh my God, seriously, why? Just do it at home it’s fucking disgusting!

    Just because this man is gay, it doesn’t make it OK.

  11. @Lezabella

    I disagree. Since when is he an ambassador of gay people?

    If he gets a kick out of that kind of behaviour, then go for it (although the meth part was a bit too much). To each his own I say.

  12. “@Lezabella

    I disagree. Since when is he an ambassador of gay people?

    If he gets a kick out of that kind of behaviour, then go for it (although the meth part was a bit too much). To each his own I say.”

    Lucius- I didn’t say he was an ‘ambassador’ for gay men, but since he’s famous and ‘out’ the straight community/media would see this as confirmation of what they’ve always thought : Gay men cruise for seedy sex in public places with no shame whatsoever.

    Each to his own ofcourse as long as it’s in the privacy of your own home. Richard was not. This is vile and if it was a straight dude looking for random women we would all be calling him a drug-crazed pervert.

  13. It isn’t illegal to own a sex toy or to tie a rope around your privates. If he is into a bit of safe S&M then that’s his affair. Much more worrying is the drugs and that is illegal, but he has had 6 months of drugs counselling, which strikes me as appropriate, so I think he should now be allowed to move on. Hopefully he won’t do something as silly again and will find a nice boyfriend and settle down!

  14. Monkeychops 23 Jun 2009, 1:43pm

    Lezabella – Spot on as usual. No-one nominated him to represent us, but in the public eye it’s done automatically for us. As I’ve expressed many times, I hate that kind of seedy and sinister behaviour especially when it drags us all through the mud. A straight guy would be labelled a monster, perv, deviant etc, but we just get derision for being gay. This is assumed by many to be just what all gay people do – after all, what else do they hear about us? Wel done Mr Quest for reconfirming all stereotypes and making life difficult for the rest of us. He deserves all he gets, though I doubt he’ll mind – after all, beig famous an being infamous are not so different. He wants fame, why not infamy? What a plonker!

  15. Simon Murphy 23 Jun 2009, 4:37pm

    #12 Monkeychops: “Wel done Mr Quest for reconfirming all stereotypes and making life difficult for the rest of us. ”

    This statement is a joke right. How on earth does his bahviour have any effect whatsoever on your life. Are your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours going to treat you differently or worse as a result of this individual’s behaviour. If so then I’d suggest examining your relationships.

    I really don’t understand why people ask celebrities to represent the gay community. Represent yourself and stop expecting other people to do it.

    This guy Quest is obviously a kinky drug addict who has sought treatment for hid drug addiction. He has no responsibility towards anyone except those close to him. That does not include any of us.

  16. Brian Burton 23 Jun 2009, 5:56pm

    I’m absolutley amazed at the total ignorance of you and the other crowing contenders, on Gay-Sex and methods used, to obtain whatever sexual pleasures your looking for. For your edification, Gay-Sex is not and never will be streaght forward shaggs. Richard Quest is just the tip of the ice-berg of kinky-sex and if you could see further than the end of your nose, you’d know a bit more about the subject on this thread!

  17. Monkeychops 23 Jun 2009, 10:36pm

    Simon – unless you’ve been living on Mars, you may have noticed that we tend to get it in the neck about our “sexual practices”. Quest getting caught means more column inches on cruising and yet another “respectable gay” being seen to be less respectable than he was before – do you think that’s good for us? We’re a small group in proportion to others in society, it only takes one guy to draw a lot of negative attention to us. We’re still fighting off the damage from all those famous gay guys dying of AIDS in the 80s and 90s, we don’t need more stereotyping and stigmatising. Yes, it does affect the rest of us, in the same way that society’s dickheads can’t distiguish between a humble guy going to a mosque and a bloody terrorist. Guys behaving like Quest do us no favours whatsoever. Were you thinking I might congratulate the guy?

    Brian – I’m fully aware of wide-ranging sexual practices, but they should be kept in your home, not on display to be found in some park or public toilet by a member of the public. That’s the problem, the public location, not the practice of it. It’s private, keep it that way. If straight people knew about gerbilling, felching etc, would they change their minds and think we’re were much more sinister than they did before? We could be in for even more of a kicking if they knew what really went on….

  18. Est-ce que ça vaut vraiment la peine d’y penser? z-z-z-z-z-z-z

  19. Monkeychops 24 Jun 2009, 8:41am

    De penser à quoi?

  20. “Lazabella,I’m absolutley amazed at the total ignorance of you and the other crowing contenders, on Gay-Sex and methods used, to obtain whatever sexual pleasures your looking for. For your edification, Gay-Sex is not and never will be streaght forward shaggs. Richard Quest is just the tip of the ice-berg of kinky-sex and if you could see further than the end of your nose, you’d know a bit more about the subject on this thread!”

    Brian Burton-

    Firstly, it’s ‘LEZabella’ not ‘LAZabella’. Maybe if YOU could see past the end of YOUR nose then you might be able to actually read!

    Secondly, I know enough about ‘gay sex’ thankyou very much don’t be so bloody patronising – it doesn’t suit you, you make far too many syntaxical and lexical errors to try and come across as superior. If you have a point, good, then make it. But calling people ‘ignorant’ (yawn), saying they ‘can’t see past the end of their nose’ and being sarcastic make you look like an absoloute fanny!

    “Gay-Sex is not and never will be streaght forward shaggs. Richard Quest is just the tip of the ice-berg of kinky-sex” – Oooooh I see, right, so nearly every gay man (since this is only the tip of the iceberg) is into S & M i.e tying ropes around their bollocks? Even the millions of men in loving, stable relationships? Even the millions of men who go back to hotel rooms with eachother have a secret stash of whips? Even the millions of men who have sex in the toilets of clubs have handcuffs in their pockets? You know all of this for a fact do you????

    It’s quite clear that you’ve confused (probably your own!) habits of cruising and the small community who do it; with the vast majority who do not! If the rest of the iceberg so to speak, did this, it would be absoloutely everywhere and it is not!

    You’ve actually managed to confuse a small minority of men who are into S&M with strangers, with the majority of gay men who are not!

    I don’t care if people are into this type of thing, my point was that it was in a park, I mean, why? Just do it at home in private! But instead of taking this as my point you decided to go off your tits about how (apparently) everyone does this!

    As I said before, if this was a random straight dude, high on drugs, searching for random women with a rope around his package and a dildo in the car you would all be saying ‘eeeee the dirty bastard!’ But because he’s gay you’re defending him.

    And just so you know, your comments have created a very, very, dark and seedy image of gay sex here.


  21. Quelle épaisseur!

    On parle d’un beau jeune homme qui s’amuse. Nomme-moi la victime. L’image publique des gaies? Ha!

    Une femme mariée tue ses trois trois enfants; on continue de se marier, on continue d’enfanter.

    La droque est répandue partout.

    L’image publique…je m’en fou, sauf pour ce qui se passe actuellement en Iran.

    Qu’on lâche don’ Richard Quest!

  22. Bonjour bentham,

    ‘La victime’ pourrait être le public qui pourrait le voir.

    Si c’était un homme hétérosexuel (avec la corde autour de ses organes sexuels et un didlo dans la voiture) la recherche d’une femelle au hasard vous diriez qu’il était un pervers.

    Richard devrait faire ce provately. Pas dans un endroit public.


  23. Monkeychops 24 Jun 2009, 3:36pm

    Putain, des anglais qui parlent d’autres langues, chapeau ;) Ok, should put it back into English so as not to exclude others on here.

    Bentham – this isn’t about a young attractive guy enjoying himself (how attractive he is shouldn’t even be part of the equation, why is that relevant?). This is about where he is having sex. At the moment, he is doing something illegal because it’s in a public place. Do you understand that word, ILLEGAL? So people not only associate us with weird sexual practices, but criminality. If he was a straight gay being found in that state, he would have been hauled over the coals by outraged women (and quite right too). A white British guy setting off a bomb wouldn’t get as much attention or incite as much fear as a dark-skinned muslim doing it. Why? Because they’re a smaller group and “outsiders”. Like us. Resultantly, the Muslim community would get more abuse than the white guy would ever have. And that includes from gay people who don’t have common sense.

    One heterosexual woman out of billions kills her kids. If a lesbian mother did that (being from a significantly smaller community), it would get more press attention and people would be saying that we weren’t fit to have kids because look what we do to them. Do you see what I mean? One incident is enough to get a minority labelled. Of course it’s unjust, but who said the world was fair? You have to earn your place in society by sharing common values that can be recognised by everyone else. If you do something that is looked upon as sleazy, then you get what you deserve. Only it isn’t just you that gets the rough end of it – al of us in that group do.

    Gays, individualist? Shock horror…..

  24. Well said as usual Monkeychops!


  25. Call me a simpleton.

    While visiting Montreal, I once saw a young woman getting a beating from her boyfriend on a busy downtown sidewalk in plain daylight. He left her bleeding in a foetus position. Was that legal? He walked away nonchalantly.

    People walked past her as if she was invisible. It was raining. Now, there was a victim, and those who witnessed it…how were they traumatised?

    Did public opinion on war change after the atom bombs were dropped on Japan? Legal or illegal?

    Idealism is great, don’t get me wrong. I believe it was E.J. Pratt who wrote a poem about the thin line separating the cave from the temple.

    New Yorkers have seen it all, so have you, so have I. And the beat goes on, sensationalism and all. It’s an industry.

    Blasé? Un peu, oui.

  26. Monkeychops 24 Jun 2009, 10:47pm

    Um…Bentham, he beat the crap out of his girlfriend, she was the victim and to a certain extent so were the people that had to see it. Wouldn’t you be shocked and appalled at seeing something so brutal? Wouldn’t you wrestle with your conscience over whether to intervene? A multitude of victims in fact. But how is this related to cruising? These aren’t comparable scenarios in the slightest, as illegal as they may both be. When gay men go cruising, they are not beating each other senseless (unless of course, like Mr Quest, it’s what you went to the park for). They aren’t inflicting direct, physical harm on anyone directly. What they are harming is the reputation of their community, knowing full-well what implications it will have for the rest of us when it gets into the press. It could well lead to people being violent towards us. Look what’s happened in Brighton on occasion – thugs targetting cruising grounds and then any other gay venue with non-cruisers. All because of what guys do in the parks at night. No-one is going to assume all men are wife-beaters because of one incident on a Montreal street within the straight community. No-one is going to advocate taking men’s rights away just because one of them was out of line. However, from cruising hitting the headlines, we could face a huge backlash – we’ve had it before, it can happen again. While no-one is debating the rights of straight people, it doesn’t matter what a minority of them do. For us, it’s very different. Our rights hang in the balance and, let’s not foget, many citizens across the world don’t have any kind of equality to defend, let alone enjoy.

    What was your point with the whole wife-beating episode? It’s not relevant. War, yes, it can change it. Remember terrorists, yeah? Noticed the grief the muslim community gets because of its terrorist minority? The Basques, the Irish and their reputations? Again, minorities within a minority bringing grief to the rest without a thought for anyone else. Just their own, selfish desires.

    Quoting obscure authors is so prententious though. Shall I just quote Mel and Kim?

  27. Quelle exagération! T’as du mal, quoi?
    ‘The lady doest protest too much” -W.S.

  28. Monkeychops 25 Jun 2009, 7:13am

    Bentham – you’ve clearly not got anything of substance to write, so don’t write anything in that case. And, though we both may be French speakers, you’re shutting others out by writing in another language. This is meant to be an inclusive place. Go on a French forum if you’re desperate to convince people that you are so linguistically gifted. I’m sure they’d enjout a few Voltaire quotes more than the rest of us on here. Quoting others shows little creativity – haven’t you got any ideas of your own?

  29. Brian Burton 25 Jun 2009, 7:22am

    You and your other Jug-Headed pals can grate-out your ignorant views till doomsday. I clocked your number when in a previous thread you asked a question about ‘buming?’ So, before spouting about gay-sex…first get educated about it you silly bitch!

  30. Monkeychops 25 Jun 2009, 7:38am

    Brian – sit in the corner until you have something useful to say. For everyone’s sake.

  31. “LOObella,
    You and your other Jug-Headed pals can grate-out your ignorant views till doomsday. I clocked your number when in a previous thread you asked a question about ‘buming?’ So, before spouting about gay-sex…first get educated about it you silly bitch!”

    ‘I clocked your number’- Oooooh now I’m scared! :)

    ‘Buming’…..Oh yeah was that the thread where I was defending to the death gay men against a Christian extremist? Yeah I’m very bad aren’t I. You’ve chosen one single word I used (obvios to anyone that it was meant in jest, which a lot of people repeated AND laughed at) out of a whole tirade I made against some nutter calling for your heads. How ungrateful!

    I think saying every gay man is into S&M with strangers is pretty damn ignorant.

    Your spelling and grammar is atrocious, about the level of an 11 year old child. You’re rude. And you’re fucking uneducated.

    It’s obvious who the silly bitch is and it isn’t me.


  32. *Obvious

  33. Monkeychops 25 Jun 2009, 11:11am

    Lez – You see, it wouldn’t be so bad if he was consistent, because he actually made some good points on the Turkish referee thread. Why he has to revert to this bitchiness I don’t understand. It’s just auto-pigeon-holing. People may complain that my points are too waffly, but if we cut and pasted all of Brian’s one-line snipes (and a few others on here too), that would equate to the amount of room required for dozens of well-thought out comments. And I’d rather see that any day, whether I agree with them or not.

  34. I agree Monkeychops.

    There are ways of talking to people, and there are ways of getting your point across.

    Bitchy, stupid and hollow comments like ‘You’re ignorant’ and ‘silly bitch’ are meaningless and boring. Actually boring. If these are the usual ‘snipes’ Brian resorts to then I feel sorry for him because they’re unimaginative and common.

    If he has come good points then he should go for it. I have no problem with that. It’s the rudeness and the bitchyness on these threads that annoys me.

  35. Monkeychops 25 Jun 2009, 12:11pm

    I said the same to him, but he’s just ignored it. Shame.

  36. En général,les Anglais aiment la langue de Molière. I’m just an ordinary person, MC, we would probably get along well if ever we met. I didn’t mean any harm. Sorry if I’ve offended you. Lezabella too. Maybe it would be best if we avoided each other for awhile. Best of luck.

  37. Monkeychops 25 Jun 2009, 7:05pm

    Apology accepted, though I think Lezabella was probably having a go at Brian as it happens. I don’t see why we should “avoid” each other – it’s just a forum, take part as much as you want, we are. Dramatic solutions never work out well.

    Nice you’re so positive about the French language, it’s only ever seemed to be the interest of elitist, well-educated Brits. I’m not really the one to ask though, it’s been part of my life since the day I was born.

  38. Glad he didnt end up like David Carradine.
    The rope bit sounds nasty!

  39. Côtelettes de singe:

    Will you meet me for lunch at the Rembrandt Hotel on Canal Street?
    Sunday at noon? I will be wearing a bérêt. Maman est native de Lyon.

  40. Monkeychops 26 Jun 2009, 9:23am

    C’est plutot bouche de singe, mais j’accepte ta traduction ;) Thanks for the invitation, but not living anywhere near Manchester (and as someone who would find Canal Street hell on Earth), I’ll have to decline. What is it with this Rembrandt Hotel?

  41. Don’t be silly bentham you didn’t offend me atall.

    It was ‘Brian Burton’ being hostile that annoyed me.

    Youre’ fine. :)

  42. Brian Burton 26 Jun 2009, 11:47am

    Lezabella, Monkey Chops etcerera,
    You Both deserve each other. You are both a pair of dreary, lifeless, unsentimental, humourless Persons of very low esteem, countinence, no colour, everything to be black and white. Infact a couple of boring old Farts.
    Now Me, I inject a little light banter and humour into your drab, wretchet lives on these pink threads. To me, you are the Children of Pink and I am looking after you, if you did but know it. Fare-thee-well Children!

  43. Monkeychops 26 Jun 2009, 2:36pm

    Ah, here he goes again – lots of assumptions about our private lives and personalities. You don’t inject humour and banter Brian, you dribble in bitchy comments and personal insults with no meaning to the discussion underway. As I’ve said, when you do, it’s good, credit where it’s due. But, equally, criticism where it’s due. Give up the Children of Pink crap, stop putting me in a box – pigeon-hole yourself but not us. And clearly, we don’t need looking after as we are the ones talking about taking personal responsibility and de-nannying parts of our community that don’t need it. Bye bye, wherever you are off to….

  44. Brian Burton 27 Jun 2009, 7:28am

    You cannot resist the last word. You are just what you call yourself–a chattering MONKEY!

  45. Whats going on on here, half of the thread is in Frog language. Has someone overdosed on Mylene Farmer this week or something?

  46. Bonjour TomPaine.

    It’s just me being bad again. What is My Lean Farmer? Some kind of yummy vanilla iced yogurt, or maybe warm tapioca? So bad…bad, bad, bad, hahahaha! Gribbit, gribbit (frog language 101)!

  47. Oh you meant Mylène Farmer, the former Mylène Jeanne Gautier!
    Beautiful legs. What a performer. Hope she doesn’t get caught doing something naughty with a rope on the Champs Elysée.

    French is such a complicated way to communicate, eh. All those funny marks on top of letters that can change the meaning of an entire sentence. No wonder the EU has chosen a universal language like English. It is really the simplest and most functional language I know of.

    BUT, vive la différence, mon p’tit chou, je t’adore, j’en ai mal, Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, Charles Trenet and all that…l’amour…ah..oui, l’amour toujours.

    Happy 40th Anniversary, Stonewall. Have fun, Richard Quest.

  48. Monkeychops 28 Jun 2009, 8:56pm

    Brian – you’re right, I can’t ;) Croak, croak….

  49. Love Love LOVE Richard Quest. And we all have our li’l fetishes. Who cares how he enjoys himself? He’s an EXCELLENT journalist and shakes up boring, toe-the-line, sheep-like CNN everytime he’s on. Lets see MORE of Quest!! LOVE him!

    1. igor dechet 20 May 2013, 10:51pm

      the giant dildo was in the boot (rubber boot he was wearing) not in the boot (i.e. car-boot)

  50. Colin (London) 7 Jul 2013, 10:02am

    Just read some of these comments and it shows how diverse a group we are..

    I’m not taking sides but I’v met loads of guys like Mr Quest. Some gay some straight.

    What people refer to as kinky sex has been around since people where. I and my ex used to go to S&M clubs in London both gay and straight. We’d go out in rubber and leather with toys to clubs. (Some of the faces of taxi drivers where a picture) We had a play room at home etc for years.

    To feel a man’s body quiver when he is getting what he has drempt about for 20 years is awsome and frankly for me an honour to be able to show him compassion. (And that one was straight but could not ask his wife for this) Two young gay guys i introed to each other as they were into the same thing are partners now.

    To me MrQuest only mistake was the public park. There are places to go for all types of sex. I would not want a kid to see this stuff.

    Get your career back on track mate and go experiment in the right places. Good luck.

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