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EastEnders gay kiss watched by nearly 8 million

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Reader comments

  1. Like everyone else I pay for my television licence so expect to see a gay kiss every now and again as part of a real life story line. Straights cant have it all their own way! If bigots and religious nuts object, then I’m afraid that’s their problem not mine. The BBC are right to show it whatever the time of day!

  2. Brian Burton 22 Jun 2009, 3:15pm

    Oh! deary me…I feel all tingly-toed and fluttery at a GAYKISS? on EE. The best Male kiss I ever saw was on ‘Taggart’ A criminal fully kissing the Lips of a young, D.C. Just for the hell of it!
    (D.C. Detective Constable.)

    Oh! I danced with the Boy, who danced with the Girl, who danced with the Prince Of Wales!!

  3. Why doesn’t Asghar Bokhari think gay people are normal? He ought to question his offensive attitudes before he makes public statements. Gay people are a normal part of the muslim community just as they are of any and every human society on this planet. It would be abnormal in the extreme if anyone ever discovered a human society without gay people as none has ever existed.

  4. (Quote) However, Diederick Santer, the EastEnders executive producer, defended it by saying the soap should tell “stories relevant to our diverse audience”.

    That’s another couple of boxes neatly ticked, then!

  5. Another positive step forward – very nice. Agree with you Codex

  6. Andy & Steve 22 Jun 2009, 7:51pm

    An Iranian friend (a lady) thought it was spot on… remember the religiously challenged won’t have been exposed to even this tame stab at man lurve on TV. She thought the MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) would probably have an apoplectic fit about it but that overall it was worth thumbing the noses of her fellow Muslims if it meant they were challenged in their beliefs.

    Personally I find it incredulous to say the least…. mind you a different person seems to write each episode these days so no wonder the story lines are all over the shop….

    Just look forward to the shower scene between Said and Christian that is rudely interrupted by Nasty Nick appearing all vision like looking for his ma…..

  7. Brian Burton 22 Jun 2009, 8:00pm

    Eskimos only rub noses (not a lot of people know that!!) when greeting loved ones. French people kiss you on both cheeks, it occures mainly when someone bends down to pick up something off the floor. I love having my cheeks kissed! Indeed I do!

  8. Monkeychops 23 Jun 2009, 1:48pm

    Brian – stop being a sleaze. The more grown up comments you made the other day were interesting, why revert to seediness?

  9. Yeah great Its ok to see people shooting each other, fighting and random acts of violence, and that’s just on the news, before 9pm, but OH MY goodness 2 men kissing Shocking. GET A BLOODY LIFE. “Some people would rather see two men holding guns than hands”

  10. Brian Burton 24 Jun 2009, 5:41pm

    Monkey Chops,
    Stop adopting this school-mistress stance with me you seleezy, slimy, monkey-faced prat!

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