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Gay group asks Bruno producers to add positive message to film

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  1. haha hes hated by lots of people cos of his jokes but i think hes very fun and smart this film is going to be good and yes it will be offensive, but i take he has the same theory has south park. you can sensor everything or nothing!

    He also described Prince Harry as “a total slut”.
    if you can find he any brit that cares that much about what people say about the royal family and who can’t name every big brother star, the complain :p

  2. I care about the Royal Family very much thanks! I don’t care for BB though, it’s rubbish :)

  3. What a crap suggestion by GLAAD.

  4. Sacha Baron Cohen should not make fun of homosexuality because it is the same as making fun of disable people. He should use his famous personality to help homosexuals to come out of this filthy lifestyle. Who can argue with the fact that having same-sex sex is a perversion? I mean, to argue HONESTLY! Not trying to justify own filthy ways. I understand how addictive it can become, but homosexual lifestyle is full of “traps” and harm. Why no one is addressing these issues?!

  5. Why is no-one addressing these issues, Zotova?

    Maybe because, in developed nations, they don’t see any advantage in imposing their ignorance and bigotry on others any more, thank God. (I imagine ignorance and biogotry can become addictive – but one day you might just fall into the trap of understanding. Good luck!)

  6. Trolls like these normally drop a line or two and get dozens of replies. A waste of time if you ask me. Nice to see one cut down and sent home as quick as he arrived. This movie will be hilarious.

  7. BrazilGayScene 20 Jun 2009, 4:45am

    Yes, well-said. They banned Alf Garnett… ‘Racist’ they said. Not having the sense to see how this program was specifically to show how absurd and stupid bigots are.. The most powerful message we could hope for is to see people laughing at the views expressed by these ridiculous out-dated homophobes…without the need for silly ‘explanations’ being added to the end of a movie.. Please, if you do not ‘get’ it, and need explanations, then stay home and don’t go and watch it… You clearly are not safe to be out on your own! :-)

  8. theotherone 20 Jun 2009, 12:46pm

    yet again the ‘Gay’ (not Queer) rights people have no sence of humour and seak a monolithic ‘Straight acting/ polite lesbian’ representation.

    Thek can kissmyroyalbluearse (as James Joyce said.


  9. Without wishing to make any comment on the current Bruno film, which I haven’t seen, there are some dubious points made earlier about Alf Garnett. Firstly, I’m not sure if/when the series was banned. Secondly, although Johnny Speight’s aim was ostensibly to ridicule racism, Alf’s racist behaviour drew in large audiences. Many/most, not in on the supposed irony, didn’t appreciate Johnny Speight’s concealed anti-racist message. It could well be argued that the series exacerbated racial tensions, whilst providing the BBC with healthy audience figures.

  10. theotherone 20 Jun 2009, 8:07pm

    everyone knew, Dave, that Alf was rediculious. Everyone knew, Dave, that he was played by a man who had never hiden his religion and ethnisity (he was Jewish.) Everyone knew it was a joke that, my old friend, is the British way.

    In the 70’s, Dave, the state of the economy was what exasberated racial tensions not an ironic comady show on the BBC. Look around you today and you’ll see exactly the same thing happen. Incidently (and I’m sure you’ll agree completly unconected) Labour where in the dieing days of their administrations both times.

  11. theotherone – I agree that Johnny Speight’s intended message was to mock the bigots, but I guess this is why both Alf Garnet and Bruno still cause heated debate.
    I once saw Warren Mitchell himself on a behind the scenes documentary talking about how he encountered a lot of genuine Alf Garnet types on the street who were immune to the irony of his character and just congratulated him on saying what they were all thinking.
    I would hope that the message people take from Bruno is that homophobic bigotry is ugly, but it could equally pander to a cheap stereotype. Is Cohen laughing with us or laughing at us or both? Should we care if someone mocks us in a comedy movie? I’m in two minds here…
    On the plus side, it’s useful to have the debate put out there, so I’ll still watch Bruno out of curiosity if nothing else.

  12. theotherone 21 Jun 2009, 6:54pm

    we should not disallow satire because it can be misinterpited indeed the misinterpitation of satire is the highest form of praise it can acheve

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