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Second ambassador in a week under fire for Pride support

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Reader comments

  1. “we do not want them to impose their pervert values on us”

    This is the same Bulgarian Government who kept innocent Liverpool fan Michael Shields locked up, depite witnesses saying he was in the hotel, AND another man admitting to the crime. All because they could’nt be arsed/didn’t want to look ‘weak’.

    Backward, Eastern bloc countries finally showing their true colours…. and they’re already in the EU. Oh, how glad I am that MY taxes subsidise their fucking shitholes.

  2. “we do not want them to impose their pervert values on us”

    it’s too late, mate, you are member of the EU, you can’t you cake and eat but receiving subsidies from it and refusing to abide by its values.

  3. let’s be clear, this guy is the head of a Neo-Nazi party, which does not form part of the government. Those who read german might be interested to know about links between the party and German nazi groups:

    antifaunion. /2009/02/14/dortmunder-neonazis-in-bulgarien

  4. How can you even have a neo-Nazi Bulgarian??? They’re slavs and were hence seen as ‘untermenschen’ (sub-humans) by Hitler. For God’s sake he wanted to kill 30 million of them to make lebensraum (living space) for Aryans to populate!

    Pathetic, backward bunch.

  5. “Seventy per cent would not allow their child to be educated by a gay teacher and 50 per cent would not work with someone who was gay.”

    Would they not want their lives to be saved by a gay doctor either?

  6. It is truly disturbing to find these Eastern European time warps . . . Now that many Eastern Bloc countries are part of western Europe can they really justify a 1950s style politic in the 21st century?

  7. Christina Engela 19 Jun 2009, 11:29am

    What is going on with the EU these days? Even to me as an outsider living in South Africa it is disturbing. These two countries, both members of the EU – and Lithuania which just passed that absurd ‘keep gay education out of school’ law are part of the EU – isnt there some kind of federal constitution they have to abide by?

    You guys over there must keep an eye on all these right wing parties in the EU – they communicate and co-operate with each other. You should put pressure on the UK govt to take this absurdity on in the EU parliament.

  8. Someone may want to investigate the homophobic activities of this polish cartoonist living in London:
    http www lifesitenews com/ldn/2009/jun/09061911.html

  9. A few years ago when the “Gays in the MIlitary” appeal trials were going on a senior Tory politician was posed a question by a leading Anchorperson on the BBC
    “Would you rather a gay soldier was there to protect your wife and child from rape and death or no soldier;?” the answer was no! I would guess this is still the answer in some ex eastern bloc nations, sadly.

  10. As a western European whose partner is from one of these so called “backward” “Eastern” former Soviet countries I find the above comments so lacking in understanding… and so patronising… our so called “progressive” forward looking countries started talking about homosexuality in the 1980’s and that conversation has been on-going ever since and yet we have still not yet eradicated homophobia. In the former Soviet countries…hmmm let me see what were they doing in the 1980’s oh yes overthrowing the soviet occupation and repression…they have only just started this “conversation” and are actually progessing far faster than we ever did… I have always had a free vote, so did my parents and grandparents right up to the time when women were given the vote in the case of my grandmother and yet it is only 20 years since the first free election in Poland. If people want to do something about homophobia in C&E Europe, which can be much more extreme, quite simply because everything there has been more extreme, maybe they need to take their self righteous hats OFF and learn a little more about what is actually going on, send some money to LGBT organisations who are involved in this process or attending some of the Parades. I am delighted these countries are in Europe and delighted my tax is going to help restore them after the economic and social degradation of Soviet occupation…and with the emergence of the LGBT communities in these countries to whom we must give our full support in this time of transition.

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