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Sacked gay referee fights to get his job back

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Reader comments

  1. It’s good that his borther, an Imam, still supports him.

  2. I hope teams based in EU countries refuse to play Turkish teams until this guy is restored?

  3. GOOD LUCK TO THIS GUY, a brave and inspiring person who is setting an impressive example to all, in this conservative country. Very good that his brother supports him. I hope Turkey continues to improve, and that we help support change in other notoriously homophobic countries (e.g. Bulgaria) who are happy to take EU money but not our values of equality for gay people.

  4. That’s a no-brainer for the ECtHR. Too bad it’s going to take years before the verdict is reached…

  5. And is it still the case that Turkey has EU membership aspirations..?
    Somebody had better be thinking again,fast and hard.

  6. jamestoronto 19 Jun 2009, 6:47am

    It was bad enough when it was said gays cannot possibly PLAY professional sports, now we have a new dictum that says gays cannot referee professional sports. Next Turkey, and its like-minded countries will say that gays cannot possibly ATTEND and wait for it in Iran, WATCH sports.

    Get with the programme, who the hell cares about your bed partner. Do you deliver on the field of your sport? Period. That is the only qualifying factor. A sports personality. in all capacities, is asked to deliver a good performance on the field or ice or in the arena. I do not care one bit whether you can have sex while doing cartwheels while suspended in mid-air with your girlfriend or boyfriend or both. or whether you and your pet play tiddly-winks with your pet plants.

    This is all so stupid and dangerous. Turkey has almost zero gay rights and the EU is considering its admission?

    The only thing this guy did wrong was tell the truth about his life. And that truth is not illegal in any of the EU countries and many NA countries enjoying football/soccer.


  7. Monkeychops 19 Jun 2009, 10:54am

    Regrettably, if we refuse Turkey entry in the end for its barrage of human rights screq ups, we’ll just feed the country directly into the open mouth of waiting extremists. Having Turkey on side with the EU is politically and economically better for the west. Though, socially, it’s going to be a complete disaster. It will alienate so much of Europe and governments are pushing for its accession against the vociferous opposition of their citizens. One ideological war coming up……

  8. Democracy and human rights do not have a price tag, Monkeychops. Accession to the EU should be earned, without compromise and not only on economic grounds. Otherwise, we may as well wind it all up, and I will be the first to vote for UKIP.

  9. Brian Burton 20 Jun 2009, 1:06pm

    Well said Adrian T. Personally, I do not want to see a Religious fundermentalist state gaining accsess to a Political union like the EEC. Like in British society at present. They would insist on their own rules and regulations for the reasons of their Religion etc. Special case? I do not think so. Atheism is rife in Brittain and Europe, so, there would be no meeting of minds there I suspect. All of my life, I have witnessed the fact that Religion and Politics are on a par with say…nitro and Glysorine. Kept seperate, these two ingrediants are harmless….but, put together and we know what occures. ‘Thats All Folkes!’

  10. Monkeychops 20 Jun 2009, 3:34pm

    Adrian/Brian good points. The problem is that democracy isn’t being respected enough at EU level – citizens don’t want Turkey in overwhelmingly, but those governments that actually speak up on it (Austria and from time to time Germany and France, depending on their moods) get hammered for being racist. It isn’t a race issue, it’s a social ideology issue. We don’t like how their society works and that’s why it frightens us that we may just get subjected to the effects of it via their participation in EU affairs and through the mass emigration of Turks into our own societies. Alarmist? Racist? Just plain common sense. All the Turks I have met have been great, but they are the educated elite and don’t represent the entire population. But with both Labour and Tory in favour of Turkish accession, UKIP would be the only way we could avoid the trouble. What is more worrying is that I can only say this as a minority that is affected by the narrow-mindedness of Islam – a straight white man or woman would be condemned as a racist, especially if in a public position. Ironically therefore, the gay movement (as part of all minority movements) and the political correctness that has provided us with support by depriving the straight community of a voice against us have weakened our overall position in terms of fighting a common sociological threat – like Turkish accession. I love Europe, I love the idea of the EU, but I cannot support Turkey joining for so many reasons, not just gay rights fears.

  11. Laurence Marshall 25 Jun 2009, 3:49pm


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