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Exclusive: British Foreign Office reacts to gay Iraqi killings

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 18 Jun 2009, 12:42pm

    It may be unfair to say so, but it could be construed that the FCO waited until the US decided on its line before saying anything.

    It probably isn’t fair: I actually believe that FCO officials are human rights supporters (except where it conflicts with national interest), and that the SoS and ministers are sympathetic: but it does look bad

  2. It’s strange that Iraqis/some communities of Muslims kill gay men. As it is well known in rural Turkey, especially, that men engage in sexual relationships before they are married, as the women are completely out of bounds.

    Also, I have met countless British soldiers who have gave eye-witness accounts of men in Iraq (especially rural areas) who do the same, only they do it in the streets.

    Not to mention, their own prophet, Mohammed had male lovers (according to thier scripture).

  3. I wonder if the Home Office is still deporting gay Iraqi men from the UK on the grounds that ‘homosexuality is not illegal in Iraq’.

  4. Simon Murphy 18 Jun 2009, 3:20pm

    #1:”It may be unfair to say so, but it could be construed that the FCO waited until the US decided on its line before saying anything.”

    It’s not unfair to say that. The sole function the UK played in the illegal invasion of Iraq was to grant legitimacy to the US invasion. It’s not like the UK has any real control or influence there. And how many British soldiers have been unnecessarily killed to grant legitimacy to the US crime? Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis.

    Tony Blair is a war criminal for the decision to invade a sovereign nation which posed zero threat to the UK.

    Evil as he was gay people were FAR safer during Saddam’s time

  5. Bill Perdue 19 Jun 2009, 12:54am

    Like their bigoted cousins in the Obama administration, it’s too little and too late. The US military command and their English partners bear full responsibility for over a million deaths in Iraq, including these.

    They trained and armed the jihadists and made them ‘legal’. They created the conditions for communal warfare between sunnis, shiites and Kurds. They invaded and occupied as junior partners of Shell, BP-Conoco, Chevron-Texaco, Haliburton and Blackwater.

    They are avowed enemies of world peace and we need an International War Crimes Tribunal to deal with them.

  6. Ciaran McMahon 19 Jun 2009, 9:14am

    Да, Comrade Bill!

    Ну сказал, товарищ! Смерть капиталистических свиней!

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