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Georgia Supreme Court rules against ‘homophobic’ custody agreement

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Reader comments

  1. Why, I declare! A big step forward for Dixie!

  2. Simon Murphy 17 Jun 2009, 8:37pm

    Good result. It’s bizarre that such a custody arrangement was imposed in the 1st place. Obviously it was a bitter divorce if a court had to decide the custody rather than the ex husband and wife sorting it themselves. Wonder if the ex-wife was blindsided by the news her husband was gay and reacted in a vindictive way. The court shouldn’t tolerate that so I’m glad they’ve overturned the ruling

  3. Come on America! Catch up. Why wasn’t someone sacked over the original decision?

  4. When I saw it was Georgia, I presumed it was the ex-USSR republic having this argument, not the US state! Obama has much work to do!

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