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China appears to back down over gay-ban internet filtering

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Reader comments

  1. Interestingly, you don’t have to go to China for this kind of censorship.

    I was just in Virgin Active and in their Angel, Islington branch. In their Internet cafe, I noted some pages of PinkNews were blocked. A warning came on the screen, saying that this is unsuitable viewing, because children might see the page contents.

  2. Monkeychops 18 Jun 2009, 11:32am

    I’m a bit surprised about Pink News being censored, other than a few guys in skimpy pants along the side there’s no references to porn sites etc.

    The Gay Times web site however wouldn’t be so suitable for kids. Check out the front page today. The text below appears next to a guy on his knees at another guy’s crotch:

    “Welcome to our high octane, pumped up, hormone-riddled sex issue. We’ve had a mad and sleazy month – we sent Patrick Strudwick to a straight sauna to see how the other half live and we asked Mark…”

    And people on here wonder why I get annoyed about how we represent outrselves. Or rather who I get represented. Talk about self-stereotyping. If our press is meant to be the offical line of what being gay is, then we deserve the responses we get. It’s just rank – and this magazine is one of the biggest selling, if not the biggest. I wouldn’t want ten year olds to see that, thanks. Ditto for magzines like Nuts, Zoo and whatever else that straight guys get. Is it any wonder these things get put on the top shelf with wank mags?

  3. China could benefit from encouraging homosexuality, at least amongst men! They have something like 120 men for every 100 women.

  4. Steven in Shanghai 19 Jun 2009, 2:49am

    The GreenDam thing is the talk of conversation around here at the moment in Shanghai. We’re all dubious about the so called “non-compulsory” aspect of the software, we reckon it’s just going to keep on running as a trojan in the background even if you uninstall it.

    Also my friends in software engineering say that the software is full of crack and if you take it to a tech, they can easily remove it completely.

    Alas this is another attempt by the Government to spoil out interent fun, so many populor sites are block in China;

    -BBC…and most major international news sites

  5. It would seem strange that in a country which has no official time for religion and is to all intents and purposes a socialist society that they would seek to banLGBT rights; they certainly can’t use the religious agle to get at us can they!

  6. Crime1234management 1 Jan 2010, 2:30am

    “government has spent 40 million yuan (£3.6 billion) of taxpayers’ money”

    Yuan 40000000 = £3607178.37

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