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San Francisco lesbian barred from visiting partner in hospital

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Reader comments

  1. That’s really awful.

    I wonder what actual ‘reason’ the hospital staff gave for her not being allowed to go into the hospital? I mean what excuse could they possibly conjure up and actually say in that situation?

    A lot of bureaucratic bullshit no doubt.


  2. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 12:43pm

    Google “Fresno Community Regional Medical Center”. They have a contact page and are awaiting your feedback.

  3. This is something I fear even with a CP certificate. My partner has an allergy to penicillin & it is something we discuss regularly. I hope they sue the a** off this hospital!

  4. If this story happened as reported, it’s truly horrific. Why the hell did the driver say she couldn’t go into the emergency room? You’d think anyone with any humanity would let her in even if it was only for a few minutes, depending on her partner’s condition.

    “When Rowe tried to relay a message to the doctors that Orbin should not be given the drug Antivan, she was told that the message would not get passed on.”

    And that’s just being perverse. Even if she was just a friend, someone who knows the patient and passes on information that may be relevant to their health should ALWAYS have it passed on to the medical team. I hope they sue them for that alone – disgusting.

    What a nasty little episode.

  5. Mihangel apYrs 16 Jun 2009, 4:15pm

    this is why CP is not a real alternative: they can get away with saying “family only” and not recognise a civil partnership, after all it isn’t embedded properly in English law, and certainly not in the US and other places.

    Sue the cunts to hell, ans RobN et al THIS is what the gay community actually is – we have a commonality of interests that the straight community doesn’t. The clubs and all the rest is persiflage. We still march and obby because we are still uneaqual in aignificant ways

  6. darkmoonman 16 Jun 2009, 4:57pm

    Folks, you have to remember that many doctors and nurses in the USA are homophobic. That, plus state-level lack of recognition of and respect for Gay/Lesbian couples, is why this happened and why the hospital should be sued for big bucks to force a clear policy change.

  7. Civil Partners are explicity equal to marriage in all respects, and one of the reasons for bringing them in was precisely because of the circumstances described here. Stop being hysterical, it would be illegal in the UK if this happened to a Civil Partner end of discussion.

  8. Vicki Morley 16 Jun 2009, 5:36pm

    That is just awful. I hope the hospital is ashamed.

  9. Graham in Vancouver BC 16 Jun 2009, 5:46pm

    Homophobia or what! This is just bad medicine. A couple of years ago my partner became seriously ill. As his partner I was welcomed into the hospital here in Van. and as such was able to add information of his condition that the medical team lacked. I was there for the doctors rounds and answered the questions the dr. had that my partner could not answer. What the fresno hospital practices is not good medicine and therefore should be sued.

  10. Lets hope this ‘excuse’ for a hospital, publically apologises to the ladies who were treated with such disrespect. Sounds over the top but it really pays to have Power of Attorney, Power of Guardianship and whatever equals those documents in other countries at the ready. I faced a similar situation years ago when after being admitted to a casualty area, an arsehole of a young homophobic intern would not go and get my partner from the waiting area. But I can assure you there is nothing like an enraged queen to gain attention, especially when your gallbladder is on the wayout! The Head Doctor soon ushered my loved one to the bedside! We seem to have to go through so much at times.

  11. MCC , sorry to have to inform you that there are other countries beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. Many nationalities read this wonderful site and express their experiences. Count yourself fortunate to have such progressive laws in the UK.

  12. Brenton, I take your point, my comment was directed at people who posted from the UK and didn’t realise how lucky they were. The case in SF is shocking and shows the importance of legally recognised r’ships.

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