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Gay travel agent offers lesbian wedding and IVF holiday package

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Reader comments

  1. I feel uncomfortable with the ‘package’ idea of this. My main issue is also that the child can never hope to trace their dad when they are 18.

  2. Monkeychops 16 Jun 2009, 2:08pm

    It also sounds like some grotesque production line. Wasn’t “marriage” meant to be about love? Wasn’t having kids meant to be about love too? This just makes everything look so cheap.

  3. I think there should be more done to encourage and support co-parenting between gay male couples and lesbian couples. This has so many benefits and advantages for both the parents and the children.

  4. Monkeychops 16 Jun 2009, 4:41pm

    But how is having the kid dragged between two homes going to give it stability? It’s difficult enough with inevitable divorces and so on, I can’t see how giving the child “no fixed home” from teh start will help it. The idea is that the kid has been conceived responsibly by parents that love one another or who have adopted one together in the hope of staying together. Things are complicated enough without co-parenting between two different coupls and having four parents……

  5. Monkeychops 16 Jun 2009, 4:43pm

    Actually no Tony wait….just to clarify (I may have interpreted what you meant wrongly) – do you mean the kid should be raised by two different couples or just between one couple? Erk…..

  6. At the risk of being labelled an anything-goes liberal, I get that all the time, I really fail to see what the problem is here. I mean, it seems to me that there are different issues at stake: should lebian couples be allowed to have children? Is it ok that the sperm donor may not be traceable? Is it ok to have artificial insemination? If someone’s answer is “no” to one of these questions we can debate that but who cares if it happens on a ship or if it’s a “package”? If anything, I think it’s good to combine a positive experience (starting a family) with another positive experience (going on a holiday).

  7. Lesbian couples should defo have kids, by artificial insemination but (for me) if I had a child this way I would like to be able to provide info on their dad if when they were 18, they wanted it. I am not keen on the ‘package’ idea as I think (know in my area) it is cheaper in UK. Seems like a bit of a money spinner!

  8. Hi Charlene. I understand the points you’re making. This is definitely a business, not a charity, so it is probably money spinning to a large extent. If it’s cheaper in the UK then it’s good for people in the UK but I understand this service is run by a Spanish company and largely aimed at the Spanish public, so I’m sure couples in Spain will be comparing this service to the price for services available in Spain and decide accordingly. Like all business plans, if their prices are too high, they won’t have much success. But that is a business concern, so I have no ethical objections to that on that level. With regards to having information about the donor/father, again, we must compare it with what the law is in Spain. I imagine this service behaves in the same way as any Spanish fertility service, so again, although your point is valid (I’m not sure what my opinion is on the issue, but I think I reservedly agree with you), I don’t think this is a reason to slam this particular service.

  9. Jesus wept……..

  10. Brian Burton 4 Jul 2009, 11:46am

    It reminds me of the old ‘Business and Pleasure’ adage!
    Good Luck to all I say.

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