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Australian survey finds rise in support for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. My girlfriend is an Aussie and this is no surprise. Having been to Australia I can safely say that they are the most open-minded nations out there.

    They honestly don’t care what you do in your personal life.

    Unfortunately though, right-wing former PM John Howard rushed in a Bill refusing to acknowledge same-sex Civil Union’s from Britain (maybe he thought Oz would get an influx of gay Brits?); and steadfastly refused to bring in something similar for gay Aussies.

    Kevin Rudd, Mr. Nicey-Nicey-Left-Wing is not much better. A committed Christian, he re-iterated his view stating that “Marriage is between a man and a woman”.

    It will be a while before an Aussie government gives gays equal marriage rights, despite the Aussie population’s acceptance and approval of it.

  2. Does not surpise me either, always thought Australians were more progressive. Lets hope they manage to get this support for gay marriage realised in legisitature.

  3. We may not have ‘gay marriage’ but we do have civil union’s here in New Zealand. I can’t believe that Australia is so far behind with this legislation change.

  4. The big trouble in Australia is the influence of the Christian Church on the Federal politicians who make the laws in regards to the Marriage Act. None of the states can even try to introduce ‘civil unions’ because anything that even remotely looks like same-sex marriage will be overturned by the Australian Government. There needs to be a BIG campaign against the Churches in Australia. Australia is very much a secular society but the Christian right have influences where it counts. We need to get the secular heterosexual community onside with this issue and work towards same-sex marriage becoming a reality.
    PS By the way “Rainbow Labor” has and is a disaster for pursuing same-sex marrige in Australia. Quite openly gay Labor Politicians in the Federal Parliamnet have voted against same-sex marriage. Yes, they have voted against the rights of their own kind! That is why I will never vote for the Labor Party EVER again.

  5. Jesus of Nazareth 23 Jun 2009, 9:35am

    Those who deny the humanity of any of my Father’s creation will find a special spot reserved for them in the next life. it will be hot there.

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