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21 injured in bombing at Brazil Pride event

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Reader comments

  1. Monkeychops 16 Jun 2009, 5:04pm

    Despite my dislike of prides, there is no need for bombing. At all. Ever. Or any other violence. Let’s hope it was just some isolated nutter and not part of a new campaign.

  2. Monkeychops: My sentiments precisely. A totally unjustified action.

    However, it may be advisable to ban all whistles from all future Prides, just in case it was someone complaining about the noise. ;)

  3. Was this reported at all by the BBC?

  4. Monkeychops 16 Jun 2009, 5:37pm

    RobN – Behave!

  5. RobN, here, I’m sending you an all expense pail ticket to Brazil… maybe they’ll take you out with the next bomb, and do us all a favour. It’ll be worth the expense, and I’m sure your family would be glad to put a stop to your incessant whining, you mincing little bitch.

  6. Joe – your comments are shameful, to urge death on anyone is disgusting and your homophobic language betrays a deep self loathing, you are a very sad individual. You should seek psychiatric help.

  7. Joe: Who are you calling little? I’m 6’4″ and I only mince when I’m drunk.

  8. Far be it from me to be a party pooper, but this is serious guys & gals; people could have been killed and we wouldn’t be so flippant about the Admiral Ducan I hope! Brazil is a very up to date place when it comes to LGBT rights and its president is “Gay Friendly”. I don’t remeber hearing baout this on the BBC or Sky either!! Shame on them!

  9. RobN, if the resident who threw the bomb lives on the parade route anyway, then believe me (I lived for three years only one block away), they ought to be used to lots of noise round the clock! The noise from the Gay Pride Parade (I was on a lesbian float there in 2005) is a welcome change and relief from the continuous traffic noise daily.

  10. Brian Burton 17 Jun 2009, 4:18pm

    To make light of any kind of Public bombings is quite inhuman. Those who do should be made to lick up the spilt blood of the victims.

  11. Brian: And who precisely is making light of it? Get a fucking life.

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