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Obama’s highest-ranking gay official says DOMA and the military gay ban currently have no chance of being repealed

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Reader comments

  1. I am very sorry for the US gays who feel betrayed.
    They say “they don’t have enough votes”, but haven’t Democrats a majority in both Houses of Congress ? Could some one explain it to me ?

  2. This needs to be pushed up the agenda. Start a “Traitor to Gay Rights: Obama” campaign to get support for the unified might of the gay vote being turned against him at the next Presidential election if his promises on gay rights haven’t been fulfilled. I have no time for liars who thieve votes under a false prospectus. Am I wrong in that?

  3. Mihangel apYrs 16 Jun 2009, 7:27am

    and Berry hasn’t resigned… Why not?

  4. The Cole, you make the assumption that all Democrats are pro gay rights, that’s just simply not the case. There are many Democrats who were elected from conservative areas and voting in favour of gay rights, including repealing DOMA and DADT would be incredibly unpopular with their constituents. When they say they don’t have the votes I would assume that is definitely the case. When DOMA passed with Bill Clinton in office the majorities in both Houses of Congress were massive, so much so that Clinton couldn’t have vetoed without it being overridden.

    It is incredibly disappointing that Obama and his administration haven’t done very much for gay people yet but if they don’t have the votes then it’s incredibly risky to try to push through gay rights legislation which will ultimately fail and which will squander a lot of goodwill with the legislators that he needs to push through Healthcare reform and other major issues which will also benefit gay people.

  5. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 10:54am

    People actually believed the Obama bullshit about ‘Change’ and ‘Yes we can’ when it’s quite clear that this was just convenient for him to say. Gay people need to tell Obama that unless he sets a specific timeframe for changing DOMA and DADT (and of course supporting gay marriage) that he cannot rely on their support in the next election.


    “Obama is and was all soundbites.

    The attraction to him is because he is ‘black’ (the fact that his mother is white and is actually the one who raised him doesn’t matter apparently).

    The second attraction is because he has no policies. No clear cut, ‘this is what I’ll do’ policies. All style and no substance.

    Obama says ‘change’ and ‘hope’. Well OK, but since you have no policies, ‘change’ what? ‘Hope’ for what? We don’t know because he doesn’t specify, that’s the trick…….’hope’ and ‘change’ mean what YOU want them to mean, hence you find him attractive. It’s a very clever political trick but once you’re awoken to it, you see. (i.e I want to change the homeless on the streets…..this guy says ‘change’, well stone the crows I’ll vote for him because subconsciously I’ve made the word ‘change’ fit to the type of change I want to see)

    ‘President. Change’ was voted in solely because of his ethnic background, John McCain’s age, Sarah Palin’s stupidity and a cowardly smear campaign against Hillary Clinton.

    ‘President.Change’ is also backed by the same rich political Zionist controllers who have been in the Whitehouse since the 70’s, namely Zbigniew Brzezinski, (Bilderberg Group and man responsible for arming the Taliban against the Soviets, and from re-naming Iran a ‘terrosrist state’ after it refused to be a ‘client state’ any longer) Rahm Emmanuel (who’s father was part of the terrorist cell Irgun which bombed Israel into existence at the cost of over 90 lives, many British) etc, etc, the list goes on.

    I’m saying this as a supporter of Israel’s right to exist, and as someone who despises Iran’s extremism. BUT when you look into these situations the world of American politics, is very, very dark.

    So expect no REAL ‘change’ from Bush’s policies. Obama has already pledged the withdrawal of some troops from Iraq, only to place them in Afghanistan.

    Obama is a fraud building a ‘cult of personality’ around himself to disguise the fact that he has, and will, do nothing.”

    I maintain my view on this and I also maintain that as time develops I will continue to be proved right a lot of the time. Unfortunately. :(

  7. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 1:00pm

    Send Obama your feedback and if you’re from the US let him know that his support for homophobic policies will cost him at the next election.


    Then click contact

  8. Göran Koch-Swahne 16 Jun 2009, 1:17pm

    We used to call this kind of reasoning defaitism, back in the old bad days of the Third Reich… It isn’t any more acceptable today than it was then.

  9. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 1:43pm

    That’s why people need to get in touch with him to let him know that the lies he told to the gay community before the election have been noted and will be remembered come 2012

  10. Enough with DADT and DOMA. This is what the idiotic American gays get for thinking that they would be miraculously elevated to fully-privileged citizenship just because they thought they had a kindred spirit in a minority president. Well, well, well. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Stop thinking the government is here for you. It would rather give business grants to immigrants, free dental care to the over-abundance of under-educated podunk children, and a host of other illogical special services to exceedingly restrictive classes that are not you. Instead of guaranteeing access to basic human needs like health and happiness to each and every individual (and legal) citizen, your country still sees you as a tiny nuisance, whining pariah and something to abuse since it can’t kick the Natives and imported slaves around anymore.

  11. To The Cole,
    Yes, the Democrats do indeed have a majority in both houses of the Senate, but in the upper house, the Republicans can still stop a bill being passed by filibustering it. They essentially talk and talk until the majority party is forced to call for a cloture vote. In this case, they need at least 60 votes, which would mean that all of the Democrats would have to vote for it (whch won’t happen as there is a group called the Conservadems who tend to vote with Republicans) and a couple of the Republicans as well.
    The Republicans are pretty much filibustering everything that comes their way at the moment. So Obama may want less partisanship in Washington but it’s not happening.

    What pisses me off, is that Obama promised faithfully he wasn’t going to do another Bill Clinton and sacrifice his principles to appease the bigots and he is doing just that. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell could be ended easily by Executive Order, just like segregation in the military but he won’t do that for some reason which he won’t explain. DOMA could probably also be ended in the same way, but nope.

    And if he plans to do this in his second term, he may very well not get the chance, he may well upset enough gay people and their friends and family that they would not support him for a second term.

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 16 Jun 2009, 2:35pm

    Simon Murphy, he made it quite clear during his campaign in 2008, he’s not for same-sex marriage because his religious beliefs are in the mix. What is for are civil unions (partnerships by another name). What nobody in the American gay voting block is asking him is this….if they’re so equal to marriage and are all about equality, Mr. President…..then why aren’t you supporting straight couples having the same access to them, all things being equal? I bet if a referendum were held aimed at straights, few of them would want to replace marriage with civil unions because of the inferiority of the latter that most definitely are NOT and never will be the universal gold standard. Seven countries and six states have already figured that out, thankfully, and growing.

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 16 Jun 2009, 2:36pm

    Oops, in the second sentence, I meant to have said…”what he is for are civil unions…”. My apologies.

  14. Lezabella, you pretty much voiced my thoughts – and probably far more eloquently than I would have done. Obama is all about image and personality, and, much as I’m glad he beat McCain, I don’t think he really knows where he’s going. I also think it’s kind of cowardly not to speak up for equality in principle even if he can’t win round all the votes he needs yet to change the laws.

  15. Iris-

    Thankyou very much, I’m just glad I’m not the only one who sees through the Obama ‘cult of personality’.

    The man has been in power since January, that’s nearly 5 months ago. More than enough time to make real ‘change’ to cite his over-used catchphrase. But Obama hasn’t, and possibly never will. Any ‘change’ will be symbolic and not very effective. Like withdrawing troops from Iraq, yay………but then to put them in Afghanistan?! I mean what the F*ck?

    Obama’s financial backers, the Zionist/banking elite, pull his strings. Obama is merely a popular face for them to use to meet their own needs. Especially Rahm Emmanuel, son of a terrorist murderer of the group Irgun (which killed 90, mainly British, people in one bombing to force Israel into existence). Would Obama have the son of an Al-Qaeda member as a top advisor? I don’t think so.

    It’s all bollocks and the people who are swallowing it, just because he’s ‘black’ and has a sense of humour/personal touch need to wake up. Obama is NOT making the decisions.

    P.S Those riots in Iran. It has the hallmarks of the CIA/MI6/Mossad all over it. It’s pretty much like the ‘Orange Revolution’ in the Ukraine (also engineered by the West to get itaway from Russia’s influence) only these protestors are wearing green instead. Also notice how the ‘police’ at these scenes (the ones kicking shit out of the protestors) actually have ‘POLICE’ in English on their vests? or how all of the protestor’s flyers/banners are in English? Ridiculous. The West has meddled in Iran countless times (the Shah was installed by us!) and needs to stop. Iran’s Islamic laws are despicable but so is forcing a revolution at the cost of thousands just to get your grubby little mits on THEIR oil.

    I’m proud of the Western world in so many ways. But what our Governments do is disgusting sometimes.


  17. Seperate but Equal is live and well…

  18. Well, what a surprise! The gay vote came in handy for getting him elected. In four years time there’ll be the same kind of promises and no doubt we’ll fall for it all over again. I never felt easy with the blind faith people were putting in this man, nothing but another motormouth pol. Sickening, still we had the gay marching band at the inauguration (“you guys like a parade, right?”), Bishop Gene at the pre-inauguration but blacked out by a “technical problem” on tv, what progress is that??????

  19. Mihangel apYrs 16 Jun 2009, 9:27pm

    as a Brit, I just didn’t want a Republican, though Hill would have been better, she had form as a liberal

  20. Chris Lucas 17 Jun 2009, 5:22pm

    Americans are such hipocrites. Free and democratic ! All me ncreated equal? Try substituting Jew or black instead of gay into DOFM act and see what happens

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