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Housing associations ‘need to do more for LGBT residents’

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  1. Since when were LGBT people considered “special needs” clients?
    As usual, the victim culture of the left-wing whingers tries yet again to get it’s foot in every door. What about the millions of elderly that can’t afford heating? What about all the single parents, or low paid that struggle constantly just to keep days away from eviction? What about the physically handicapped that cannot get out, or the mentally handicapped that live alone and at risk? These twats like Bill Payne need to get their fucking priorities right.

    This article seriously angers me; I’m sorry, but frankly, what the hell has sexuality got to do with having a roof over your head? This is just more of the “they’ve got it, so we want it” bullshit.

  2. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 10:14am

    Rob – do you choose to be as stupid as you appear or are you actually that stupid.

    Everyone knows that old people have housing issues and groups such as Age Concern are very active in campaigning about their concerns.

    But why should the housing concerns of old people mean we ignore the specific challenges of gay people or not address them.

    Or is it further evidence of your seemingly instinctive homophobia?

  3. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 10:48am

    By the way Rob – have you gone to the Age Concern website to lambast them for focussing on housing problems of old people and for excluding the problems experienced by handicapped people; single parents; low income families and gay people.

    Or are you reserving your condemnation only for the gays.

    It was the BNP you voted for in the recent elections wasn’t it?

  4. Simon: This is bulls–t like I said.
    The article makes out like gay people are some underprivileged minority. Why should they be treated any different to anyone else? Like I said, what has sexuality got to do with housing? This is just another way of socialists using guilt trips to extort money out of the public.

    Oh, and I voted UKIP. F–kwit.

  5. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 3:51pm

    RobN – you get angry because the head of a charity (and not even a gay charity) says that gay people experience certain challenges when it comes to housing.

    Is your homophobia really so instinctive that you get automatically angry when someone mentions that some gay people experience disadvantages in certain areas?

    You then ask “What about the millions of elderly that can’t afford heating?” without referencing the fact that Age Concern and Help the Aged and Saga and all the other charities are actively campaigning for improvements for old people.

    Can I ask you what has age got to do with housing? Are the complaint by Help the Aged; Age Concern etc about housing conditions for old people just ploy by the socialists using guilt trips to extort money out of the public?

    It is laughable that you raised the issue of housing concerns for single parent families seeing as UKIP / BNP (or whichever neofacist party you support) regard single parents as bloodsucking scum.

    Obviously your homophobia is greater than your hatred of single parent families.

    You are clearly a facist sympathiser. Unfortunately you lack the intelligence to defend your arguements.

    You then proceed to engage in your typical stupidity

  6. I wanted to work for a housing association in London to fight / support this exact cause only to be told I do not have adequate experience. Umm, being gay and in property and a Life Coach is insufficient.. No wonder there is a shortage of providing for our community because no one really cares.

  7. Terry: That’s because there is no community, and gay men have never cared about anything except themselves.

    Simon: I’m not even going to bother to reply to your tirade of lies and tabloid shit-stirring. When you can come up with a sensible argument, let me know.

    PS I won’t hold my breath,

    To whom it may concern: Stop ed_ting my f_cking expl_tives.
    I thought this was an adult website. Treat us accordingly.

  8. B Metcalfe 28 Jun 2009, 8:41am

    Some Housing Associations are leading the way in providing services to address the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in housing. Anchor Trust, the largest not-for-profit provider of housing, support and care in England, has an established tenant support group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender tenants. This group, chaired by a tenant and supported by staff, offers support to tenants who may be living in isolation, whilst at the same time acting as a sounding board for Anchor staff to ensure they deliver services which meet the needs of their LGBT tenants. Anchor Trust states that it’s not the responsibility of tenant to ‘come out’ to their landlords, but for the landlords to demonstrate they are a gay friendly organisation who seek to offer services tailored to the needs and lifestyle of all their tenants.

    Tenant members of Anchor’s LGBT group recently ran workshops at a national conference for older LGBT people, which was organised in conjunction with Help the Aged and Age Concern. The aim of the conference was to offer advice and demonstrate best practice across a range of services accessed by older people. Work of this group has recently been used as a best practice guide by TPAS.

    In the words of an Anchor Trust tenant, ‘ I thoroughly welcome the fact that we are working together with other tenants and management to provide safe and secure housing for all of Anchor’s tenants.’

  9. Goodness – such vitriol! I can’t help feeling that Rob_N’s plea to be treated like an adult is, unfortunately, somewhat misplaced.

  10. Bill Payne 30 Jul 2009, 1:48pm

    In case you run out of abusive drivel, would it help to know that I also have a keen interest in asylum seekers, refugees and many other specialist needs – even those with learning difficulties? As you champion the needs of the elderly, low paid, disabled and victims of fuel poverty I presume the rest of us can leave that to you. Because I comment on one specific issue that does not give you the right to presume that I have no other priorities, can you not appreciate that the world is more complex? However that could explain why UKIP limits itself to only one policy. By the way why do you spend time on a website like this if you object so much to what it stands for?

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