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Doncaster mayor backs down over Pride funding cut

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Pride in Doncaster have a great day on 16th August. I have emailed the `Mayor asking if funding to other minority groups has been withdrawn. So far no reply or acknowledgement.


  2. Well done everybody!

    This shows what we can do when we all stand together in the face of discrimination!

  3. The wake-up call for this new mayor finally hits home with him. Just as he has probably by now also realised that he won’t legally be able to cut funding for non-english speaking people living in Doncaster either, due to it creating barriers.

    I still chuckle when I hear how inept he performed on that radio interview.

  4. Brian Burton 15 Jun 2009, 2:50pm

    This Mayor is obviously a policical DEVEANT. Who would trust him as far as they can throw him??

  5. This makes me happy. The man doesn’t have a clue!
    Might go to Donny Pride.

  6. I’d be happy for local councils to cut funding for all gay pride events – as long as they cut the funding for all other events.

  7. Simon Murphy 15 Jun 2009, 3:44pm

    Cutting funding for Pride is fine so long as the funding for Christmas lights and St George’;s Day festivities is also cut.

  8. Well done to our Doncastrian Brothers and Sisters! SHame this half-wit was elected in the first place, I doubt he will last long.

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Jun 2009, 5:27pm

    What about the poor diversity officer, I think we should spare a thought for him (or her)

  10. Simon Murphy: What’s wrong with St Georges day? It’s a fuck sight more inclusive than any other publicly funded event I can think of.
    I would much rather that than councils subsidising a bunch of faggots to get pissed up in the Terrence Higgins tent for inebriated old queens.

    “Brothers and Sisters” my *arse!*

  11. Alex, Brisbane, Qld, Australia 15 Jun 2009, 11:03pm

    My My RobN… have you taken your meds..?

  12. Hopefully, someone will present Mayor Davies with a rainbow flag for the Pride event!

  13. Monkeychops 16 Jun 2009, 9:43am

    St George’s Day is for everyone in England, not just one group. Why not use that as the overarching theme and then have a float for each of the communities (gay, ethnic, young, old, emergency services, military etc – or whatever is applicable) within the Doncaster area? That would end the squabbling nicely and it would be fully inclusive. Every group receives an equal amount of cash to spend on their float and there we go. Gay community gets to have its day, so does everyone else, every other community gets to see what the gay community actually is and….the gay community gets to open its eyes a little more to what other communities are out there (because don’t for one second believe that gay people are somehow more educated about other minorities or groups than anyon else). One huge day of education, sharing and partying for all. Don’t think that’s particualrly utopian, seems pretty simple.

    Now, I’m jsut waiting for someone to say that it will be hijacked by the BNP, religious nutters and the gay community will be under attack from all. So therefore we must have our own separate one…..

  14. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 10:44am

    I’m not English but I live here and I pay tax here. I have no problem with a St George’s Day Parade at all. It can be a pleasant and enjoyable and community building day. However if my tax money is to be spent on St George’s Day festivities then equally I want Gay Pride day to be treated in the same manner. Gay Pride can equally be a pleasant, enjoyable, community building day.

    If the mayor of Doncaster can tell gay taxpayers that he is not willing to spend their tax money on Gay Pride Day then equally I expect him to tell non-English taxpayers that their tax money will not be spent on a St George’s Day celebration.

    There cannot and should not be double standards in the spending of taxpayers money. If their money can be spent on St George’s Day then I expect it also to be spent on Gay Pride.

    [Cue the quasi-BNP people claiming that St George’s Day is somehow more deserving of taxpayers money]

  15. Simon: My whole point was, St Georges day is inclusive, it’s for everyone. Gay Pride is not. I can see the reason years ago why it was needed, so as to expose the general populace to our existence. However, we have pretty well everything now, and nowadays it’s just an excuse to get pissed up, stock up on condoms and blow fucking stupid whistles at everyone. If these people want to march around on bloody stupid floats, let them pay for it themselves, or get private sponsorship. Money is way to tight at the moment and it would be far better spent on important public services, not frivolous, self-indulgent crap like this.

  16. Simon Murphy 16 Jun 2009, 1:29pm

    #15: RonN: “My whole point was, St Georges day is inclusive, it’s for everyone. Gay Pride is not.”

    Considering that the BNP has attempted for years to hijack St Georges Day for their facist purposes I cannot understand how you can make the claim that St George’s Day is for everyone?

    In theory it is a day for everyone. In reality it is not.

    Likewise Gay Pride should in theory be for everyone. In reality it is not.

    There is no fundamental difference between St George’s Day and Gay Pride when it comes to funding through the public purse. Either both can and should be funded. Or neither should.

  17. Simon: Do you seriously expect families to take children to events that sell poppers and butt plugs? You are delusional.

    Equally, there are many that are proud of England, and have no aspirations to be BNP, or even right wing for that matter. Patriotism includes everyone. It’s about time people had a bit more respect for this country instead of constantly demanding what it should do for them.

  18. cutting tax payer funding of events has nothing to do with discrimination. festivals, events, marches, parties should not be on the taxpayer payroll regardless of how insignificant the amount or whatever the cause. i’m 100% behind Davies on this one. Events of this kind should be financed by those attending and the business which benefit.
    besides as an event organizer, i couldn’t think of anything worse than having to deal with the council bureaucracy following the money!
    imo, rather than funding, the council should remove the roll of red tape which consistently hampers organizers.

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