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US State Department condemns killings of Iraqi gays

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Jun 2009, 4:05pm

    So, where is the Foreign Office on this one? The silence is deafening.

  2. Omar Kuddus 12 Jun 2009, 4:33pm

    All Forign Offices and especially the British Home Office thatis responsable for granting Asylum to Gay refugees should be taking note and listening that the TRUE situation is diferent from the “offical” one.
    However as per usual their indifferance and silance is deffening.
    As is the case of therecent comments made by the Iranian Prsedant regarding his opponents.
    It is more than apparent that when it comes to “forign” homosexuals who are persecuted, tortured and even execued for their sexuality, it falls on deff ears.

  3. Christina Engela 12 Jun 2009, 5:40pm

    It’s about time they said something about it at all – it’s a start. Seeing as they have mentored this new government in the country they should be schooling them in the ways of democracy and equality as well.

  4. Another Chris 12 Jun 2009, 6:07pm

    Well if a strongly-worded condemnation from State doesn’t put an end to it, nothing will… ha ha ha. Not that I’m cynical or anything.

    We started this damn fool war, now we have an obligation to the people whose lives it wrecked. Granting asylum to gay Iraqis ought to be a no-brainer.

  5. Bill Perdue 12 Jun 2009, 6:55pm

    It’s more than a little two-faced for Hillary Clintons’ Department of State to blame the Iraqi police and militia, who are armed and trained by the US Military Command in Iraq for violating civil and humanitarian rights.

    The US, with a little help from Blair, is directly responsible for arming, training and unleashing the jihadists who hunt down and murder GLBT folks. The jihadists after all are merely imitating the US government’s international campaign of kidnapping, torture and murder. Obama is continuing those policies, begun by Clinton and continued by Bush, without let up. Bill Clinton is responsible for the deaths of roughly half a million children who died as a direct result of his embargo on food, medicine and sanitary supplies. Bush rehashed Clinton’s lies about weapons of mass DWMDs, supported by Biden and Hillary Clinton, to invade and destruction occupy Iraq. Obama is continuing the occupation until the oil is secured and expanding the war, Nixon-like to other nations.

    There is no aspect of the vast murder of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan that does not directly flow from the aggressive wars and occupations by Clinton, Bush and Obama which are aimed at securing hegemony over world markets by US oil companies and defense contractors.

    We should demand that the US and England declare an open amnesty and throw open the doors of US embassies and consulates to aid GLBT folks threatened with imprisonment, torture and death at the hands of the Iraqi puppet state, the killer ayatollahs in Iran and throughout the region.

    People who voted for Obama got McCain anyway. With Democrats like Obama, Biden and the Clintons who really needs Republicans?

  6. This certainly better than nothing. Gay campaigners are to be encouraged and congratulated. Human Rights Watch needs to be alerted time and time again, so should the UN. Regardless of our cynicism, and no-one is more cynical than I am – we have to work with the organizations which exist.

    As for back-street murders, we are as helpless about these as we are to prevent the gand related wave of murders happening in the Canadian West these last few weeks.

    We have come so far from the Stone Age, yet there are still barbarians in our ranks. Sigh.

  7. gang-related murders…

  8. 1992 – on this date President Clinton named MARSHA SCOTT as the first Presidential Liaison to the Gay and Lesbian community.

  9. Omar Kuddus 12 Jun 2009, 9:54pm

    If the governments in the west or those that are democratic, just acknowledged the fact that ALL humans are BORN EQUAL, regardless of their sexuality, the problems that face the worlds gay community today would disapare instantly.
    Thereby assisting fellow homosexuals that are persecuted for their sexuality an oppertunity to find a safe haven to live their lives as they want, without prejudice or discrimination and fear for their lives.
    Ps. sorry about my earlier mistakes but am tired and frusterated with the crap thats going on in Iran today.

  10. People being tortured and murdered because of their sexual preferences? Sick, sick, sick, regardless of where in the world it happens.

  11. Omar Kuddus:

    When the Shaw of Iran was being deposed, I befriended the most beautiful and kind Iranian in Montréal, Canada, where I was studying, and so was he. His name was Nasser. We ate pistachios together and laughed away the evenings…just friends.

    We are your friends, Omar. Visit us more often. Get mad. Vent. This is the place for it and we need your input.

    The UN and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a giant step in the right direction. So is Human Rights Watch.

    Please don’t apologize to us for grammatical mistakes. Who cares?
    Keep in touch with us, and encourage your friends to do so. It’s a baby step, but give us a chance. Moral support is priceless, and we have tons of it for you.

    Great big hug.

  12. Omar Kuddus 13 Jun 2009, 12:09am

    Jean-Paul and everyone who has come to my aid and causes in the past, i thank you for your kindness and support.
    As some of you know i run GayAsulum UK at and please visit and see the plight fellow homosexuals across the world have to indure just for the liberties and human rights that we take for granted that are granted to us due to being born in the free west.Its a free site and anyone can view without registration ristrictions.
    At present there is a lisbian and gay man about to be deported back to their home country to face sertain execution for their sexuality, but even the UN turns a blind eye to their predicament and certain future.
    There is a link to the pitition on the site and also one at Everyone Group based in Itly.
    As proved by myself when the world unites and our community voices its disgust and opion , their plights can be changed ,as was the case with Madhi last year.
    Please sign the pitition, for every signiture counts, and you will have made a small step towards saving a fellow human being,regardless of their sexuality or ethnic origin.
    Once again i appologise but its lack ofsleep and theconstant battle to save lives that is making my typing irratic.

  13. Omar:

    Please give yourself a break. Have some hot soup, a piece of toast, and try to get some sleep. You can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you just can’t. it will be better alla round if you take care of your health. You are in a position to do so much good, but as we say, nobody is irreplacable. Please, get some rest, and drink something hot and soothing. Please. I will try to find your site and sign the petition.

  14. Omar:

    OK, I’ve signed the petition. I am very impressed with your website. A lot of work. Congratulations. Now, get some rest every day, OK.

  15. Omar Kuddus 13 Jun 2009, 12:41pm

    Islamic Republic of Iran’s punishment code on Homosexuality

    Complete Text of the Iranian Law on Homosexuality

    Part Two: The Hadd of Lavat
    Chapter One: The Definition of Lavat
    Article 108: Lavat is an act of congress [vati] between males whether in [the form of] penetration or of tafkhiz (the rubbing of thighs/of the penis against thighs).
    Article 109: Both the active and passive partners to lavat are subject to the hadd [punishment] .
    Article 110: The hadd [punishment] for lavat where penetration has occurred is death and the method of execution is at the discretion of the Sharia judge.
    Article 111: Lavat is punishable by death so long as both the active and passive partners are mature, of sound mind, and have acted of free will.
    Article 112: If a mature man commits an act of lavat with a minor the active partner [i.e. mature man] will be executed and the passive partner will, unless he has acted under duress, receive up to 74 lashes of the whip.
    Article 113: Whenever a minor commits an act of congress [vati: i.e. whether penetrative or in the form of “tafkhiz or similar acts”] with another minor [both] will receive up to 74 lashes unless one of them has acted under duress.

    Chapter Two: Methods of Proving Lavat
    Article 114: The hadd [crime] of lavat is proven by confession repeated four times before a Sharia judge.
    Article 115: Less than four confessions do not incur the hadd [punishment] and the person who confesses will be subject to a discretionary punishment [ta‘zir].
    Article 116: Confession is valid when the confessor is mature, of sound mind, in control, has free will and [acts with] intention.
    Article 117: The hadd [crime] of lavat is proven by the witness of four just men who have observed the act.
    Article 118: The hadd [crime] of lavat is not proven by the witness of fewer than four just men and the witnesses will be subject the hadd [punishment] for slander (qazaf).
    Article 119: The witness of women alone, or in conjunction with men, does not prove the hadd [crime] of lavat.
    Article 120: The Shari’a judge may rule [issue a verdict] on the basis of the knowledge which he has acquired through generally accepted methods (i.e. his deductions and examinations) .
    Article 121: The hadd [crime] of tafkhiz and similar acts between two men, without penetration, will be punished by 100 lashes for each [party to the act].
    Note to Article 121: If the active partner is non-Muslim and the passive partner is Muslim the punishment for the active partner is death.
    Article 122: If tafkhiz and similar acts are repeated three times, and have each time incurred the hadd punishment on the fourth offence the hadd (punishment) will be death.
    Article 123: If two men, unrelated to one another, lie, without necessity, naked under the same cover, they will each be punished by up to 99 lashes of the whip.
    Article 124: If a man kisses another with lascivious intent they will be punished by up to 60 lashes of the whip.
    Article 125: If a man who has committed an act of sodomy (lavat) or the rubbing of thighs (tafkhiz) or similar acts repents before witnesses have delivered their testimony he will not be subject to the hadd punishment. If the man repents after the testimonies have been delivered, he will be subject to the hadd punishment.
    Article 126: If sodomy (lavat) or the rubbing of thighs (tafkhiz) or similar acts is established by confession, and the person who has confessed subsequently repents, the judge may request the Vali-ye Amr [the Supreme Leader] to exercise clemency.

    Chapter Three: Lesbianism (mosaheqeh)
    Article 127: Mosaheqeh is a same sex relationship between women with genital contact.
    Article 128: The methods of proving mosaheqeh are the same as those for sodomy.
    Article 129: The hadd punishment for mosaheqeh is 100 lashes of the whip for each party.
    Article 130: The hadd crime of mosaheqeh may be proven in the case of those who are mature, of sound mind, and who have acted with intention.
    Note: In the hadd crime of mosaheqeh there is no distinction between the active and passive party or between Muslim and non-Muslim parties [to the act].
    Article 131: If mosaheqeh is repeated three times and the hadd has been carried out on each occasion, the hadd punishment on the fourth occasion will be death.
    Article 132: If a person who has committed an act of mosaheqeh repents before witnesses have delivered their testimony she will not be subject to the hadd punishment. If the person repents after the testimonies have been delivered, she will be subject to the hadd punishment.
    Article 133: If the act of mosaheqeh is established by confession, and the person who has confessed subsequently repents, the judge may request the Vali-ye Amr [the Supreme Leader] to exercise clemency.

  16. Omar:

    Thank you. I presume you did get some shut-eye (sleep). What a guy!

  17. Omar Kuddus 13 Jun 2009, 11:17pm

    Anyone interested in the riots and cival war that is breaking out in iran an see live fotage of he state of affairs by the link below.

  18. In case anyone is interested, I have checked out Omar’s website at ‘Shoorest1917’, and I got a tremendous insight into the events now unfolding in the streets on Tehran. Young Iranians have filled the street 11 miles long! Actual footage on video clips.
    It’s a revolution. The young want a DEMOCRACY NOW, and they do not believe the results of the elections are legitimate. I agree.

  19. The people of Iran deserve freedom and democracy, something the current hardline, hypocrital, corrupt Islamic regime can not give them. The people deserve all our support to rid themselves of the current rulers. The 1979 revolution will hopefully be repeated, but in reverse this time.

  20. The younger (and older) people of Iran deserve every praise and encouragment to throw off the “morilty” police; however, Amadinajhad will not go quietly!!! (worst luck!)

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