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LGBT demonstrators protest over alleged police beating

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Reader comments

  1. F–king pigs!

    That’s exactly what happened to me and my gf when we were attacked a few weeks ago, two ‘men’ hurled sexist aswell as homophobic abuse like “Come here, s*ck our d*cks you f*cking dykes”.

    Why are some men so threatened and outraged by lesbians????

  2. low intelligence and homophobia seem to go hand in hand, add in some social brain washing and an element of Catholic ‘religion’ and you have an enthusiastic homophobe – ready and willing to promote hate and intolerance where ever their tiny minds take them.

  3. No offense, but I would like to read about this ‘incident’ in New York’s ‘Village Voice’ before making any comment.

    Oh, and Lezabella, speaking as a senior, any man who has had his dick s*cked properly, or who has s*cked a dick properly would agree that it is a sacred experience, not to be thrown around lightly. The guys who abused you don’t know a thing about sex; to them it’s just a squirt, and I doubt they will ever find happiness in life. I feel for you, honey, I do.

  4. I suffered some verbal abuse outside of my favourite gay club on Saturday night whilst out celebrating a friend’s birthday with my girlfriend. It was shocking, uncalled for and really rather upsetting. I can’t imagine how much worse this situation must have felt for these women, especially when it is coming from the very people who are employed and paid to protect us. I hope justice is done and that the couple don’t suffer too much.

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