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Leaked Dutch report says schools can ban gay teachers

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 12 Jun 2009, 4:17pm

    Give the Dutch Minister for Education your feedback on this disgusting law:

    The link is below. I hope it works

  2. Simon Murphy 12 Jun 2009, 4:18pm

    “Achternaam” means surname
    “Onderwerp” means subject
    “Vraag/reactie” means question/reaction

  3. ..and they are also allowed to teach homosexuality is a sin, too. Another complete cop-out by Plasterk.

    The Christian Democrats and ChristenUnie who are also in the government have enabled all sorts of concessions for the Christian communities, who mainly come from the Calvinist bible belt there: Christian marriage registrars can opt out of performing same sex marriages, schools can teach creationism etc. The CDA have also gone on a war against coffee shops and banned mushrooms, and tightened up sunday trading laws.

    The elections are next year, so hopefully the extremist ChristenUnie will get flushed out.

  4. Tell them to stop it or close. I didn’t expect the Dutch to be such slouches over such discrimination.

  5. Har Davids 12 Jun 2009, 4:58pm

    And let us not forget the third party in this, aiding an abetting or local Taliban Light: our own Socialist Party, which seems to have lost some of its convictions and ideals, playing hanky panky with Christian and Muslim fundies trying to turn our clock back for a century to two. And they still wonder why a guy like Wilders gets so many votes.

  6. Christina Engela 12 Jun 2009, 5:46pm

    Schools are employers too – and as such should not be allowed to discriminate. If they can discriminate against gay teachers they can get away with discriminating against gay students also.

    In short such places would become (or already are) breeding grounds for bigotry, prejudice and all that is wrong with the world today.

    Personally I cannot condone the establishment and the continued entertainment of “Christian” schools anyway – religion is supposed to be a personal choice which should not influence a persons education – which after all, is supposed to deal with FACT and not fallacy.

  7. ‘…in conflict with the school’s mission.’! Excuse me. What is the ‘mission’ of education if not to liberate the students from the chains of narrow-mindedness?

    In Holland? Home of the most liberal-thinking christian theologians? What the hell is happening in Europe?

    1. Why would a gay teacher want to work in an homophobic environment; 2. Christina Engela is right on: christian schools is an oxymoron in today’s world.

  8. Why not? Life is meaningless. Everything is permissible.

  9. RT:

    Life is meaningless? Give moi a break. Have you read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights lately? Ever hear of ‘global ethics’?

    If youse is depressed, don’t despair. Ask you MD for Prozac. I’ve seen it work miracles…well no, not exactly walking on the water type of miracle, but, you know, cheerio and all that. Then there Valium. and what’s that one, oh yes …Viagra!

  10. The Dutch are really very conservative parts of Amsterdam are the only exceptions.

    This is no surprise but I would of thought it breaches the EU convention on human rights. It will in time be challenged but until then they will get away with it.

  11. Sure – let them discrimiate. That’s ok. As long as they don’t get one Euro of the publics money. And that includes that they pay full market value on anything else they get for free, be it use of buildings and land etc.

    Make them the pariah in the secular world. See how they like their own treatment.

  12. i’m dutch and i was shocked. i think it’s ridiculous.

  13. If that’s the way that they want to play it, then gays should be allowed to make sure that their taxes etc don’t go towards the institutions etc that are homophobic or preach anti gay propaganda. I’m really surprised that Holland is like this, have always admired the Dutch for their openess and acceptance of a wide range of society. It is time that religion was pulle dinto line with modern laws and not allowed to discriminate and spread hatred.

  14. It is the openes and acceptance of the Dutch that allows this policy. Religoos schools are so few that this policy will not deprive anyone of jobs. So, what is the problem? They have not said Gay peoploe should no tteach. Live and let Live

  15. upandathem 18 Jun 2009, 7:32am

    [If that’s the way that they want to play it, then gays should be allowed to make sure that their taxes etc don’t go towards the institutions etc that are homophobic or preach anti gay propaganda.]

    I guess that would go for christians who don’t want to pay taxes for movements that preach anti christian propoganda.

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