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Ex-Miss California claims anti-gay marriage stance cost her title

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Jun 2009, 4:40pm

    I’d love to know how much getting sacked has cost her

  2. Sally Farb 12 Jun 2009, 5:03pm

    Don’t back down, there are more for you than against you.

  3. More are NOT for Carrie. She is preaching intolerance publicly. What a horrible lesson for the kids of tomorrow. I would never want her representing America and she deserved to get sacked!

  4. Karl Rosenqvist 13 Jun 2009, 7:26am

    What a whiny little bimbo. She slurs and when she doesn’t show up to her appointments she blames it on us. Why didn’t the jury see this coming?

  5. Brian Burton 13 Jun 2009, 7:32am

    Well, put it down to a lesson in when not to put your foot in your own mouth!

  6. Vincent Poffley 13 Jun 2009, 10:42am

    So tardiness with appointments is considered worse than flagrant bigotry by these people? It’s her stance on gay marriage that should have cost her the title long ago – I would be proud to state that I had denied her this plaudit on those grounds. This was supposed to be a beauty contest, and all she has displayed with her vile faith-addled comment is the basest of human ugliness.

    1. No that is what you are doing just because you don’t agree with same sex marriage don’t mean you hate gay people. she has a right to her beliefs.

  7. “Ex-Miss California claims anti-gay marriage stance cost her title”

    Well maybe you and others will learn to keep your fat mouths shut when it comes to controversial subjects. Beauty pageants always were, and always will be flaky, superficial meat-markets for bimbos and airheads, and frankly, nobody outside the airhead state of California really gives a flying fuck anyway. Go back to doing your pornos and get over it.

  8. What utter crap! She reportedly didn’t fulfil her contract and so was sacked, but, oh no, of course it’s because she’s being victimised *rolls eyes*

    I do hope someone comes out and puts her straight on this matter. And, by the way, the runner-up who’s now taken her place is much prettier. :D

  9. MILLIONS ARE STANDING FOR CARRIE!!! THANK YOU GREAT GIRL!!! Carry on and do not pay attention to yellings of the confused and sad minds.

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Brian Burton 15 Jun 2009, 6:48am

    Oh! April showers, may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in may……!

  11. “Carry on and do not pay attention to yellings of the confused and sad minds.”

    Yeah, this hypocrite goes and flashes her tits for money like a cheap whore out while spouting the merits of “gods law” with regards marriage, and I’m confused and sad??? Hmmmm. Yes. Now I am confused!

    The millions who are “standing for her” must be as dumb as she is.

    You’re a testament to the success of in-breeding, Alesha!

  12. She’s a dickhead.

  13. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, moronic as it may be. But she repeatedly breached her contract, she lied about having done topless photos, when the first ones were released she said that she’d only had those taken. Then more were released. Then she failed to turn up to events. She deserved to be sacked.
    Personally, I think the fact that she is so ignorant is more offensive than anything else, “opposite marriage” etc. And isn’t her mum gay? I’m sure I read that somewhere. Anyway, she’s done quite well out of being sacked, it’s extended her 15 minutes of fame and she’s now getting paid for by the National Organisation for Marriage (or Marraige as they’ve spelled it on some of their publicity material…..)

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Jun 2009, 4:32pm

    Aleesha, I don’t give a damn if she agrees or disagrees with same-sex marriage, the point of the matter is….she espoused her religious beliefs to justify discrimination, later claiming that she is a student of the bible at some obscure religion-based institution. If she truly believes in the bible, then what is she doing flaunting her tits at 17 and later in semi nude poses and finally, appearing in a skimpy, cleavage revealing swimsuit for men to ogle at? That’s hardly in keeping with religious teaching. In other words, she opened her mouth to reveal just exactly what she and others like her are, or like you. a bigot and a hypocrite. She needs to practice what she preaches. Stay off the bleach Prejean….its gone to your airhead brain.

    Karen, not only is she ‘shilling’ for the National Orgamisation for Marriage”, but you do know of course that the woman heading that organisation, Maggie Gallagher was an unwed mother… much for family values and railing against the harmful effects same-sex marriage mantra will have on children. Yet another hypcorite.

  15. nothingpetty 15 Jun 2009, 5:25pm

    She is so yesterday. Why are we wasting time feeding her publicity needs.

  16. i shouldn’t laugh… but HA HA FUCKING HA who has the last laugh miss bush for brains?

  17. 1975 – In Houston, Texas a protest demonstration of 6,000 Gays, Lesbians and supporters marched through downtown when the anti-Gay rights and former beauty queen ANITA BRYANT arrived to entertain at a banquet. (Sort of good to be reminded that Carrie Prejean as an anti-Gay beauty queen wasn’t even a novelty.)

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