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BBC stars ‘not paid enough’, says Graham Norton’s business partner

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Reader comments

  1. “Remember, the entire television industry is based, squarely, on the shoulders of a very few talented people with special skills and with longevity. I say cutting their pay is a major mistake.”

    Should that not be well connected not talented. Its the only way I can think Jonathan Ross, Chris Moyles and Graham Norton ever got in the positions they have on the BBC.

  2. Graham Norton is a pusillanimous presenter. He should take a big pay cut.

  3. Vincent Poffley 12 Jun 2009, 1:11pm

    How on earth will the poor dears cope on a mere one and a half million pounds per year? That’s more money than I’m likely to see in a lifetime…

  4. Actually the article quite clearly states that Graham Norton told the Daily Mirror last month: “I would take a pay cut to stay at the BBC. No one is immune from the credit crunch. I am very fortunate in that I am well paid to do jobs that I love.”

    So it’s not Graham Norton who is actually moaning about this. He is a funny down to earth man.

  5. No wonder Norton’s manager is crapping himself. If Norton’s pay is cut 40%, then his commission is cut 40%. Puts his rather weak arguments into perspective, doesn’t it? I mean, claiming 60 people would be unemployed if Norton wasn’t on telly is frankly absurd, cos if it wasn’t Norton it would be someone else filling his role. Plaudits to Norton for not succumbing to the greedy more-mpre-more mentality that seems to have engulfed his profession.

  6. Well they aint paid as much as footballers (who is!?)

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Jun 2009, 4:08pm

    And Jonathan Ross’ salary even more offensive. In addition, he sure needs a speech therapist and long term elocution. He’s annoying to listen to.

  8. Brian Burton 13 Jun 2009, 7:27am

    No so-called entertainer is worth more than a Doctor or Hospital nurse or even a factory worker. A load of balmy people run the BBC anyway. The DG is a refugee from Channel 4.

  9. Codex honey:

    Nice to see ya!

    Your accomplice, Monkeychops, has been flushed out by Pumpkin Pie on the thread about the British Embassador to Poland defending gay rights.

    What is this, your weekend entertainment?

    Monkeychops is indeed an ex-gay fundamentalist homophobic fanatic attempting to infiltrate our website and to turn us against each other so he/she can prove how ‘uncivilized’ we gays can be towards each other. Nice tactic, but no cigar.

  10. Poor guy. He must be down to his last Ferrari at this rate.

    For once I agree with Brian Burton. If we had a global collapse, who would be more important? Doctors, emergency services, scientists, engineers, or some sanctimonious old poof that talks to people on the telly? Artists, actors and musicians would be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

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