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UKIP candidate compared homosexuality to paedophila

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Reader comments

  1. That old corollary again – “homosexuality and paedophila”.

    How low can UKIP candidates stoop. . .

  2. Simon Murphy 11 Jun 2009, 2:44pm

    Write them a mail to ask if Mendoza is a secret BNP member. Their emails are and

  3. Simon Murphy 11 Jun 2009, 2:47pm

    subject Is Mike Mendoza a secret BNP member?

    Dear UKIP,

    I read today that Mike Mendoza the UKIP candiate for next month’s by-election in Hove’s Goldsmid ward was suspended from his job on Talksport after comparing gays to paedophiles in 2007.

    His comparison of homosexuality to paedophilia is dangerously close to facist incitement and would be more at home in the BNP.

    I could NEVER vote for a candidate like Mendoza who is clearly a facist sympathiser based on his earlier comments about homosexuality. Having homophobic extremists like Mendoza in your party you are placing UKIP in the same category as the BNP.

    Yours sincerely

  4. Do you think Mendoza represents the party’s policy on homosexuality? I don’t.

  5. UKIP is the Euro- and assortedly-phobic Tory Right in exile. Don’t be surprised.

  6. Simon Murphy 11 Jun 2009, 3:40pm

    UKIP positions itself (correctly) as being more mainstream and moderate than the BNP. It is a rightwing party but is not an extremist party like the BNP. This guy Mendoza is obviously different.

    I am not a fan of theirs but I would take them over the BNP any day.

    I think it is worth getting in touch with them to tell them that they will be lumped in with the BNP if facists like Mendoza are allowed to engage in homophobic hatemongering without reprimand.

  7. MIKE MENDOZA 11 Jun 2009, 5:58pm

    I find this totally unfair, the OFCOM decision was based on one complaint and I was not permitted to defend myself. The whole comment was taken out of context. Those who know me will confirm that the last thing I can be accused of is being homophobic! I have been involved in Pride in Brighton, I have fronted many shows at ‘Legends’ I would safely say that the majority of my frineds are gay, my son works for an airline where most of his frineds are gay. I have been invited to appear in the ‘gay’ alternative pantomine in Brighton. So where is all this rubbish against me coming from? Its hurtful and unnecessary.

  8. Well, Mr Mendoza (I am assuming it is you, and not an imposter), according to the quote, it sounds pretty much like you’re reasoning equating gay people with paedophiles. What other ‘context’ could there possibly be? Why would you want to qualify your concerns on searching for paedophiles at football matches by saying gay people mostly don’t like football? Over to you…

  9. @7 – Mike Mendoza

    The fact that there was only one complaint surely shows, more than anything else, that you had poor listener figures on your radio show. However, one complaint is enough for an Ofcom investigation, and rightly so. Any Ofcom investigation must, by definition, take into account the full context of any comments that have been made.

    You’ve come on here with the usual ‘most of my friends are gay’ excuse, used by many bigots in an attempt to make it look like they are not homophobic. You also state that your comments were taken out of context, yet you make no effort to put them into context.

    You complain that you were not allowed to defend yourself but here you are, on a public forum, with the opportunity to make a full explanation, and you complain and trot out the usual nonsense.

    So please, Mike, fill us in on the full context.

  10. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 8:00pm

    I’m a long term listener of Mike Mendoza. I’m also gay.
    Come on people, his remark was taken out of context.
    My partner phoned me as I was away and said Mike was getting a hammering.
    We both listened to it again and neither of us were offended.
    Since the comment (which was taken out of context) we have met Mike on a couple of occasions and he has never struck us as homophobic.
    A less homophobic guy it would be difficult to meet.
    It was o

  11. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 8:02pm

    lost the last bit, so to finish:
    It was obvious the comment was taken out of context and he was hit by pure spite from a couple of people.

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Jun 2009, 8:15pm

    Mendoza sounds like a shill for the Roman cult that uses exactly the same comparisons to equate the paedophilia = “homosexuality” mantra. If he’s not homophobic, why use gays to illustrate his comparison? There are plenty of straight males who don’t or can’t play sport adequately.

  13. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 8:23pm

    Robert, I don’t know you my friend, but my partner and I have got to know Mike over the last couple of years.
    He’s NOT homophobic, trust me.
    It was a daft thing to say. Yes, it didn’t sound right, but he wasn’t given the chance to defend himself.
    If you heard the show after his suspension when he apologised, you would have heard loads of people emailing in with support.
    I can remember young/old gay/straight male/female The whole spectrum.

  14. Ellie Mazanovich 11 Jun 2009, 8:51pm

    This is not right.
    Michael is a good man.
    He helped my friend. He helps many people.
    Please do not think he is a bad man
    michael helps many people

  15. All this support for Mr Mendoza is very interesting!!!

    All this support for a man who makes a link between homosexuality and paedophilia!!!

    Excuse me . . . but what are you trying to protect with these testimonies of support?

  16. RobN voted UKIP. I’ll wait for his comment on this.

  17. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 9:02pm

    This is a free country, isn’t it?
    He’s never harmed me or my partner.
    We don’t think he is homophobic.
    Plenty enough people out there are homophobic. He is not.

  18. Making a link between homosexuality and paedophilia is homophobic

    It is interesting that you disagree

    What are you trying to protect?

  19. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 9:14pm

    Hey Friend, I’ve said my bit. Can’t do more than that.
    He’s an ok guy.
    He certainly isn’t homophobic.
    Try talking to him, ask him, speak to him.

  20. C’mon Rick:

    John K deserves a better answer than that.

  21. I can see that you are very anxious to defend Mr Mendoza.

    I put it to you like this, why are you colluding with Mr Menoza’s Homophobia

    Or put it another way, why do you think making a link between homosexuality and paedophilia is not homophobic?

  22. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 9:27pm

    Ok, Jean-Paul
    Fair enough.
    I’ll try to explain what I think
    Think if you have ever said anything that with hindsight sounds wrong.
    Imagine you have said this and you unreservedly apologise afterwards.
    Apologising for the way you said something.
    What more can a person do than hold his hands up, like Mike did and say “Hey, I’m sorry. It didn’t come out right what I said”
    We’ve all met prejudice over and over again. We won’t get it from Mike.
    He has done a huge amount for charity. He worked really hard when he was previously a councillor.
    Don’t hang him for a careless, maybe stupid remark.
    Let’s not show hatred and prejudice. Like I said, we’ve all been on the receiving end of it.
    Let’s not dish it out to a decent, hard working man.

  23. Rick you have not anawered my questions

    Why are you avoiding them

    Are you an MP

  24. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 9:29pm

    Don’t you see John, that we shouldn’t jump all over someone who has never, ever shown himself to be homophobic. One careless/maybe stupid and thoughtless remark.
    BNP? Mike? NEVER.

  25. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 9:31pm

    John, I don’t know what more I can say to you.
    I’m not an MP.
    I’ve said all I can.
    Aren’t we all allowed to say what we think on here?
    Speak to him. Discover for yourself that he is not homophobic.
    He probably doesn’t remember meeting us, but I remember him as a decent man without prejudices.

  26. I understand quite clearly that you think Mr Menoza is a great guy.

    What I do not understand is why you think making a link between homosexuality and paedophilia is not homophobic?

  27. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 9:32pm

    I’m going out very soon, so please don’t think I am ignoring any comment back to me that you might make. If you do want another reply, I will try to catch it later or tomorrow.

  28. Rick Williams 11 Jun 2009, 9:35pm

    Just seen your last comment that crossed with mine.
    Just before I go out, all I can say, one more time is that the comment did not come out well. Maybe daft/maybe thoughtless.
    It probably did sound homophobic, but if you had listened to his apology you would have known he was genuinely sorry for offence caused.
    I can’t say any more other than that in my opinion and my experience from meeting him, that he is NOT and never has been, homophobic.

  29. Ta Rick.

  30. Well Rick . . . Mr Mendoza has certainly made a “Homophobic” comment now . . . has he not!

    . . . and what an astonishingly one !!!

  31. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Jun 2009, 10:14pm

    Rick, is there a transcript of the apology/explanation anywhere that we can see, do you know?

  32. Mendoza quote
    “Paedophiles in general are the type of people that surely would not follow football. Not many gay people to the best of my knowledge are great football fans.”

    So if Mr Mendoza has many gay friends, why has he not heard of the higly succesful Stonewall FC . . . so successful that heterosexuals have been known to what to join its teams.

  33. If this Mendoza is such a great chap who was taken out of context, why does he not clarify what he said publically and let everyone know whether he is a homophobe?
    Reading the PinkNews report I have no doubt what he is.

  34. Rick Williams – I can’t take your word for it: I’ll judge Mike’s reputation by his actions, not the other way around. You cannot justify a person linking paedophilia with homosexuality by saying, he’s a charming man. Neither is it impressive that he’s apologising for ‘offence caused’ – (being offended is irrelevant) I’d rather hear him justify or retract those comments which are false, or explain why they are out of context. Which he has not yet done.

  35. Kenny I agree, it is interesting that Mr Mendoza friends and family etc have remained consistently evasive about the context . . .

    . . . even though they argue this is a case of being taken out of context.

    The silence no doubt reveals the contextualisation we have asked for . . .

    Personally, I would be interested to know how linking homophobia to paedophilia could actually differ in meaning from one context to another.

  36. Personally, I would be interested to know how linking homosexuality to paedophilia could actually differ in meaning from one context to another.

  37. BouncerManInBlack 12 Jun 2009, 12:39am

    MIKE MENDOZA says [above] ” I have been involved in Pride in Brighton,
    I have fronted many shows at ‘Legends’

    I have been invited to appear in the ‘gay’ alternative pantomine in Brighton.

    So where is all this rubbish against me coming from? Its hurtful and unnecessary. ”

    Does Mike not realise that all the above was done to take the piss out of him?!

    He is a Homophobe and his paedophile v gay v football statement demonstrates that he is ill-educated with the life skills and knowledge required in a successful Councillor!


  38. Bill Perdue 12 Jun 2009, 2:46am

    If it walks like a homobigot and talks like a homobigot and is a former Tory then…

  39. Just like to add that Peter Willows is my partners uncle – and he been proven to be a bit of a twat in a court of law (later, unfortunatly, overturned).

  40. Simon Murphy 12 Jun 2009, 11:04am

    The exact quote by Mike Mendoza:

    “Paedophiles in general are the type of people that surely would not follow football. Not many gay people to the best of my knowledge are great football fans.”

    That is blatant homophobia – the equation of homosexuality with paedophilia. This is not a statement that can be interpreted as anything other than blatant homophobia.

    It is a dangerously extremist opinion.
    Making such extremist statements and then hiding behind the PATHETIC excuse that his direct quote was taken out of context is a tactic used by the BNP.

    Is Mike Mendoza a facist supporter? His refusal to address this issue properly or even have the decency to issue a press release apologising for his previous facist statements is an indication that he is a homophobic bigot. The people of Hove need to be made aware of his extremist views.

  41. Simon I agree

    Insidous juxtapostions dressed up as throw away commnents are indeed extremely dangerous.

    Any suggestions what we should do about Mr Mendoze’s homophobia

  42. Omar Kuddus 12 Jun 2009, 5:20pm

    Cmparing Homosexuals to Paedophiles IS Homophobic and amounts to Hate Crime.
    A slip of the tounge, perhaps and not intended but nevertheless that is what it amounts to and if that is not what he intended to say why not make an public statement of appology and clearify the true nature of what he “ment” to say?
    Sorry but despite who we know or associate with or help , alegedly does not change the fact that the facts.
    The comments are HOMOPHOBIC.

  43. Reality check: Nobody seems to be defending Mendoza.

    Someone is missing the chance of a lifetime to set things straight, or is that what we are doing right now?

  44. Jean-Paul, with regards the adversarial spirit . . . RobN is a known UKIP supporter – perhaps he could be encouraged to join the debate to date?

  45. John K: Matbe RobN is vacationing in Barcelona. If he knew about this thread. he would be here, wouldn’t he. Even if you all would be dumping all over him, as if he cares about that, eh John!

  46. oops…’maybe RobN…’ There goes another marble!!! Ping!!!

  47. Since RobN does not seem to be with us Jean-Paul, perhaps you would like to defend Mr Mendoza

  48. John K:

    You know how much I likes you, you huggable teddy bear.

    You asking me to defend a homophobic link between homosexuality and paedophilia? Are you insane?

    You just need to break through through thin ice once to drown, sweetie, no matter what your background. gawd knows I’ve been there, haven’t you?

    Weese livin’ at a time when it’s best to shut yor mouth ‘less you kin say somethin’ positive ’bout gays, I mean GAYS! TA RA-A-A!

    Need I say more? Well, you know what that means , don’t you, you sweet thing you?

    Ah, we French are such a threat to politically correct bee-havior in the gay cyberspace community. Gimme a hug, will ya!

  49. “You asking me to defend a homophobic link between homosexuality and paedophilia? Are you insane?”

    Glad to hear it . . . at least there are two sane people awake.

    Although some people so far have wanted to defend this, but as you probably noticed thier arguments were a little thin on the ground . . . but could one call apologetic platitudes arguments

    Take care Jean-Paul . . . must go to bed

  50. Did someone call?
    HE’S BACK!!! *Poses and bows to the cheering throng*

    Sorry, but I’ve been moving home and had no Internet for a week.
    I have to say, I know nothing of Mr Mendoza or his alleged comments, so it would be unfair of me to comment. All I can say is that paedophiles come in different flavours, just like everyone else, so there are male, female, gay and straight variants. It is most certainly wrong to state that all homosexuals are potentially child molesters, but they do exist, and we have to accept that. I can also see why some misguided people may also consider homosexuality a choice, or an illness, and that has also been said of paedophiles.

    It has crossed my mind that paedophiles may not have any more choice over their sexual preferences than gay people. The obvious difference though is that their sexual partner is usually unwilling, and it is not only criminally wrong, but also morally so.

    I know these statements are likely to make a few out there blow a fuse, and I am in no way condoning child abuse, but just consider the facts of the argument for a moment, and you may see the analogy.

    Answers on a postcard please.

  51. RobN:

    Poses andd bows!!! What have you been reading, you crazy fool?!!

    Glad to hear from you.

    I don’t know that his homophobic remark will affect Mendoza’s career in any way, except that we may be a tad more wary of gay-friendly politicians. What a world weese livin’ in.

  52. MIKE MENDOZA 13 Jun 2009, 2:13am

    One of the craziest things is that the by-election hasnt even been called yet! No party has officially put names on paper as no papers are available. As it so happens I AM NOT standing in the Goldsmid election as I am not even eligible to stand, so all this bile against me is a waste of time. the event goes back 2 years! What I said was wrong and I admitted immediately that the way i made the comment was wrong and it all came out the wrong way. I will always regret the way this incident turned out. The gay cause is not doing itself any favours by hanging me this way, as we well know there are a lot of genuine homophobes out there who would love to jump on the bandwagon and make very public that the ‘gay community is trying to influence the outcome of an election’. Are you trying tom say that only the gay community votes? I am heartened by the scores of gay friends and colleagues who have supported me recently, I have every intention of taking legal action against one individual who has chosen to exagerate the situation and get into name calling, names that are actionable. Quoting the OFCOM wording is one thing, adding to it is another. I have already compiled a list in excess of 100 prominant gay friends who are prepared to stand up in court to testify that I am not homophobic in any way shape or form. Two of these people are MP’s, one very senior MP. Several are big time in the Entertainment world, others are drag acts (well known on the scene) and the rest are just honest hard working members of the gay community. I can not believe some of the comments written here, its time some of you grew up and got a life, just as I have had to do.

  53. Hello Mike:

    Of course. Why are we so touchy anyway? gawd knows how history has been kind to us! Here, read this:

    Sunday, June 14th

    c. 427 BCE – on this date PLATO was born (d: 347 BCE). This is hardly the place to summarize the teachings of one of antiquity’s greatest thinkers. Suffice it to say that Plato, through his famous Symposium, has given his name to the love that dare not speaks its name nor show its little faerie wings in public, even though Platonic love has come to mean lately a kind of sexless friendship.

    That Platonic love before Freud was clearly Gay love is evident in Patience, Gilbert and Sullivan’s devastating satire on the aesthetic movement, in which the effeminate poet Bunthorne sings about “an attachment à la Plato for a bashful young potato and not too French, French bean!”

    Plato was born with the name Aristocles. He was surnamed Plato because of his exceptionally well-developed broad shoulders.

    Yes, we gays do have broad shoulders, don’t we?

    Have you ever been torn limb from limb by a team of wild horses? Ever had your entrails pulled out of you and tossed in the air before your very eyes?

    Ever been chained to a pillar in St. Marc’s Square (Venice) and burned alive, screaming so loudly as to prevent city officials from concentrating on their paper work? Have you ever been arrested and tortured ’cause someone decided you walk funny?

    Oh, we are a touchy bunch… it’s called surviving in a ‘real man’s world’, you know the world of wars, and wars and wars…barf! And all in the name of some lovin’ diety who is said to be a REAL MAN, wow!

    Oh, I don’t mean that; i’m just foolin’ around, that’s all.

    By the way, I believe your ‘CAPS LOCK’ is on.

  54. John K:

    Speaking of homophobic remarks, Monkeychops has been flushed out by Pumpkin Pie on the thread about the British Embassador to Poland defending gay rights.

    Monkeychops is an ex-gay fundamentalist fanatic attempting to infiltrate our website and turn us against each other while pretending to be a master of the proper ‘rules’ of debating. See you there.

  55. Jean-Paul: Nice to see you again!

    Mike Mendoza: If you read back on threads on this website you will see many comments by over-reactionary, moaning old faggots that will jump at the chance of attacking anyone who doesn’t have glowing praise for every single homosexual, transexual, pansexual, asexual, arsesexual, bannanasexual person on the planet.

    As a gay man, please accept my apologies for these fuckwits on my behalf, and please do not feel offended that you have been persecuted for a slip of the tongue. Jonathan Ross would have been administered a lethal injection for his recent comments had these people had their way.

  56. So there, that’s exactly what I meant to say, but John K made me say the opposite…hahahaha!

  57. Mr Mendoza if you are not homophobic as you claim, why did you draw a link between homosexuality and paedophilia.

    Where is your evidence that you did not draw a link between homosexuality and paedophilia – a transcript of the radio programme would suffice?

    Without it you remain a homophobic bigot.

  58. Mike Mendoza 13 Jun 2009, 10:46am

    Are you aware that my election agent, campaign organisor and very god friend is a transexual! The last UKIP candidate in the general election was gay. So please do not accuse UKIP of being homophobic.
    I apologised at the time (2007) for the comments I made, I was suspended from my job for a week, but took 2 weeks out to ponder. What else can I do? Lay naked so u guys can lash me with whips etc?

  59. Mike Mendoza 13 Jun 2009, 10:50am

    Even the report is incorrect because I am not standing in Goldsmid, no one has officially shown they are standing from any party as the forms have not been sent out for declarations. This is just an opportunity by the Greens to get in quick with the dirt to make sure they discredit their opposition. Shame they can’t fight an election on policies.

  60. John K: Whoa! Hold it right there. Even if Mr Mendoza did draw a link between homosexuality and paedophilia, why does that make him necessarily homophobic? Cabbages are green, but not everything that is green is a cabbage. Just because someone draws conjecture on a subject does not mean they are for or against that subject, but may be merely proposing concepts and opinions. We have had all this crap before over the Ross incident, and just because someone makes comments that are potentially unsupportive of gay people does not necessarily mean they are homophobic. Personally, I can’t stand most gay men, and I am one. That doesn’t make me homophobic, it just means I have an opinion.

  61. Mr Mendoza

    Thank you for clarifying that you . . . . did draw a link between homosexuality and paedophilia.!!!

    I am glad that this matter has now been settled.

  62. John K:

    R U mad at me?

  63. mike mendoza 13 Jun 2009, 4:54pm

    My BIG mistake and i am more than happy to admit it, was using the words, gay and paedophile in the same sentence. The way i made my remarks came out totally different to the way I intended. At NO TIME did i say that gays are paedophiles or try and link the two, the way it sounded after listening back was awful and once again, I am sorry for the way it sounded.

  64. Mike:

    Gimme a hug, you big ape !!!!!!!

  65. Mike Mendoza 14 Jun 2009, 11:01am

    Oh.. its gone quiet in here now!!
    I just wish someone would please tell me where I said ‘all gays are paedophiles, which I think I am being accused of! Only the pure ignorant would even think that way. Maybe someone would like to inform the Green party, who obviously have no policies what so ever, ok maybe two, make the speed limit 20 mph and recycle…. let them concentrate on their politics rather than attacking someone who has a clear track record in social services and politics.

  66. Mike:

    No hug? Oh, never mind. The important thing is that RobN showed up just in time. We hate him, and we love him, but he don’t hug either. Off to gay Paris for me, cheri, je t’adore, mon amour, mon trésor, Piaf and all that.

    Try to forget it, Mike, it’s OK for us to be touchy. If you only knew. John K is not a bad person, had our best interest at heart. He’s a clear thinker, he don’t hug either. Sigh.

  67. Mike Mendoza 14 Jun 2009, 5:51pm

    I have no problems with hugs….. I would like to think that Pink News will also put the matter ‘straight’ if I can use that word in here!

  68. So, you’re touchy too. Don’t blame you. Straight, gay, bi, Trans…who cares. We are human beings first and foremost, the most complex living organism on the planet, you know that.

    Look at how you’re friends defended you. I only wish I had friends like that. But we were upset. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, what with the elections and all…and who would have thought the BNP…of all the unexpected…don’t you think that screwed everybody around? And RobN was nowhere in sight. Not his fault.

    Don’t blame us either, Mike. We are lucky to have guys like John K and Adrian around, and we are lucky to have PinkNews. You should see how much of an education we receive here, not only in expressing ourselves, but also in affirming and defending ourselves at a time when even here in Canada, homophobia is on the rise.

    We get religious nutters in here all the time, and some with more subtle homophobic messages.

    You are right. The words ‘gay’ and ‘paedophilia’ do not go well in the same sentence. I’ve made more serious blunders than that myself, and there’s nothing to say I won’t do it again.

    You are a well-known personality in England, but as a Canadian, I’m afraid I had never heard of you, not that that should make any difference.

    Just don’t blame the guys, OK. RobN calls us ‘fuckwits’ and ‘old faggots’ and there may be some truth to that. What do I know, I live in the land of the free? No ‘fuckwits’ around here except in Parliament, and I do believe we are in for the 4th election in 5 years. You Brits have any use for a Conservative politician, name of Harper? AW, c’mon, please take ‘im.

    The UK will continue to be in turmoil until this gay issue is settled as it is here in Canada.

    Why can’t we just put this down to free publicity for you and for us; it has put a temporary spotlight on all of us, hasn’t it? And you can’t blame Ben Cohen for doing his job.

    How do you suggest PinkNews put the matter straight? Don’t forget, we are ready to defend PinkNews. So…do you want to go back in the ring?

    There’s a revolution happening in Iran as we speak, for gawd’s sake. Omar Kuddus is approaching the end of his rope, and here we are in our little bubble.

    Since we were all involved in tormenting you, we should know what you would like PinkNews to do to put things straight.

    And I will take that hug, now. I’ll give you one too.

  69. Simon Murphy 15 Jun 2009, 3:15pm

    Mike Mendoza:

    Your EXACT quote is as follows:

    “Paedophiles in general are the type of people that surely would not follow football. Not many gay people to the best of my knowledge are great football fans.”

    You claim your comment has been taken ‘out of context’ and you then start babbling about taking legal action against people. On what grounds?

    Please explain how your comments have been taken ‘out of context’ as you have avoided addressing that? The context to me is pretty clear – you equated homosexuality with paedophilia and you are now trying to downplay this horrifically dangerous statement. You made extremist statements and you are now trying to downplay inciting hatred against the gay community.

    As for your comments about your ‘gay friends’ – that is the standard excuse for bigots: “Some of my best friends are black BUT….” Just because you have gay friends does not excuse your incitement to hatred against gay people.

    If there is an election and you run for this election will you be making a press release to specifically apologise for inciting hatred. If not then it seems clear that you are just another mendacious, 2 faced bigot who needs to be vehemently opposed.

  70. Mike:

    Good grief! It would have taken but a moment to give us some feed back.

    Now Simon Murphy’s upset. I don’t want to fan the flames, but you had lots of time to answer, and I am not about to turn on Simon Murphy again.

    mumble, grumble…no-one ever takes me seriously…mumble…

  71. MIKE MENDOZA 16 Jun 2009, 5:34pm

    Simon, please tell me where do i say that Gays and peado’s are the same? So is it possible that the quote is taken out of context? I made the comment 2 years ago at 3am (in the morning) i was tired, i didnt know what I was saying, i apologised at the time and after, i went off air for 7 days with no pay, what else do you want from me? Tell me or show me where I have incited hatred?
    As far as my suing someone, that is because the person had added to the orig words to make what I said sound worse. The case will be in the high court very soon I hope, I also hope the person who made the comment will be taken away from his present duties, fired as a councillor and there will be a by-election in his ward.
    Apart from that Simon… Give me a hug

  72. Steve Shawcross 16 Oct 2010, 9:46pm

    UKIP blahphobic Tory-right in exile? Some possibly. However their Welsh MEP was a Labour politician. They have also recently recruitment the ex Lib Dem mayor of Congleton. Plus they have rising star Michael Heaver who is from an Old Labour background, but has not been in part politics himself.

    I don’t know Mr Mendoza, I can’t comment on him. However UKIP is libertarian party, so its members are least likely to be bigoted. Yes there are some bigots, but you get those in other parties– or indeed any walk of life.

    When leader Nigel Farage was asked about “the gay issue” by Nicky Campbell, his reply was: “What issue– I see everyone as being born equal”

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