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Israeli minister and rabbis call for Pride parade to be banned

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 11 Jun 2009, 4:31pm

    Yet again religion and its supporters show viciously intolerant and hateful they are.

    What a real pity that despite the fact that Israel was founded in the wake of the Holocaust that Jewish religious leaders have no issue with promoting intolerance against a group of people (the gays that is) also persecuted by the Nazis. Shows the sheer irrationality and hypocrisy of religion.

  2. Brian Burton 11 Jun 2009, 5:45pm

    I have studied Jessica Green’s report here and my initial thought falls on the recent election of right wingers’ like Benjamin Netanyahu (he’s very right wing) and things Gay are frowned on. Even right wing politicions in Isreal know there is a Gay community, indigenous to Isreal and not imported. These citizens of Isreal fought and died in the 1948 Arab uprising against them and I have no doubt, the 1967, six day war. There must be many Gay soldiers, Sailors and Airmen in the Isreali Military. I am sure, If the Pride Parade, marched against the ‘Right Wing’ incumbants in Isreal, then someone would have to sit up and take notice. I really do’nt think it’s all down to Religious zelots doing the damage.

  3. Simon, I’m not a bit fan of religion myself, but please understand that a member “of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party” is not just any religious leader. My understanding is that there are many rabbis who do not condemn homosexuality.

  4. Oh, lol he does that every year; he hasn’t succeeded yet. And he only represents the ultra-Orthodox. Don’t overstate the “rightness” of Netanyahu, sadly that’s what happens when labels like “right” or “left” get used in articles about other countries.

    Just a note for Brian, 1948 – when other states invaded Israel – surely that’s not just an uprising, but a full-fledged war.

  5. Take Mr. Simon Murphy’s comments in context. Simon Murphy seems to have a strong objection to all forms of spiritual faith, even those that are quite liberal, gay-affirming and pluralistic. He sees faith, and he seems to instantly see hate, and then he expresses total disdain. And he’s perfectly within his rights to feel and say whatever he pleases. But it’s nothing new.

  6. Hi Dermot:

    You’re right, of course, except that Simon Murphy does have his head screwed on right. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with him that a little bottle of liquid paper couldn’t fix.

    You just run this magic liquid over some of those homophobic phrases in the ho-o-o-oly book, and presto, no more poisoning of childrens’ minds.

    Then we can all be happy together. tra-la-la.

    Gay-affirming and pluralistic spiritual faith? Are you into Wicca?

  7. Jean-Paul:

    Affirmation. It’s the largest LGBT Mormon support group that actually holds that it’s okay to be gay. Supports socially progressive causes. And naturally, it is all but ignored by the establishment as being irrelevant and apostate.

  8. Yes, our reform jewish temple will do gay marriages, and so will some of the conservative temples. And a Lesbian rabbi has been appointed as the director of the southern california interfaith council

    But, just like any other group, the Jews have their own conservative haters of gay people. The orthodox are stuck in the mud, and the ultra orthodox would do hitler proud on their attitude toward gays. A couple of their Knesset members actually called gays “worse then bird flu”. A statement essentially calling for the extermination of gay people. By the very people whose not very distant relatives shared hitlers ovens with the gays of gernmany, another despised group.

    My wife is leaving for a two week tour of Israel next week. A once in a lifetime visit. I refused to go, and the $4500 that would have gone to Israeli businesses has already gone to gay civil rights groups here in the states.

    Netanyahu, and his gang, and the orthodox, who are leaches on the Israeli society – most don’t work – they study there religious books – well, you know where they deserve to go.

  9. Make the religious zealots earn a living and read their holey (sic) books on the weekend. Get these leaches off the back of Israeli society and let them move to Palestine and see what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot.

    And yes, israel has gay marriage of a sort- gays married in other nations are recognized as legally married under the law. The problem is that the Zealots control Marriage.

    I’m one of those guys who got kicked out of Hebrew School 57 years ago. And now I know, when I look at the orthodox, that I did the right thing.

  10. Simon Murphy 12 Jun 2009, 10:05am

    #5: Dermot: You say: “Simon Murphy seems to have a strong objection to all forms of spiritual faith, even those that are quite liberal, gay-affirming and pluralistic. ”

    Yes I do have a strong objection to ANY belief system where what people are supposed to belief cannot be proven. And I have a strong objection to any belief system which tries to impose its point of view on all of society.

    As far as I’m concerned the holy books of all religions are unproveable; badly written fairytales designed to give meaning to the lives of desert living, illiterate peasants who lived thousands of years ago. These books have absolutely no relevance to the modern day which is why the religions must be watched. These irrational, unproveable belief systems are ALL trying to influence laws to suit themselves.

    Religions which claim to be ‘pluralistic’ and ‘inclusive’ are all very well. But they still start from the fake premise that there is some ‘god’ looking over us all. These religions are just as laughable.

    Perhaps there is some sort of afterlife but seeing as religions and their leaders have no more idea than anyone else whether it exists, then ALL religions should be ignored.

    Interestingly straight people in Israel cannot enter a civil marriage (never mind gay people) thanks to the vile stranglehold religion has in that country.

  11. here we go yet again with the so called religious people hating the gays again. The God of the old testament was made up and vengefull! IF Jesus was God, he was kinder and gentler and never actually condemened gay people!

  12. Having read the ministers comments I think that the response should be that the Orthodox Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities regularly, publicly and overtly decide to cause grave offence to the homosexual community both in word and deed. Given their intolerance we are not minded to cancel any event to satisfy their whims.

  13. Henry Collier 13 Jun 2009, 12:58am

    So some in Israel want to create a gay ghetto for the Pride march? Did we learn anything from Warsaw or Auchwitz?

  14. Dermot (5):

    You hear what Simon Murphy’s saying in his post 10? Well, think about it. Why? Because that’s what minds are for!

    ‘…no relevance to the modern day…’, and that goes for the book of mormons and buffalo chips too. Affirm yourselves but don’t deceive yourselves. Ever hear of Thomas Paine?

  15. Not suprising. Alot of Israelis are becoming more rabidly right wing and if things such as UN schools, hospitals, nurseries, mothers, babies, journalists are in the crosshairs don’t be surprised when they turn on gays too.

  16. And as I said before, the Pride did take place, and it was wonderful: my friends already sent me pics via email.

    That is not true. While Israelis have elected whom they have elected (and there could have been a different combination of parties in the govt), even people on the right are fine with lgbt rights. It is only the religious groups that have issues with that.

    And, btw, please tell me what happens to the gays and lesbians in Gaza and the West Bank.

  17. They get murdered along with everyone else, Incognito.

    And if you bother trying to justify infanticide or mass civilian death because “they are supporting terrorists” i’m not going to respond.

  18. Simon Murphy did exactly as I predicted. Like I said. Nothing new.

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