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Cannibal who killed gay lover fails to have sentence reduced

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Reader comments

  1. heavens above I hope your never let out

  2. Simon Murphy 11 Jun 2009, 3:58pm

    Looking into my crystal ball I see Miss California’s future.

    Beauty queens really are crazy after all.

  3. Monkeychops 11 Jun 2009, 4:04pm

    Yippee -for 2 reasons. A) The nutter stays locked up and B) our part of society has murderers too. What a diverse lot we are!

  4. Simon Murphy 11 Jun 2009, 4:26pm

    #3 Monkeychops: You say:

    “Yippee -for 2 reasons. A) The nutter stays locked up and B) our part of society has murderers too. What a diverse lot we are!”

    What is the point of this statement other than to cause irritation?

    What are you contributing to this board by stating the bloody obvious?

    Where has anyone on here ever claimed that gay people are not capable of murder? Are you making your statements purely to cause annoyance. What is your agenda with your predictable responses?

  5. #4
    Can’t you lighten up or get a life?

  6. Brian Burton 11 Jun 2009, 6:07pm

    This ‘Flaky monkey’ should be caged in my opinion!

  7. @SM. You need to relax. Take up crochet or knitting. Exhale slowly. Do some yoga. Just stop being so angry.

  8. Timothy Holmes 11 Jun 2009, 7:39pm

    Maybe we should put him in contact with Ms. California? Now that would be a treat!

  9. Simon Murphy:

    We must have bought our crystal balls at the same retailers!

    Maybe Morley just don’t like prison food.

  10. Monkeychops 12 Jun 2009, 1:19am

    Simon – good Lord, talk about hypocrisy re predictable responses! You’ve got major issues with people that don’t share your views – and when they don’t you start asking them how old they are to find ammunition against them. Grow up or at least get a life coach! I really should be asking what your agenda is to be honest – you just seem so competitive. This is a forum for debate, not high school. I would have accepted your criticism probably if it hadn’t been for the fact you wrote a bit of a pointless comment about Ms California before I had even done so. I mean, what were YOU trying to contribute to the conversation, eh? Care to elaborate? Lay off the hypocrisy and I might take you seriously. Or just ask Lezabella for tips on how to conduct yourself to have your opinion respected. After all, a fair few people on here have been taking a swipe at you….

    You know, it’s so funny how a group of people that constantly claim how open-minded they are and how majorities don’t accept them can be so conservative when a person who doesn’t share every last opinion with them enters the arena. Come on guys, are you really so insecure? Do you really feel so threatened that you have to start calling people twats? It’s made it all the more obvious to me why gays are still facing so much crap – people are just their own worst enemies sometimes. I’m sure I’ll get a barrage of abuse for having that view, like all others that defensive people on here don’t share, but it’s my right. Why don’t you try stepping out of your little bubble and embracing the greater world and feeling a part of it instead of just commentating on it from within these pink bloody walls. It really is a nice place :)

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Jun 2009, 3:04pm

    “B) our part of society has murderers too. What a diverse lot we are!”

    Monkey, I don’t think there’s any problem with Simon, but I think the above was a bit of a twat comment. Interesting that you should be talking about Simon stepping out of his bubble, but I hardly think the family and friends of the guy murdered (who may well actually be logging on to this site) would take your comments in such a light hearted way. I would suggest that’s its you that are in the bubble – a great big thoughtless, thick-skinned, insensitive one

    At the end of the day, this sick f*ck took the life of some poor guy in a horrific way and maybe Simon, like me, feels that we should show a little bit restrain and avoid making light of something so traumatic for those who knew the victim.

  12. Monkeychops:

    I have been doing my utmost to overlook some of your remarks since you showed up on Pink. I wouln’t count on Lezabella in your place.

    Did somebody die and leave you in charge of the rules for debate on this here site. You haven’t been taking lessons from our dear friends Hank and Codex, have you?

    ‘…why gays are still facing so much crap…’

    When was the last time you were torn limb from limb by a team of wild horses? When did you ever have your entrails pulled out of you and tossed in the air before your very eyes while the mob went wild with glee?

    When was the the last time you were chained to a pillar in St. Marc’s Square in romantic Venice and burned to death, screaming so loud as to distract city officials from their paper work so they had to pass a bylaw to the effect that ‘sodomites’ should be beheaded before burning so the high and mighty could enjoy the view while drinking their brandy and kissing their jewelled crucifixes?

    Touchy? Who? Simon Murphy? If the world wasn’t living in a bubble, they would be erecting statues of him and all the other guys on Pink who sheild us from abuse from within and without.

    Sacré bleu! Don’t make me mad! If you know how to use your mind, prove it by speaking to the issue, not by tormenting our friends. Get the picture? Wanna take this outside?

  13. Monkeychops:

    You still feel sympathy for Michael Savage? Think he should be allowed in so he can, how did you put it, ‘dig his own grave’?

    By all means, let’s put him in a cell with Anthony Morley. Then Tony could open up a fast-food outlet and serve Savage-on-a-stick! Or invite you for dinner. Bon appétit!

  14. Monkeychops:

    C’est moi, your nemesis. Boo!

    You have been flushed out by Pumpkin Pie on the thread about the British Embassador to Poland defending gay rights. Boo.

    You are an ex-gay fundamentalist homophobic fanatic attempting to infiltrate our website so you can turn us against each other and then prove to us how ‘uncivilized’ gays are towards each other. Boo.

    Nice tactic. Is Hank and Codex in on this, sugar?

    Stick around, we’ll mop the floor with you in the morning. Ta.

  15. Just be aware next time you’re out and some guy comes up to you and says “You look tasty”. ;)

  16. Monkeychops 15 Jun 2009, 11:09am

    JP – You have actually copied and pasted that comment to every thread. Running out of things to say?

    The initial comment I made, was actually very tongue in cheek. It was a response to those that have been agressively insisting that in this community we are all different and that I have been claiming that gays are all the same.

    And…when were you last torn limb from limb etc? Never, just like me, so it’s not a relevant comment to make. And especially not in the UK either. If we were talking about gay rights/freedom in Zimbabwe, we’d be having a whole different conversation. But we’re not, we’re talking about the UK. And it’s doing pretty well as a matter of fact. So let’s keep things realistic and take the good position we are in and make the most of it. Who knows when someone could come along and take our rights away again….

    Sister MC – Yes, of course I am thick-skinned, how would I get through life otherwise? Perhaps from your extreme over-sensitive outlook on things you think I am insensitive. I just think I’m a realist. I’m not terrified of being murdered everywhere I go in Britain. Or France. Or Norway. Or even Poland. And, it is sad this guy has been murdered, but I’m not going to feel bad about specific cases when I read about murders every single day in teh newspapers. I am completely detached from this, I’m not going to pretend that I am distraught when I feel no more for it than I would for anything else. That may come as little comfort to his family, but before he was murdered, do you honestly think his family would have cared about the murder of my brother? Do you think they wouldn’t have made comments on the incident? Fortunately, my brother hasn’t been murdered, but I wouldn’t expect the whole world to keep silent on its reporting if it were to happen.

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