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Hampshire police chief constable to march in Brighton Pride

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  1. Right on! A PC PC!! Note the irony that now the police are happy to march alongside gays while beating the crap out of – and killing – others who legitimately protest. Do we really need a representative of legalised thuggery and corruption on our march? Get back to your form filling, PC Plonker, or better still, get back on the street and prevent a few muggings and stabbings…

  2. Thanks so much to this chief constable, setting an EXCELLENT example which is truly appreciated by many of us. A few people might be annoyed but this is the right thing to do, thanks again Alex Marshall – an excellent sign of leadership and support of the whole community.

  3. Between the two polarized comments above, I smell something fishy.

  4. It would be interesting to see what other police forces are represented.. “in full uniform with officers from across the UK”

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Jun 2009, 10:25pm

    AndySam, go onto the Christian Voice website ….

    …. they have quite a lot about the various forces across the country and the responses received from their Chief Constables when they recieved hate mail from Christian Voice about officers being allowed to wear uniform at Pride marches.

    Most of the replies were extremely hostile towards the views Christian Voice were expressing, for example:

    “None of my officers sought my permission to wear uniform on the march although had they, I would have agreed to it.

    “Much of what you say in the judgements and assumptions you make emanate from a view of the world that I neither understand, share or find palatable into today’s world, although fully defend (whilst it remains legal) your right to express such views. As my views are so far from yours I am unable to reply to most of your questions in detail because I reject the basis upon which you ask them or the astonishing leap of logic they contain.

    “By way of a general answer which will give you a flavour of where am coming from, I can say that as distressing as you may find it, by no means everybody (inside or outside the police service) considers that if you are gay you are a ‘pervert’ and not everyone is Christian or even recognises the existence of God. The police service needs to and does recognise the validity of diverse approaches to life and must recognise them without making damning judgements. In doing their job considerations as to sexuality, race and gender (whether straight, gay or transsexual) or any other physical characteristic or legal approach to lifestyle are an irrelevance.

    “As an Assistant Chief Constable in Sussex Police when it was the first force in the country to advertise in ‘The Pink Paper’ for recruits, I am proud to have helped increase the recruitment of gay people into the service and welcome applications from anyone suitably qualified (including gay officers ) into this Force.

    “I hope my reply makes it very clear to you what my approach and that of Lincolnshire Police is to this issue.”

    Mr Richard Childs, Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police

  6. John (Derbyshire 12 Jun 2009, 11:16am

    Wait till the Conservatives get in! Never forget that only a few years ago-Anne Widdecombe was the conservative shadow home secretary. Can you imagine HER ever allowing a member of the police in uniform to attend a gay positive event!! And also-remember-that her views represent those of the overwhelming majority of the present conservative party. People have such short memories! Make the most of these times while you can!!

  7. I wish gay people in general did not have such short memories.

    The police in this country have abused & violated lives of gay persons for decades…and still DO in some areas! With the massive swing to the right in politics & rise of the BNP there are plenty in the police just waiting (and some not bothering to wait)for the pendulum of gay equaity & rights to swing back from the advances made.

    Personally, I find police being involved & given such high profile in Pride events as both repugnant & offensive, especially given my own personal experience of police abusive attitudes & practises towards gay persons.

    Having the police involved in Pride is a little like inviting the SS to take part in Holocaust rememberance services.

    The STONEWALL findings into Homophobic incidents & hate crime revealed just 1% of reported homophobic incidents results in a prosecution…that’s because the police & judicary still do not take abuse of gay people seriously. Look at what happened in the Micheal Causer murder case!

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