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Video: BNP leader Nick Griffin pelted with eggs by angry crowd

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Reader comments

  1. He looked “visibly shocked”? WHy would he be shocked? With his extreme views is it not inevitable? Having a few eggs thrown at him is nothing compared to what he would like to do to others. No sympathy whatsoever for this no-good lump.

  2. However much we despise another’s opinion, the only way forward is through argument. The actions of this childish brigade will actually play into the bnp’s hands. The egg throwers are the ones who are saying, ‘our democracy is not strong enough to answer back’.

    This will do nothing to change the opinions of people in places like Barnsley, Wigan, Rotherham, Blackburn, where the bnp has won up to 16 % of the vote.

  3. In my home Town the Lib-Dem council uses the BNP as a get out of jail clause. In other words they say that supporting the gay community will only encourage more support for the BNP and that why they are refusing to support the gay community.

    I’d like to see what happened to him happen, to my Town Council because they are affectively supporting the BNP by this homophobic statement!

  4. This website needs a makeover….sheeesh! More ads than news.

  5. vulpus_rex 9 Jun 2009, 9:00pm

    So – let’s just examine what happened here.

    Self-appointed representatives of the professinally outraged have physically assaulted and cowed into silence a democratically elected representative of the North West of england.

    They have suborned the democratic process and trampled on the right of everyone in the UK to free speech.

    This is exactly why the BNP are gaining popular currency, they will only go away once they have been properly exposed, not turned into martyrs.

  6. paul mighty potters 9 Jun 2009, 9:40pm

    When considering this event you should bear only one point in mind. 75 years ago a politician holding the same views as Griffin gained electoral “legitimacy”. 65 years ago many thousands of young men from this country died to put an end to his political career. There would be many heroes and their children alive today if someone had stood up against his right to “free speech”! Rather a few eggs now than the alternative.

  7. Stuart Neyton 9 Jun 2009, 10:08pm

    vulpus, if you think that Griffin’s freedom of speech should be protected by limiting other people’s right to protest then you must be joking. No one has said he shouldn’t be allowed to speak, just that he shouldn’t be given a platform by the media.

    Just out of interest, did you think the same when John Prescott was egged back in 2001?

  8. vulpus_rex 9 Jun 2009, 10:37pm

    1) Right to protest is not the same as right to physically assualt and batter someone into silence, which is what happened to Griffen.

    Should labour party members be allowed to turn up to every conservative party bit of publicity and thump them into silence?

    2)He has been subject to the no platform treatment for years by mainstream political parties and as a result, they have more councilors than ever, they have representation on the London assembly and they now how have two MEPs. The no platform approach is clearly not working.

    3)John Prescott epitomises the very worst of the thick, unthinking, stupid lobby fodder of the Labour party, but yes, I think he is perfectly entitled to stand up and demonstrate this without being physically assaulted.

  9. Bearing in mind that Nick Griffin wants to use his freedom of speech to advocate that others not be allowed theirs.

  10. Stuart Neyton 9 Jun 2009, 11:29pm

    Griffin was assaulted??? He had an egg thrown at him, that’s hardly assault.

    It does, however, appear that an innocent bystander actually WAS assaulted by one of Griffin’s thugs.
    See here

  11. you can have free speech or not, if not welcome to nazi Germany or stalinist ussr both of which were left wing party`s and both caused the death of millions, hitler got to power by stoping the communist movement in germany, who wanted to take away the democratic right of the germane people, by attacking them and then framing them for the ricte stag fire, so what i am saying is this … you can have free speech or not the choice is yours

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY GARLAND (1922-1969) ! ! !

  13. The protestors have done the BNP a favour – how can they have been so ignorant? On the tv news it was the egg-wielding hoodlums that looked like an unpleasant rabble of social misfits and the BNP appeared as respectable and law-abiding – exactly the image they have cultivated in recent years, the rabble played straight into the hands of these extremists and would have alienated even more voters. How Stupid!

    The only way to combat the rise of the far right is not to condemn and sneer at the 100’s of thousands of ordinary Britons who voted BNP – largely working class people – but to listen and seek to understand and address their worries and concerns and include them in decision making.

    The working class (of all colours) have born the brunt of the poor housing, unemployment, poor education and health care, some of which has been directly caused by a huge influx of immigrants from all parts of the world. This is not a race issue as the BNP like to prortray, it is a sheer Over-Population issue – this country is now too overcrowded, our services cannot cope and our green fields are being built over.

    If the I’m-All-Right-Jack Middle Classes and governing elite who dominate the three main parties continue to ignore the needs of our working class then it is inevitable that the Far Right will gather momentum. The mainstream parties should wake up and listen before it is too late.

  14. Well said, Vulpus Rex. Equally: by what right do these people decide what can be said? If you think it’s fine to let an unelected panel of protesters be the judge and jury on this matter, or to shut down free speech because it might offend somebody, you make a rod for your own back.

    It’s dangerous because the very people who call for extermination of gay people in the name of God or Allah, are likely to be the first to rush for the protection of such people when one word is said against the Koran or the Bible. Might my opinion of such holy books be as offensive to all muslims or christians, as the BNP’s crackpot comments on the holocaust are to the Jews?

    Something very similar to this scenario has already happened, when Channel 4 investigated hate preachers in their excellent ‘Undercover Mosque’ documentary. The police decided to investigate the programme makers instead, rather than the preachers.

  15. Beware! The BNP ‘victory’ is the thin edge of the wedge. They are also in Germany, Poland and other countries and like Islam they are a very real threat to all people not only to us gays. Do not listen to any smug propaganda no matter how subtle. The Nazis, the Islamics and the Communists are like a cancer that is slowly creeping and gaining control bit by bit around the world – the freedom of the world is at stake – know your enemies and resist them with all your might – the Holocast and murder of millions of people must never happen again!

  16. Vulpus is entirely correct on this. I abhor Griffin, the BNP and all they stand for, but Freedom of Speech in a democratic society must be sacrosanct. The right to protest, which is also vital, does not include the right to physically assault and intimidate those with whom you disagree. THAT was the preferred tactic of the very fascists some of who are talking about. Physically attacking the BNP helps the BNP, you idiots, by allowing them to play the victims of “PC tyranny.” It also gives them the license to fight back just as physically. Of course they must be opposed. There is no shortage of legitimate avenues for such opposition. Only morons would think egging someone at a press conference trumps practical political and media action.

  17. I think this protest would have been more effective if the anti-fascists had turned up and debated/argued their point with him live on TV. It wouldn’t have been long before his trained monkey ‘minders’ got peturbed and started getting rough to silence them. Then we all would have seen the true face of the BNP – unable to argue their case without resorting to violence.

    Griffin is no protector of free speech – he intends to use his power to silence any critics. He should be challenged as robsutly as possible at every opportunity. I don’t condone the egg throwing, and I did notice his victory waves and smirks once he was safely in the car. He knew what was going to happen, that’s why he did it. He is happy that it occurred and got him airtime.

    My protest? I wiped my arse on the unrequested election leaflet they pushed through my door and sent it back to them. I left the stamp off so they had to pay for the priveledge of receiving it. Disgusting I know, but it offends me that they exist. If they aren’t going to respect me as a gay man, then I certainly don’t give two shits about how I make them feel. (Well clearly I give some shit, but you get the drift).

  18. Well, it looked to me as if they (the BNP lot) ‘ran off’ and the crowd followed – rather than they ‘had to flee for their safety’ – surely he could have still had his say and shouted over the protesters – just like most politicians do? I suspect he was ‘using’ the protest to his own gains, so he could say his right to free speech was abuses – as if!!!

  19. abuses = abused!

  20. We cannot have democracy when it suits us!!!

    Nick Griffin was democratically elected, and should be treated like any other democratically elected official.

    Expressing disdain, dislike or disgust in violence is not acceptable in a democratic society.

    A large number of people wanted Griffin elected
    A large number of people want Griffin’s policies
    A large number of people want extreme politics

    This is a wake up call . . .

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