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Australian prime minister weighs in on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘lesbian pig’ row

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Reader comments

  1. So he says now he never used the word lesbian…OK, so he just called her a “pig” as opposed to a “lesbian pig”. Oh well that makes his comment alright then, sure, very funny after all, what wit he displays…not!

  2. Simon Murphy 9 Jun 2009, 5:47pm

    OK maybe he never called her a lesbian but apparently the word ‘dyke’ was used instead. Is that meant to be more acceptable I wonder?

    Pop on over to his website which is gordonramsaydotcom (can’t spell out the actual link as Pinknews blocks those) and click on ‘Enquiries’ and then ‘General Enquiries’ to let him know what you think of his lack of respect.

  3. Well…Gordon Ramsay is just an arrogant ass

  4. Oh, really Mr Rudd? Considering you don’t consider GLTB people equal in society and the law, isn’t this just a teeny bit, well, opportunistic? Or are you rushing to say Ms Grimshaw is a real person and so should not be likened to, whatever.

  5. It’d be nice to see the actual tapes. Interesting though that Gordon’s seemingly worried about being accused of using the word ‘lesbian’ and is busy denying that.

  6. Good for Mr. Rudd. I gather he is against gay marriage and civil Unions. Maybe these creeps like Gordon Ramsay will help sway Mr. Rudd’s opinion towards making gays full citizens of Australia.

    Example: here in the USA we have the Gay hating Westboro Baptist Church who celebrate at the funerals of gays who are murdered, etc.

    And they have done wonders for the gay community. EG The church – really just a poisoned family – came to protest at a high school that supports its gay students. 400 screaming kids showed up to counter-protest the WBChurch, and support their gay student friends.

    Rudd called Ramsay a lowlife. Ramsay is a lowlife, though I would call him a worm. And his attitude toward women is rooted in the bible. Which of course is related to the Koran, where in many Muslim societies, women are the pure property of their fathers, are sold for a dowry into a marriage to a man they never meet until their wedding.

    I think it would be funny if someone mugged Ramsay, and changed his sex. Let him be a tranny and see how he likes it when he is the victim

  7. Tracy Grimshaw wasn’t “attacking” your wife Gordon, she was merely pointing out that you cheat on her – which is actually YOUR fault.

    The fact that someone has the balls (pun intended!) to point that out, is an attack on YOU for being such a bastard. So spare us the pathetic attempt to shift the focus on to your wife. First you attack a woman, then you attack lesbians and now you’re hiding behind your wife!!! – What a brave ‘man’ you are!

    Well done Kevin Rudd for putting his weight behind Tracy!

    And yes, Simon Murphy, he did use the word ‘dyke’.

  8. As usual, both sides of the scrap seem to accept without question that being lesbian is intrinsically shameful. It would be nice, if, once in a while, a public figure who hotly denies being gay just took an extra few seconds to add that, nevertheless, being gay is fine and the idea of being gay shouldn’t be used as an insult.

  9. Yup, Mr Ramsay doesn’t seem to mind dishing out the insults, being used to getting his own way etc, but he sure as hell doesn’t like it when he’s reminded that he is a cheating husband & therefore not a man at all.

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