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Woman launches legal battle after son is placed with gay foster parents

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Reader comments

  1. Someone tell the dizzy bat you can’t catch it.

  2. Maybe if she cared for her child in the first place then he wouldn’t need to be fostered. I mean, if she’s well enough to be willing to launch a legal case about it, then she should just concentrate all that effort and emotion into her child.

  3. Simon Murphy 8 Jun 2009, 6:38pm

    Hmmm – this woman is obviously not well. If she is not able to look after her own child then obviously the council must intervene. However I would be more interested in the people who are representing her. How can she afford to take legal action? Answer – she can’t. The catholic cult’s legal team no doubt approached her and said they’d do it on her behalf for their own vicious agenda. They do that quite a bit.

  4. After reading this article ( I’d be more concerned about the Catholic legal people than the couple looking after the little boy

  5. “She would prefer a Catholic couple, but if that is not possible, at least a heterosexual one.”

    Well, the kid would have preferred a stable parent, but they didn’t get that either, did they?

    Catholics are the paragon of hypocrisy.

  6. “Her belief is that they could encourage him into a lifestyle that is against her religious beliefs.”

    How many offensive things can you put into one sentence? But then they HAVE to say that children might be recruited, don’t they? After all, all these religious bigots spend a lot of time trying to insist that being gay is a choice.
    And I loved the bit about the priest saying it was because they ran a hotel! If running a hotel’s a cause for concern then presumably he believes all children of hoteliers should be removed for their own good?

  7. GlasgowLesbians 8 Jun 2009, 8:54pm

    Seriously messed up, surely a happy family the child has been placed within is the main point here x

  8. Who is to say that the 10-year old will NOT receive all the love and care from this couple that he is entitled to?

    Who is to say that he WOULD receive all the care and love that he is entitled to, from a ‘normal’ m/f couple?
    At least with the gay couple all the cards are on the table.
    Not so with a m/f couple; what cards need to be on the table…they are ‘normal’…
    Yeah! Right! that’s ok then..!
    It would be assumed that the m/f would be sound as a pound but not necessarily so.
    It is assumed ‘nudge-nudge-wink-wink-know-what-I-mean-know-what-I -mean..’ that there would be ‘abuse’ with the gay couple; not necessarily so.
    I’d rather leave him with the two guys than with ANY Rev. Fr. O’ Kiddie-Fiddler.
    After all the recent shennanigins, the RCC has well and truly shit it on that score.

    I wouldn’t even leave my pitbull with any of that sex obsessed lot.


  9. The son of my Civil Partner came to live with us when he was nine years old and left for university when he was nineteen.
    My partner did a wonderful job of decorating the church for his son’s wedding and is now an extremely proud and loving grandfather.
    Two gay men brought up an outgoing, well=rounded and sensitive man who, i hope, will turn out to be the kind of father HIS father turned out to be.
    So, mum, think yourself fortunate in your son’s Foster parents.

  10. Pumpkin Pie 8 Jun 2009, 10:41pm

    The right to indoctrinate one’s own child into one’s belief system is a shady enough notion as it is, without the ability to run their life once they’ve been taken into care.

    That being said, we should cut this woman a bit of slack. Sure, there’s no excuse for her frankly insulting and immoral beliefs, but being the victim of abuse and a mental breakdown is both very serious and also completely not her fault. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Being a nasty, child-indoctrinating fundamentalist is her fault, her child being in a foster home isn’t.

  11. Yet another dysfunctional parent presuming to judge other people’s parenting skills. Her sad personal situation does not excuse ill-informed prejudice. Doctrinaire religion like hers is all about ‘indoctrination’, so she has to see it everywhere. If sexuality were about indoctrination gays would not exist, for reasons that need no explanation. And it’s not that long ago that placing a Catholic child with a non-Catholic couple would have been considered itself a risk of eternal Hell-fire by Holy Mother Church, whatever their sexuality.

  12. “Her belief is that they could encourage him into a lifestyle that is against her religious beliefs.”

    My heterosexual catholic parents managed to have a gay son, it’s nonsense to suggests this gay couple could “turn” the boy gay, assuming he is straight in the first place.

  13. Conspiracy theories about gay recruitment from the blind assumption that is is chosen. It can be hard to believe people still take these seriously. Well, I can believe people still take it seriously, but I can’t believe the sheer levels of denialism that perpetuate such things.

  14. “…A friend of the woman said: “Both are Catholic. She is a committed Catholic, he has been baptised a Catholic and brought up by his mother as one….”

    There’s a ball and chain for the poor youngster for a start..!
    I’m an old man.
    But I would give anything to de-baptizificate myself -and by that I mean in a ‘meaningful’ way and not just rip up a bit of paper.
    I would like to go to a public place (of course, it couldn’t be done in an RC church, sadly!) and publicly ‘undo’ it, with ‘un’-god parents and all the business, now that I can air my views; let the church know, in no uncertain terms, how sorry I am that I ever heard the words ‘Catholic’…’Pope’ …’Virgin Mary’… ‘Mortal sin’ [indeed the word “sin” at all]….’Irish Christian Brothers’….’Rosary bloody beads’…’Parish priest’ gawd…I could go on, boy could I go ON…(but RobN would only shout at me!)
    The poor little lad.
    I would be happier to learn that he had polio…!
    He could get over that..!
    You NEVER get over having been born a Kafflik, not NEVER not NO HOW.

  15. Simon Murphy 9 Jun 2009, 9:20am

    People should not be condemning this woman as she is obviously not well if the council thinks she is incapable of looking after her own child because of abuse she has suffered.

    Keep the focus on the REAL villains – the catholic cult and their funding of law firms to try to impose their facist beliefs on the laws and councils. The catholic cult is the enemy here – not some pathetic loser unable to take care of her own child.

  16. The Catholic legal ‘charity’ are just using this poor woman. She is vulnerable & they have wound her up to publicise themselves. It’s disgusting!! I am 100% sure the child will be fine, imagine being a 10 year old & having a whole hotel to run around – brilliant!

  17. How appropriate the legal charity is name after Thomas More, a bigot and persecutor even by the standards of the brutal age he live in.

  18. John (Derbyshire 9 Jun 2009, 12:01pm

    I suspect this whole legal case isbeing funded by The Daily Mail & The Mail on Sunday. Its just to provide news fodder for their papers. The child is being exploited for political and commercial ends.

  19. Jean-Paul 9 Jun 2009, 2:11pm

    If this is social engineering, the thing missing is a clinic to help cure this unfortunate woman of her homophobia.

    Endoctrinating a child into the RCC is like pouring gasoline all over him and letting the real world run after him with a match.

    There will be no place for the Abrahamic religions in the 21st century. Global secular ethics will guide future generations.

  20. Har Davids 9 Jun 2009, 2:40pm

    If the couple had been of the male/female variety, would the priest have been worried too? I hope these men are not RC, the boy might run into one of those priests who can’t keep his hands to himself. And besides that: if straight parents can have a gay child, gay parents can have a straight one, right?

  21. This woman is not a good parent and cannot properly care for her son, so she has no right to say what she thinks best for him. She doesn’t know best and Brighton Social Services know better! She is an odious bigot and it would not be in the child’s best interests to ever go back into her care in case he came under the influence of her views. The child is obviously in a much better place now.

  22. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Jun 2009, 2:46pm

    She’s deluding herself if she thinks that heterosexual parents are above pederasty, paedophilia, ephebophilia and other forms of sexual abuse, let alone converting a child to a gay orientation. No ex-gay ministry has produced any documented evidence that they can convert a straight to a gay orientation let alone the reverse. The official catholic stand on paedophilia for starters is the following…paedophilia = homosexuality and it justifies it by making sure it hires devout catholic psychiatrists to make pronouncements to that effect, as we saw with the recent priest molestation scandal.

    Have you noticed that when it comes to our natural orientation, straights always address it as a “lifestyle”, as if its something we choose. Yet…their’s is never considered a lifestyle, a code word and a demeaning one at that for “choice”.

  23. I’m with Simon Murphy on this one. Clearly the woman has her own mental health problems and recognises that she can’t look out for her child. It’s the Catholic legal centre that seems to be leading the way on this. But I can’t see what they hope to achieve. The law is completely secure on insisting that the best interest of the child trumps everything else. If this couple have passed all the incredibly stringent tests to become foster parents, and have fostered in the past, then it’s already officially accepted that they will act in the best interest of the child. I can’t see that the Thomas More will succeed in any case and all they’ll really do is close down the opportunity for religious organisations to make cases against gay or lesbian adopters and fosterers.

  24. Darrien
    Robert ex – Pat
    Jean Paul

    BUT JEAN PAUL…I don’t see it yet…do you really..?
    It’s hard to kill a bad thing!
    And that RCC is a cunch of bunts…from top to bottom, with very few exceptions.

  25. Clementine 9 Jun 2009, 3:44pm

    There’s some interesting issues here – not least that her wider family appear to want to look after the boys but aren’t being allowed to.

    Of course her idea about gay fosterers is wrongheaded. But if I knew that my child was being taken away to be looked after by ‘caring and responsible’ religious fundies, I might equally be appalled and fear indoctrination. So my reaction to all this isn’t straightforward… does anyone else feel ambiguous?

  26. Jean-Paul 9 Jun 2009, 4:16pm


    No, I do not see it yet. What I do see is more and more people like us, gay and/or straight, who are gathering the facts future generations will use to smarten themselves up.

    On the downside, I do not believe in Utopia. There will always be positive and negative things happening on this planet as in the cosmos.

    My personal hope is that it will play itself out in the ecological arena. Call me a fool!

  27. Simon Murphy 9 Jun 2009, 4:18pm

    #25: Clementine: You say: “‘caring and responsible’ religious fundies”

    Well isn’t that a contradiction in terms? It is not possible to be a caring and responsible person if you promote hatred and bigotry therefore you disqualify yourself from being a foster parent.

    Hatred and bigotry and opposition to democracy is what defines religion as they try to pervert the laws to suit the rules of their cults at the expense of opposing beliefs.

    Don’t get me wrong – if a religious fundie believes in ‘god’ it is absolutely no problem so long as they accept that opposing views are just as valid as their own and they don’t try to impose their bigotry on the foster child.

  28. Joe E in California 9 Jun 2009, 4:23pm

    And what about all the non-gay hotel owners with children?
    And why a catholic legal representation?
    We know why!
    Bigotry. That’s the what and why of it!

  29. Bud Burgoon-Clark 9 Jun 2009, 7:26pm

    “You can meet them in shops, or in trains, or at tea …” as the grand old Anglican hymn goes …

    Children are SURROUNDED by gay people every day … at school, at church, at malls … everywhere.

    The idea that gay hotel owners can’t protect a child from meeting gay boarders is ludicrous.

    And, as many have said,


  30. Boi Polloi 9 Jun 2009, 7:36pm

    I do have to agree. If they were straight hotel owners, I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue. But of course, gay hotel owners must cater to the gays, so this boy is going to be up to his tiny little eyeballs in glitter and rainbows.

    Sometimes I really hate people.

  31. john sharp 9 Jun 2009, 7:46pm

    the mothers stupidity can be contagious
    but if the kid is gay he will be gay
    if he is not he will have still caring gay parents.

  32. Clementine 9 Jun 2009, 9:54pm

    Simon writes:


    Sorry, I was extending fundies to mean anyone who took a literalist view of the truth of the Bible, an anathema to me – and something they’d be likely to convey to a child in their care, even if they weren’t directly exclaiming ‘you’re gonna burn!’ 24/7.

    I wonder if there are checks and balances that allow children to stay in touch with their parents affiliations: e.g. to go to church – or conversely to some queerfest – once a week, so they weren’t abruptly withdrawn from the world view they’d grown up with. The positive thing about this is that i. they’d see that adults have a variety of views and ii. that they can choose for themselves. It would also take the wind out of the sails of the likes of the Thomas More legal centre.

  33. Everything everyone else said, inc. Clementine, I guess although her views are homphobic, if I was her and ignorant I would feel very helpless.

    Also.. she lives in freaking Brighton! How can she be so ignorant? and also, I’m sorry but the first thing most people think when they hear Brighton is “gay” (and I’m from Brighton). Obviously nobody owns anywhere, but I do feel a bit like, when in Brighton… no you don’t have to be gay obviously, but its a bit ridiculous to be homophobic. The majority of Brightoners dislike homophobes, or am i wrong?


  35. Andy & Steve 10 Jun 2009, 2:13pm

    Another reason to support enforced sterilisation of the bewildered and feckless. Or, failing that, a licence to be obtained by persuading a panel of Doctors and Psychiatrists you are actually capable of looking after your progeny to be issued BEFORE procreation begins.

  36. #35

  37. Andy & Steve, & you too Keith:

    Wow, you guys are way ahead of me. Talk about your social engineering. Hello Aldous Huxley! It’s as good a vision as any.

    For the moment. I see this woman as a victim of her circumstances who is in a vulnerable state of mind. In fact, this is the kind of person who could gently be persuaded to visit a clinic to cure her homophobia, if such a thing existed.

    Speaking of things that exist, i have often wondered if anyone in the LGBT community is taking notes. Are there LGBT Archives anywhere in the UK? Not just historical, but contemporary material. We have the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Archives on the Internet and boy, if you go in there, it can become a passion to learn so many concretes names and events, etc. and such material can give such a feeling of belonging to a real minority group with a history that goes back to time immemomerial really. We have always been around!

    Yea, Judy Garland would have been 87 today. What a voice, what a performer! I believe she visited Danny La Rue every now and then.

    I love visionaries like youse guys. More, more, more!

  38. How very ungrateful and stupid of the mother. The child will be better off away from the mother, and the Catholic ‘charity’ involved is just the icing on the cake! There’s no Punch without Judy, lol

  39. Jean-Paul in Acadia
    Well.. we certainly need something along social engineering lines if only to curb the kinds of child abuse we have had here in recent times and not from LGBT folks either, I might add; from presumably sraight women, towards their own babies.
    There was a mite called Victoria Climbie, tortured to death, not too many years ago here in London and more recently, a small, beautiful, blue-eyed toddler boy, named in the press as Baby ‘P’ (Peter), also tortured to death.
    Just before that, there was some scumbag trollopy slag from Doncaster who arranged to have her young, (I think teen-aged ) daughter imprisoned/abducted.
    The daughter would later be ‘found’ by the abducter(s) themselves and out would stretch the stinking little mit for the press’ reward monies; they are acquainted now with a different sort of stretch.
    All these turds are straight (my arse).
    So why the general populace always puts 2 and 2 together when they read “..WWWooowwww!!! Gay couple adopt…..!(shokkk horrrrrorororororor…).. er , I have no idea!
    They need not look any further than their own middens.
    These straights, these cruel abusers most definitely need to be put under the scalpel and it made doubly sure that they never ‘baby’ a-bleedin’-gain..!
    If that is right-wing, fascist, spew on my part then I am sorrow sorrow in the deep fundamold! It is right-wing fascist spew..! Ask me if I am bovvered…

  40. Keith:

    Not all straight couples are fit to have children. Agreed.
    Not all straight persons are fit to marry, agreed.
    Not all children are perfect, agreed?
    Social engineering? OK.
    Ecological engineering? OK.
    Who’s doing the engineering?
    Power to the people?
    People to the power?
    Don’t ass me!

    Greetings from Acadia.
    How are things in Safford?

  41. Jay-Pea
    “Don’t ass me”…?
    Is that a noo voib…?…’to ass’.?
    Hahah p’raps ‘ask’…?
    And “Safford”..?
    I live in Salford…jess teezin’..
    Ooops…veerin’ off the subj.
    I’ll get shouted at ‘gin.
    Pretty damned wetttt in Slowford at the mo.

  42. Bishop Ioan 11 Jun 2009, 5:24pm

    I get so tired of this nonsense about LGBTQ people “recruiting” children or that simply by being with an LGBTQ couple, a child will turn out to be LGBTQ. If an LGBTQ person cannot be made straight, then a straight child cannot be made LGBTQ people.

    I agree that the REAL force behind the whole thing is bigotry. Popele like this make me sick.

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