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BNP wins two seats in European elections

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Reader comments

  1. Christina Engela 8 Jun 2009, 2:39pm

    ““There’s a huge amount of racism in this country, overwhelmingly it is directed towards the indigenous British majority, which is one reason we’ve done so well in these elections.”

    I find such a statement curious.

    If the majority of people in the UK are “indigenous Britons” and they are a majority, who is supposedly “directing racism” at them? A minority?

    Seems like the majority of the country still disagrees with this interesting gentleman and his colorful minority party.

    I wonder, considering the BNP is still a minority party which makes itself guilty of heterosexism and homophobic practices – who exactly is the majority and who are the ‘racists’?

  2. What worries me is the number of people willing to vote for these Nazis. They can’t all just be ‘protesting’ against the mainstream parties – and the ones who do are unbelievably irresponsible for advancing the cause of these thugs as a way of ‘protesting’.

  3. Make no mistake. This is not a protest vote and it’s not an unexpected result. There are many many many nazi-fascists in this country, just waiting for the opportunity to justify their votes. And they are just starting to spread their vitriolic once again. And they’ll claim for them the same Britain that claimed to have liberated the World of Nazi-Fascism.

  4. Who are they who voted for the BNP? They’re your neighbours, your family members, your fellow community leaders, etc. They’re all around and feel ever more confident that their vitriolic must be treated and accepted as a matter of opinion and free speech.

  5. Pumpkin Pie 8 Jun 2009, 3:21pm

    Protest vote or not, I personally think anyone who votes for a party like this is an even worse person than those lying, money-grubbing politicians they were voting against. Getting revenge on thieves by harming vulnerable minorites? Yeah, great idea.

  6. A few thousand more votes and we’d have a Green MEP instead in the north-west. A lesson for the non-voters.

    The Yorkshire guy used to be in the National Front and the National Socialist Movement. How sweet.

  7. Brian Burton 8 Jun 2009, 4:08pm

    I was Alive when Winston Churchill was Prime Minister in the 50s. Winston hated Nazis like poison. The BNP are using Winston’s Poster To spite all Politicions and most of all US!

  8. The BNP are scum of the earth, the people who vote for them are quite possibly even worse because they are such cowards they hide behind their vote and pretend to be “decent” people otherwise.

  9. Lezabella 8 Jun 2009, 5:00pm

    The BNP won seats because the main parties refuse to halt asylum and immigration.

    People didn’t vote BNP based on their economic policies or ideas on the NHS. It’s because of immigration. Pure and simple.

    And just wait for when Romania and Turkey are given unlimited access to Britain, the BNP will win even more seats.

    To stop this, the main parties, and I don’t care if it’s Labour or the Tories, need to address people’s fears (whether real or unfounded) over immigraton before it’s too late.

  10. Andy & Steve 8 Jun 2009, 5:02pm

    A national disgrace.

    Turning to BNP policy could we not twist it a bit and deport the intellectually thick and easily panicked morons that voted BNP this time round to some desolate island somewhere?

    This is what happens when you sit on your hands and don’t vote. Shame on everyone who let this happen by deciding not to vote.

  11. Andy & Steve 8 Jun 2009, 5:10pm

    Lezzabella – Turkish people given unlimited access to Britain, you rant?

    More BNP style shit stirring designed to provoke fear and anger in the witless, terminally thick and feeble minded.

    But hey doesn’t matter that TURKEY AREN’T PART OF THE EU – no, not in your tiny immigration obsessed mind, eh?

    Doesn’t matter either that we now have immigration controls based on a point system (similair to Australia) – just to stop all those foreigners taking all the jobs…..

    No – just ignore the FACTS and rant on about foreigners swamping little old Britain for long enough and the idiotic will eventually swallow the crap, hook line and two EU seats.

    People like you and fellow BNP sympathisers are sad and pathetic.

  12. I think allowing these prats even a semblance of power is a…. GREAT prospect for us all, no seriously!. For all thoes who never lived during world war II or thoes born later and know little of what Nazis, have never read anything about the Nazis (BNP, english democrates etc fall into this catogory)to know what scum they are, then thank you for your illinformed vote this week, you have elected a dispicable bunch of people to speak your voice. I think this little dable in to the BNP will be extreemly shortlived, if the british people thought a little scandle over expenses was bad lets just see how they feel once they see these abhorrent excuses for human beings are allowed to govern from their posts… hey if you want another world war, holocast style extermination, war, famine, the list goes on, then sure what ever floats your boat but just know what your signing up for… there is only one road the gaining of power by these inderviduals takes us to and its not a pleasnt one. They may have all the right words, their ability to construct their racism into what most deem acceptable comments yet still carry an undertone to suggest their real intention is almost ingenious. but please, please, please actually take the time to read about what you are voting for. it is no good moaning and complaining about the people you vote for unless you have taken your own time to understand what they actually stand for…. Sorry pink news readers i’m sure this shouldnt apply to anoyone on this site.
    my god these people are absolute to**ers. The only good news is that the more these people are put in the lime light and the british public see what their real pratices are the more people turn off to them and see what they really are, racist, bigoted and damn right ignorant self serving fools. Pi** off and die nick griffin do the human race a favour.

  13. Lezabella 8 Jun 2009, 5:33pm

    When did I once say that I sympathised with the BNP?????

    And Turkey are on their way to joining, and it will happen in the future because they’re a key Muslim ally of Europe.

    You dickhead I’ve never and will never support the BNP, I am merely pointing out WHY people voted for them so we can tackle the problem to stop them getting in!!!!

    How dare you!

  14. Saw him on BBC news this morning… what a total douche.

  15. 60,000 people in the South West voted for fascism. This was not a protest vote; the protest vote stayed home and did not vote. No, this was the people who would vote BNP in any election. Regardless that the BNP gained no seat in the South West, that is still 60,000 fascists. 60,000 people who do not feel other people have any claim to equality or fraternity. 60,000 people who would lead us to the gas chamber. Disturbing. Very disturbing.

  16. Lee – spot on. It’s regrettable that some voters seem to need a second holocaust to be reminded why they shouldn’t vote for facists.

  17. How any party is allowed to stand for election when they deny membership to people based on skin colour and religion beats me.

    I am glad I don’t live in Yorkshire and Lancashire the two most bigoted counties in the UK.

  18. The day this party gains majority seats in this country (if!) is the day i pack my bags and move abroad.
    I dont get HOW or WHY people would vote for such a biggoted party. My great grandads, uncles etc gave their life fight for this country, so that we can be free – the BNP are throwing it right back in their face. If you voted for them – shame on you, shame on you.

  19. Lezabella 8 Jun 2009, 8:03pm

    It’s disturbing the numbers the BNP managed to pull in.

    People are falling for this crap!

    It’s always easier to blame someone elsem, i.e, foreigners.


  20. Christina Engela 8 Jun 2009, 8:31pm

    Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

    How anyone can vote to support any form of fascism, knowing history, is beyond me – which leads me to draw the conclusion that either the people who voted to support it don’t know what they are doing – or that they know exactly what they are doing.

    Deciding which option is more sinister and tragic, is a choice I leave up to you.

  21. Jean-Paul 9 Jun 2009, 3:42am

    It’s my understanding that the whole of the EU has swung to the right.

    Seeing Griffin’s cold stare reminds me of the KKK. Speaking of America, where did I read that the first thing Obama did when he moved into the White House was to have a bust of Churchill crated and returned to her Majesty. Winston, it appears, was a racist. Who knew? How is this going to affect GB’s relations with the USA?

    And speaking of knowing, does anybody know what percentage of the UK population did cast a vote?

    And finally, is our own Canadian Stephen Harper sleeping more soundly than ever before? This is disasterous in so many ways.

    If there was less than a 40% turnout at the polls, I don’t want to hear about it. Democracy needs input, input, input.

    At least I know the LGBT had an intense interest in the elections.
    My o my.

  22. I don’t support the BNP – but yes you got to ask how they get the votes and it’s pretty clear to see why.. immigration in the UK has turned into a total joke – London is a pretty clear example of that, its over crowded, a lot of cultures in London DON’T mix, so many areas of London are segregated. People are allowed to come in and hate preach against gays and are not deported, showing no respect for the country they have moved to.. I actually find London a very homophobic city, have lost count of the amount of homophobic comments shouted at me – but how ironic, mostly all by foreigners..

    For decades there was never a points system like Ausralia – so basially any tom, dick or harry could come into the country (even if they had no skills) – so now you have a recession and now all those foreigners are fighting with British citizens for the very few jobs out there at the mo..

    It was obvious sooner or later the shit was going to hit the fan by allowing so many people in.. governments have been to scared to talk about immigration cuts incase they are labelled racist, which is stupid.. if the main parties don’t come out with a clear voice that they will deport foreigners who are just here to take benefits and only allow skilled workers in, then the BNP will grow and grow…

  23. A few years ago I knew an octogenarian gay man called ‘Charles’.

    Charles had lived through both WWI & WWII. Whilst campaigning against the Thatcher Conservative party abhorrent anti-gay ‘section 28’ he said too me:-

    “As gays we are only ever one government away from the gas chambers”

    With the 2009 election of not one, but two members of the British Fascist Party too European Parliament,… and the gay population of the UK moved one step nearer to gas chambers.

  24. “As gays we are only ever one government away from the gas chambers”; a sobering thought indeed! So why is Cameron trying to get into bed with European Facists? Won’t he therefore find the Tory Party sitting alongside the BNP MEPS? Does that show you they have changed their views on LGBT people!? I think Not!

  25. Just because people are very angry at the mainstream political parties, is no excuse for voting BNP! There were, in case it missed some peoples’ attention, more minority parties than just the BNP on the ballot paper last Thursday. Its really not good enough to say “I’m angry at the main parties, so I voted for neo-nazi fascists”. Unbelievable just how thick some people are!


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