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08 June 2009

  • 8th June 2009

    Woman launches legal battle after son is placed with gay foster parents 42

    The woman has said her son could be "encouraged" into a certain lifestyle

    5:54 PM — A Catholic woman whose son was placed with a gay foster couple after she was unable to look after him is taking legal action over the case, saying the child could be "encouraged" into a lifestyle which is against her beliefs.

  • Poll finds rising support for gay US troops 6

    Public support for repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is rising

    5:30 PM — A poll has found rising support for repealing the US ban on openly gay military personnel. The Gallup-conducted research found the biggest increases in support among conservatives and weekly churchgoers - up 12 and 11 percentage points respectively.

  • Sir Elton John speaks out on ‘untrustworthy’ politicians 5

    Sir Elton branded politicians 'untrustworthy'

    4:58 PM — Sir Elton John has criticised the current state of the UK government, branding politicians “untrustworthy”. The singer said: “Its tragic when you lose faith in everybody that’s a politician."

  • Supreme Court rejects challenge to military gay ban

    The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by a captain dismissed under the gay ban

    4:47 PM — The Supreme Court has today rejected a challenge to the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' rule, which bans openly gay men and women from serving in the US military.

  • Bristol radio station censured by Ofcom over ‘hostile’ homophobic comments 21

    Ujima Radio was forced to apologise after the homophobic comments

    3:16 PM — A Bristol radio station has been forced to apologise after a presenter called homosexuality a "pestilence" and claimed that "right thinking" people thought it was unnatural. The segment was broadcast in March on Ujima Radio, a community station serving Bristol's black community.

  • BNP wins two seats in European elections 26

    BNP leader Nick Griffin won a set in the north-west region

    2:12 PM — The British National Party won two seats in last week's European elections, with one seat in the north-west going to party leader Nick Griffin. The other, in Yorkshire and the Humber, was won by Andrew Brons, a former National Front chairman.

  • New mayor of Doncaster cuts funding for Pride 51

    Peter Davies has vowed to cut funding for Doncaster Pride

    12:58 PM — The newly-elected mayor of Doncaster has vowed to cut funding for the town's annual gay Pride event. Peter Davies, an English Democrat, has said: "My policy on gays and lesbians is very simple. I don't think councils should be spending money on them parading through town advertising their sexuality."

  • Gordon Ramsay calls journalist a ‘lesbian pig’ 21

    Gordon Ramsay called the journalist a lesbian and a pig

    12:35 PM — TV chef Gordon Ramsay has been condemned after calling a leading Australian journalist a "lesbian pig". He made the comment while giving a demonstration at a food show in Melbourne.

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