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Study finds gay men do better at college but bisexual women lag behind

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Reader comments

  1. Tell em something I didn’t already know. And that’s why we’re smarter than Hank/Skinner/Vee/Archdeacon-Muppet.

  2. Brian Burton 5 Jun 2009, 2:13pm

    I would like to see a study into weather some have sex once a week or six times a week and three times on Sunday? Yes, lets have the study now!!

  3. Brian’s response is typical of someone with no education…. those who can’t think, tend to fight, isn’t that right Brian? The staggering intelligence and college education of a military man, eh? Oh, and the word is “whether”, not weather. You’re inability to string a basic sentence together without a litany of errors only show it up. Maybe you should refrain from insulting those who bothered to educate themselves, okay Brian? Now run along and find your gun to play with…

  4. Brian Burton 6 Jun 2009, 7:59pm


    Up yours too dear!

  5. Ciaran McMahon 7 Jun 2009, 9:09pm

    Ohhhhhhh, Brian gets pretty bitchy if no one finds his stupid ramblings interesting, doesn’t he? Must have forgot his handbag with his rifle, the silly bugger.

    …lets face it Brian, if you going to share with us the ravings of a mindless lunatic, then be prepared to be told that, you f–king idiot.

  6. Okay folk’s lets not bicker among ourselves…

    …and still no Hank/Skinner/Vee/Archdeacon-Muppet comments. Hmmm… Wonder why? Don’t they like the fact we do better in college?

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