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Scottish parliament passes hate crime law to protect gays

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Reader comments

  1. AnthonyfromAyrshire 5 Jun 2009, 11:42pm

    Isn’t a Scottish Government minister colluding with the catholic church to legally ban gay people from adopting children a form of targeting people due to their sexual orientation?

  2. Stewart Cowan 5 Jun 2009, 11:54pm

    AnthonyfromAyrshire – Scottish Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop (SNP) was trying to get an exemption to enable the adoption people to carry on their good work without compromising their conscience.


  3. AnthonyfromAyrshire 6 Jun 2009, 12:18am

    Stewart – I’m a catholic too and my conscience doesn’t discriminate against gay people, so I don’t see why theirs should.

  4. Stewart Cowan 6 Jun 2009, 12:54pm

    Anthony – it’s about right and wrong. Homosexual behaviour is wrong. Plus, why should a church adoption agency (or any agency) willingly place children in the care of homosexuals when it is clear that a married man and woman make the most secure home?

    To deny a child a place in such a home is discriminating against the child!!

  5. AnthonyfromAyrshire 6 Jun 2009, 1:22pm

    Stewart – If you think homosexuality is wrong, why are you spending so much time and effort on a gay news website?

  6. Stewart Cowan 6 Jun 2009, 1:31pm

    Anthony – I actually rarely leave comments here, although I’ve left a few the past week.

    The thing is that, yes, homosexual behaviour is wrong and as a Christian I care about people who wander off the path of salvation.

    Some people will laugh and others will know what I’m talking about.

  7. AnthonyfromAyrshire 6 Jun 2009, 1:40pm

    Well, as someone who was raised as a christian (catholic), I happen to think that there is nothing wrong with homosexual behaviour, as you put it. I’ve just had a wee look at your website and realised you’re only leaving comments here for attention and publicity, so I won’t engage you in further discussion. Don’t bother wasting your time worrying about me and all the other people who have “wandered off the path of salvation”, I’m sure we’ll do just fine.

  8. Stewart Cowan 6 Jun 2009, 2:06pm

    Anthony – “you’re only leaving comments here for attention and publicity”

    Do you really think it’s worth my time doing that? My reason is as stated.

    The Almighty made woman for man. That’s the whole point – that’s why a man and woman is the only arrangement that is biologically compatible – and, I would say, spiritually compatible.

    I assure you that my presence here is purely selfless.

  9. @ Stewart. You may think homosexuality is wrong according to your interpretation of the bible, but don’t try to say it is wrong, full stop. The biblical arguments have been done to death so I won’t regurgitate them, but as you very well know, there are many christians & christian leasers, such as arch-bishop Desmond Tutu and others, who do not concur with your opinion.

    I don’t know if you’ve heard or read his speech, but I refer you to Desmond Tutu’s speech at the church of scotland general assembly very recently. I think he said a lot of things that particularly the conservative christians need to hear.

    Also, as a biologist (post-PhD) I could easily take you to task when you state “The Almightly made woman for man”. Utter nonsense. There are numerous sociological & anthropological (as well as medical and zoological) studies, all of which show that procreation is NOT the only purpose of sexual union. Again, I’m not here to point out what these studies are, but I will say that if you google “pubmed”, then that will be an excellent starting place for you to research and read the abstracts from these studies for yourself.

    Finally, It is good to see that you are keeping your responses here civil, sadly there are many who don’t. However, if regular posters here come across as being somewhat hostile in their answers, please understand that this, in part, is because we tend to have read many of these arguments many times over by now, and that it becomes very tiresome to repeat our arguments & viewpoints so many times over.

    Remember, its not enough (by a very long way) to state that you think homosexuality is wrong, but then present no evidence or concrete arguments to qualify this position. Just because you think or say its wrong does not make it so. Like anthonyfromayrshire, I was also raised as a christian, with very conservative christian parents and both my father & grandfather being church organists in the past. Thankfully I’ve always had the curiosity to question everything and decide for myself after considering various viewpoints. This means that I am not in any way ignorant of the bible. Whilst I am not christian myself (after considering the options carefully, I’m not of any faith system), I know that the homophobic interpretation that some people have of it is based on the weakest of evidence, where those people take it literally rather than a collection of books explaining where we were as a civilisation and the journey that has followed. Sure enough, this literal interpretation would, by its own logic, require you to also accept that adulterers should be stoned to death, shellfish should never be eaten etc. Arguments you might be even have heard enough times to be tired of, but you can’t say that somethings are more serious than others (such as homosexuality being worse than eating shellfish) if you follow that everything in the bible has to be taken, rather than cherry-picking to suit one’s own personal views.

  10. Stewart Cowan 7 Jun 2009, 2:04pm

    Thank you for your comments, George. Your last point first – I don’t cherry-pick from scripture. The Mosaic Law was fulfilled in Christ and so the shellfish and mixed fibre arguments are futile, but they keep cropping up. The New Testament reinforces the message that man and woman are made for each other and that homosexual acts are sinful.

    It’s not just Christians who are against homosexual relationships, but they are taboo in almost every culture. There are reasons for this.

    As I said on another thread, re. 5-year-olds left traumatised after ‘gay’ lesson – young children have an uncanny knack for knowing right from wrong, so, for example, if an adult touched them inappropriately, they would know it was bad. I put it to you that these youngsters instinctively know that homosexual behaviour is wrong and that is the reason they are being brainwashed at an early age so they are less trouble for the social engineers when they are older.

    As for “adulterers should be stoned to death,” Christ said to the crowd, ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone’. Nobody did and the Saviour told her to go and sin no more. Those last three little words are most important.

  11. Mihangel apYrs 7 Jun 2009, 5:14pm

    Christ said nothing about homosexuality.

    He did say a lot about hypocricy

  12. Stewart Cowan, you said, “I don’t cherry-pick from scripture.” Oh yes, you do. If the shellfish and mixed fibre prohibitions no longer apply because “the Mosaic Law was fulfilled in Christ”, then the prohibitions of “men lying with men” no longer apply either. And the Ten Commandments make no mention of homosexual behaviour.

    I know that some biblical fundamentalists try to get around this by claiming that the Levitical law is divided into “ceremonial, national and moral”, but the division is a fraudulent one: the Levitical law neither states nor implies any such distinction.

    Anyone who takes the trouble actually to read the Book of Leviticus – as opposed to cherry-picking isolated clauses ad hoc – will see that it contains no chapter or section headings stating, “The following are ceremonial laws”; “The following are national laws”; “The following are moral laws”. On the contrary, ALL the laws are presented as explicit commandments of Yahweh, and there is not the slightest hint that any of them are of temporary or limited application. It is repeatedly stressed that ALL the laws and customs are to be kept and put into practice (e.g. Leviticus 19:37; 20:22) and severe divine retribution is threatened unless EACH ONE of Yahweh’s commandments is kept (Leviticus 26:14-45).

    The very few references in the New Testament are not from the mouth of Jesus; they show, as might be expected, a severely limited understanding of homosexuality; and they are no more the main point being made by those who wrote them than, as one wit put it, “Great Expectations” is a novel about the flammability of wedding dresses. As Willem van der Zee, late General Secretary of the Dutch Council of Churches, put it: “We have learnt a lot over the centuries about sexuality and homosexuality, and I think we have to look at the Bible in a new light.”

  13. Who cares what religious nutters think. Time they were all put in asylums, as it is quite insane to believe their is a magical man/animal/deity up in the sky, who is invisible, can hear everything you think, and knows everything everybody on the planet is thinking all the time, yet despite all this, refuses to prevent death, child torture, abuse, disease, murder, rape and so on.

    Religion is for the feeble minded, who cannot think for themselves. It provides comfort to those who cannot handle reality.

    There are many things which ‘straight’ people do, that are wrong, including things they do sex wise, but the religious nutters are singluarly obsessive about gay people.

    It is truly absurd that anyone in the 21st century would fall for the mind manipulation that is religion.

    Religious people are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Christians celebrate Abraham – a man who according to the bible was quite happy to commit child torture and attempted murder with his own son. In the bible, the amount of god led genocide by god’s people is disgusting. As for Islam – where do we begin?? The prophet Mohammed married a girl of nine, and had sex with her – something regarded as truly disgusting by almost all men. Islam actually celebrates paedophilia, by their own prophet.

    So there we have it, god inspired paedophilia, child torture, attempted child murder, genocide, and much much more ALL celebrated by those dear sweet loving religious freaks who then have the utter temerity to complain about homosexuality.


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