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Middle East

LGBT group claims Iraq is waging a ‘campaign of violence and murder’ against gays

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 5 Jun 2009, 2:46pm

    Saddam Hussein was awful, but who would have guessed that life for LGBT Iraqis should have gotten so appalling since his removal.

    As for the US – this is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment.

  2. Agreed! Come on Mrs Clinton; show us your metal and do something! Just remember you have a lot of LGBT fans who don’t want you to fail us!

  3. paul canning 5 Jun 2009, 3:23pm

    Support Iraqi LGBT through fund raising and donations

    This support is desperately needed and will be put to good use both inside Iraq

    itself and to support the exiled movement. The group needs £10,000 a month in

    order to keep its safe houses and other support for beleaguered LGBT inside

    Iraq going.

    You can find out how to do this (via PayPal) on the Iraqi LGBT website

    Alternatively, in the USA, tax-deductible donations can be made at

    Financial support really is desperately needed. They are having to turn people

    away, sometimes onto the street with literally nothing but clothes on their

    back and no support anywhere, no one else to turn to, to who knows what fate as

    they have so few resources.

    Please, please help them and encourage everyone else you know to.

  4. This is the legacy of the illegal war waged by the war criminals Bush and Blair (which, incidentally, Gordon Brown, supported). That was was supposed to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq. We’ve got rid of Bush and Blair, so now let’s rid ourselves of Brown and his ccohorts.

  5. Terry Floyd Johnson 5 Jun 2009, 5:28pm

    Gays, Bis and Transgender have to realize that they are responsible for their own safety, and begin to become experts at guerrilla survival, guerrilla strategy, martial arts, weapons markmenship, intelligence operations and world wide pr in showing who and what countries are killing the G/L/B/T citizens of the world.

    You are responsible for your security; do all you can do to train yourself to survive and be guarded against any government who is against homosexuality and transgederes, as well as bis.

    Countries who show their disregard for the freedom of our communities are going to suffer the consequences, of losing some of their finest, and will fall in government and religion.

  6. Ste McCabe 5 Jun 2009, 5:34pm

    That’s easy for me and you to say, but the Iraqi authorities are using some very underhand tactics of getting lone LGBT’s and murdering them completely outnumbered. No amount of self-training can protect you from a country that is out to murder you from the top people right down to the people on the street. International action and condemnation is the only way forward.

  7. Jean-Paul 5 Jun 2009, 7:24pm

    This news item should be as alarming to the UN as it is to us. The UN is better equipped than we are to protect our brothers and sisters in Iraq. I would willingly make a donation to the UN, but like so many people, I am confused by appeals for money.

    That’s why when Hilary Clinton stated a few days ago that she intended to defend gay agenda, I commented: ‘Tell it to the UN, Mrs. Clinton, while tou’re hubie is playing golf with G.W. Bush’.

    Sorry to sound so callous; I’m really not callous at all. I support all kinds of causes through the UN, and who cares about receipts for tax purposes.

  8. I have just made a small donation to the Iraqi LGBT group which is attempting to help some of the gay people in Iraq, who are suffering so much. I’d ask others to do the same, no matter how small – every little helps and it all adds up I guess. Their website is here

  9. John M.J. 6 Jun 2009, 8:00am

    Oh, come on! Does anyone here seriously believe that any country run by Muslims would behave any differently. Hatred is embedded in the Koran and the a’Hadith. Hatred is the key message of Mohammed! Of course LGBT people will be, and are, targets in Muslim run countries for that’s what Islam is all about – how to hate: how to hate the female, how to hate the gay, how to hate the Christian, how to hate the Jew, how to hate the West, how to hate everything. Just read the Koran, for Heaven’s sake.

    Why on Earth does everyone here get so surprised about Islamic hatred. That’s what they are, that’s what they do – that’s what the Muslim Holy, so-called, Scriptures tell them that they should do. It’s all about hate and they can’t help but hate when they have been brought up in Islam – brought up in a state of permanent victimhood.

    Of course the government of Iraq is, and must by its lights, be waging a campaign of murderous and illegal activities against gays and all LGBT folk. That’s what Islam commands. That is what Islam is – a socio-political belief system based on the human capacity to hate. That’s what history teaches us. That’s what Islam is – why are you all so surprised? Has it ever been any different?

  10. paul canning 6 Jun 2009, 10:24am

    John, look to Uganda for Christian attacks on gays (largely funded and driven by US fundamentalists by the way).

    Also look to Lebanon and Malaysia for examples of less repressive muslim majority nations.

    Thanks for your donation Smithy. Also helps for people to ask their MP to ask the Foreign Office what it is doing.

  11. @ John, hatred of any kind is unacceptable. You can’t ask for acceptance as an LGBT person if you yourself are condemning millions of people for the faith they choose. Incidentally, its the extremists who cause this misery, whether christian, muslim or any other faith system, not the vast majority of their followers who simply want to get on with their own lives like the rest of us. (for the record, I follow no religion).

  12. John Rendle 9 Jun 2009, 3:58am

    I am inclined to agree with John. I also think it’s interesting the way the Muslim people are so silent about terrorist attacks.

  13. john sharp 9 Jun 2009, 11:07am

    it is ISLAM that wants gays stonned .
    that is what should be taken to justuce .
    i am gay and do not prone reciprocical sonning of MUSLIMS.
    or should I?
    stop all religious indoctrination.
    religions are discriminatory sexist and hateful in the books.

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