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Gordon Brown’s reshuffle results in three openly gay cabinet figures

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t get too comfortable.
    I don’t think he will be there long enough to even warm the seat.

  2. vulpus_rex 5 Jun 2009, 8:34pm

    Good to see that Brown is finally copying the tories and promoting gay people to high office – took him a while actually when he’s normally very quick to steal other parties’ ideas.

    Still, a bit irrelevant he’s a complete dead duck and won’t be there for much longer.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Jun 2009, 10:16pm

    You’ve got to give Chancellor Brown a little bit of credit from managing to form government from that bunch of robbing little shits he commands.

    Its also very amusing to watch how quickly his generals dug the knife in and jumped ship within days of being told they were going to be got rid of for their expenses indiscretions. Absolutely no honour (or loyalty) amongst thieves.

    Still haven’t worked out how Ben got in though, although I suppose it will help consolidate his remaining gay vote.

  4. Jean-Paul 6 Jun 2009, 2:27am

    Sister Mary Clarence:

    ‘…to form governenment from that bunch of…’

    You DO have a way with words. Love it!

  5. brummytaff 6 Jun 2009, 7:58am

    Some people have short memories. Its because of the labour government that the LGBT community has far more rights and protection in employment, anti-discrimination, fostering and adoption, services etc than we would ever have had if the tories had stayed in. Remember, section 28 or similar can can always be brought in by Cameron etc. You only have to look at what the backwoods men in the Tory Shires think to know what they are really like.

    And as for learning from the Tories about having gay ministers… Chris Smith was the first openly Gay Minister followed by many others.

    If the Tories do get in ( and unfortunately, they probably will) wait for the roll back of progress as they revert to type.

  6. If they brought back section 28 I hope there would be huge protests in every city/town in Britain!!

  7. RobN, Vulpus_Rex, and Sister Mary Clarence will be hanging their heads in shame and their little Tory tails will have disappeared up their little arses once Cameron’s lot have been back in power for a couple of years. They’ll look back and see how utterly shallow, short-sighted, and forgetful they were.

  8. Hello Howie;

    Hang down your head, Tom Do-o-o-oly-y-y,
    Hand down your head and cry-y-y—y,
    Hang down your head, Tom Do-o-o-o-oly-y-y,
    Poor boy, you’re bound to di-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-e.

    Thank you, thank you…that’s enough applause, really, was nothing. An, out of the question. Talk to my agent.

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Jun 2009, 3:02pm

    Howie, Howie, Howie, the Tory party is now so totally infested with us homosexuals I think there’s scarcely much chance of that happening, part of the reason why we have seen such a change in the party. Rather than bitching from the sidelines, some of us have go in and tried to engendered change from within

    I think we do however understand that in the absence of any Labour ‘good news’ stories, you have to resort to this sort of scare mongering.

    Also, I may be wrong, but I don’t actually think RobN is a Tory. Not Labour, but not a Tory.

    Although …. I could be wrong.

  10. vulpus_rex 6 Jun 2009, 6:07pm

    Why do the Tory haters on here have to resort to such vulgarity – is it perhaps that after a Labour education at a sink school culminating in meaningless, devalued qualifications they are left unable to articulate themselves without resort to profanity?

  11. I couldn’t care less what gender the Labour ministers are attracted to. Labour still have no policies that would make me vote for them. The future’s bright, the future’s Green :)

  12. I can’t comment knowledgeably about your politics there re PM Brown etc. But I am impressed that 3 of about 22 cabinet positions are held by gay people. Could I vote there, I’d be voting for Brown etc all the way.

    That is 15%. Probably a little over the true % of gay people in the population – more like 10%.

    And when they all come out of the closet, it will be all over for the people who use God to denigrate a minority.

    And when they say the bible condemns homosexuality, let them first stone to death their unchaste daughters, and murder their disrespectful sons, as per Leviticus.

    Until Leviticus etc is purged from the bible, the whole thing is the true abomination before God.

  13. Sisteer Mary Clarence if the Tory party is now as you put it “so totally infested with us homosexuals” please could you paste in here the list of them all, please? I really do look forward to reading it and researching each.

  14. theotherone 7 Jun 2009, 2:04pm

    so we’ve got dodgy, lieing little toerags and an unelected lord who made a fortune in europe (alegedly) by bringing in laws that benefited his friends and now refuses to disclose his buisness intrests.

    This is progress?

  15. infested with us homosexuals! well, I know what an infestation looks like having just found two ant hills in our garden – teeming with them it was! so if the Tory part is now truly infested with gays and lesbians I think the people ought to be told. i’ll be the first to run with the list to the Tory Telegraph! Ho ho ho!

  16. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Jun 2009, 3:18pm

    Howie, is that really a realistic request? Do you really think I’m going to have a list of every gay Tory party member in the country?

    Am I to understand that you are completely blind to the increasing number of people identifying themselves as Tory on here, the big Tory push at recent Pride events, the increasing number of identified gay Tory MPs and PPCs, councillors, and gay association members regularly identified on here?

  17. Well, well, well. Someone else requests the Reverend Sr. Mary Clarence to produce the evidence, and again she’s all bluster and baulks. So yet another rash statement from the mouthy nun, it would appear. Unless of course, she can produce her evidence.

  18. Carl Rowlands 7 Jun 2009, 8:29pm

    There was I looking for intelectual analysis and debate………..

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Jun 2009, 9:25pm

    Eddy, I would have though you of all people would have kept your mouth shut about me producing evidence. After banging on and on about wanting supporting evidence for a statement I made, having claimed to be a fu*king expert on the subject yourself, the first bit of data I produced to suggest that you should always believe everything you read in banner headlines and you disappeared.

    My question is still left unanswered, if you can find your way back there and give you sage opinion on the data I produced and the (obvious) reasons for the variance, I’ll happily provide some more.

    I did say at the time, there was no point in swamping you with information that would be complicated to digest and comment on, but apparently a couple of questions from one survey seemed to result in overload.

    Below is the link if you’d actually like to go back and offer a few pearls of wisdom:

    As for the recent request for me to produce a list of the entire gay membership of each and every local Conservative association, how the fu*k would I have such a list?

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jun 2009, 1:08am

    Worst results since 1918 – I’m guessing the reshuffle hasn’t worked

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jun 2009, 3:03am

    Thank you, hotgirl, that has certainly added to the debate

  22. Bill Perdue 8 Jun 2009, 3:07am

    Howie says “RobN, Vulpus_Rex, and Sister Mary Clarence will be hanging their heads in shame and their little Tory tails will have disappeared up their little arses once Cameron’s lot have been back in power for a couple of years. They’ll look back and see how utterly shallow, short-sighted, and forgetful they were.“

    Howie, do you think it’ll take all of two years before the Tories begin to reverse pro-LGBT legislation? I think you’d be right about Twisted Sisters reaction to Tory betrayals if you assumed that Twisted Sister and other ‘gay’ Conservatives had the best interests of the GLBT communities in mind. But they very obviously don’t. They and the Tories as a whole oppose legislation to advance our agenda, oppose asylum for gay and lesbian refugees and take the side of homophobes in their party and in society generally on every occasion.

    That’s why Twisted Sister, instead of saying that the Tories are recruiting LGBT folks, say we ‘infest’ the party. Pro-LGBT parties wouldn’t describe recruitment of GLBT folks as an infestation, but straight bigots and self-loathing types would and do exactly that.

    Twisted Sister is wary of using the term bigot to describe bigots, willfully forgetful of history, including simply dismissing ‘minor’ items like Section 28. He’s quick to rush to the defense of openly bigoted Tories and unable to provide any shred evidence for his delusional claims that the central party of anti-GLBT bigots, the Tories, are ‘infested’ with GLBT folks.

    Twisted Sister is a terrible spokesmodel for the Tories. Sooner or later they’ll figure that out and sack him.

  23. Sister Mary Clarence, if you say “how the fu*k would I have such a list” do you not see how you cannot proclaim that the Tory party is “so totally infested with us homosexuals”? Can you not SEE how you cannot make the extraordinary statements you do unless there IS evidence, and that there is only EVIDENCE if it can be PRODUCED?

    This is something fundamental that you need to get to grips with, Sister Mary, if any of your contributions to the discussions here are to be of ANY value.

  24. Bill Perdue, delightful to read your sound and measured, and obviously long-standing, observations of the “Twisted Sister”. I totally agree with you.

  25. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jun 2009, 9:27am

    Eddy, you’re absolutely right, unless anyone can produce a list to confirm something, it can’t be true, fish in the see, clouds in the sky, tree in a forest …. you’re such a twat.

    The fact that you’re aligning yourself with the Peoples Republic of Bill and his Trotsky revolution is evidence of your ineptitude and ignorance. He’s living in a nuclear bunker somewhere in the early eighties and hasn’t spoken to a real human being in years. He’s about as relevant as you.

    Twist and spin things as much as you want, (New) Labour is dead, unfortunately having taken the country down with them (again). I hope when they do come back they re-adopt the socialist principles they once valued. Maybe then a few, who jumped ship as they veered to the right, might actually start supporting them again.

  26. Sister mary clarence, ok put aside the need for you to produce evidence of the entire infestation of homosexuals in the entire Tory party, and let’s see if you can even paste in here for us a list of those gay and lesbian Tory homosexuals who “infest” (your word, not mine) just The House of Commons. now if you can’t even do that, then your statements really are discredited.

  27. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Jun 2009, 1:20pm

    Has anyone read the Guardian article about Cameron and Polish right winger Urszula Krupa. According to newspaper, Cameron has teamed up with right-wing Polish nationalist Urszula Krupa, who believes being gay is a “pathology” that undermines family. Oh and she hates Jews!

    Not so, claims somebody else, who just happens to be The Guardian’s main competition: The Daily Mail quotes….”Just because Cameron and Poland’s Krupa teamed up doesn’t mean the British conservative hates gays and Jews! The paper claims: “The Guardian has said that Urszula Krupa, a back bench MP for that Party, had made anti homosexual remarks. The Guardian added that she had once worked for a Catholic radio station Radio Maryja, and that someone else who worked for the radio station, Jerzy Robert Nowak, had made anti semitic comments. This is carrying guilt by association to the level of farce. The newspaper also attempts to portray a Latvian party as being Nazi sympathisers because it has members who attend veterans’ reunions for having fought against the Soviets during the Second World War. Initially they fought during the Nazi-Soviet pact but latterly in alliance with the Germans.”

    Now let’s see what Cameron does once elected. To truly prove his commitment to equality, will he have the guts to take on the Poles and other right wing regimes in Europe for their appalling record on equality and do a better job than Blair or Brown? I doubt it.

    Bill, good to see you back and thank you.

  28. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jun 2009, 1:24pm

    Why would I want to do that Howie, when you’re just as capable of looking them up on the internet as I am. Are you as stupid as Eddy in that you think there’s a list of MPs and their sexualities knocking around to be pasted here and there?

  29. Ben Bradshaw is my local MP. His tory opponent, Adrian Rodgers, ran an unashamedly homophobic campaign against him. We now have Doris Karloff (aka Anne Widecomb) haunting Dartmoor, with her anti-equality stance against the University Guild. At present it is clear which party in Devon will support LGBT.

    No matter how nice David Cameron appears, and the openly gay Alan Duncan on his front opposition bench can be as nice as pie too, the actions again and again at grass roots tory level suggests they are anomalies rather than truly representing tory opinion.

    There has always been an LGBT tory contingent; every mainstream political party has had an LGBT group from at least the early eighties. There are also homophobes in each of the main parties (see the support that was not given to Peter Tatchell by the labour party during his byelection defeat!).

    How do we gauge the relevant proportions in each party? I would say by repeatedly engaging with your local canvassers and interrogating them all the time. Approach it as “what are you doing about these LGBT people?” and see which way they bite.

  30. Bill Perdue 8 Jun 2009, 6:48pm

    Thanks Eddy and hello Robert.

    Excellent analysis Robert. Were you quoting from the Guardian article that appeared on June 3rd entitled Anti-gay, climate change deniers: meet David Cameron’s new friends?

    Actually the Tories have a long standing relationship in the EU Parliament with some violently anti-GLBT folks, mostly in the former Warsaw Pact states. Cameron seems bent on finally ending the Tories relationship with right centrist parties and aligning with far right parties. That’s nothing new, they’ve been moving in that direction for a couple of years at least.

    And just a little further to the right the BNP is playing footsie with the Kameradschaften of the German NDP and the Austrian FPO.

    What’s next, tea at Cliveden?

  31. Sister mary clarence, you say “are you as stupid . . . in that you think there’s a list of MPs and their sexualities knocking around to be pasted here and there?”

    Sorry, but have you got a screw loose? u said the Tory party is now “infested with us homosexuals”. so did you mean it or not? is it based on reality or not? or do you just say anything that you would like to believe is true, as if it WERE true?

    If you have no list of the homosexuals who “infest” (your word, not mine) the Tory part, then you can’t make the claim – if you are sane, that is. But perhaps you’re not. most of go through life assuming that the people we interact with ARE sane. I’m getting a strong feeling we should not assume that you are. In fact, i guess you’ve now proven quite clearly that you’re not.

  32. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jun 2009, 11:17pm

    Tell you what Howie, why not invest twenty-five quid and find out for yourself . Its only twenty five quid, you probably spend that on scratchcards in a week.

    No point in just pissing all over everything, go and find out for yourself, then come back and tell me I’m wrong.

  33. Twisted Sister, YOU are incredible! You have just demonstrated to everybody here that you have made an outrageously exaggerated statement completely without grounds. You don’t play by the normal rules of social interaction. Discussion assumes honesty. You have been dishonest. You have stated the Tory party is infested with homosexuals and we see that you have had no grounds for making that statement. You aren’t worth the time of day.


  35. Sister Mary Clarence 10 Jun 2009, 10:11pm

    Thank you Eddy, I AM incredible. Its very kind of you to comment on it.

    Working on your generally f*cked up logic though, you’ve made a statement that I have “made an outrageously exaggerated statement completely without grounds”. Please prove that your statement is true by producing a list detailing the sexualities of every member of every Conservative association in the country, to prove what you say.

    As you rightly point out, people can’t come on here and make statements they can’t substantiate, so producing the list should clarify things once and for all.


  36. You’ve witnessed the above, everybody. The person calling himself “Sister Mary Clarence” is clearly mentally ill. The evidence is now conclusive.

  37. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Jun 2009, 3:26pm

    Incredible, now mentally ill?

    Bipolar disorder by any chance Eddy?

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