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Scottish Parliament passes anti-gay hate laws

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Reader comments

  1. Maybe they should issue anti-English laws while they are at it.

  2. J amathews 4 Jun 2009, 6:00pm


  3. They are to be congratulated (especially on the unanimous vote) but they took their time. These laws have been on the statute book for the rest of the country for the last six years – since the Criminal Justice Act 2003.

  4. I’m sure we’ll hear screams of horror from the religious conservatives.

    Why – because this puts a damper on their pitching their hatred, and getting some dumbass to do the dirty work for them, while they just say – who me?!!!!

    Do you think that hitler would have gained power if hate speech laws were in effect in Europe in his time?

  5. I don’t know what the chip is on your shoulder RobN. As I’m sure you know, Scotland has always had a seperate legal & educational system to England. Therefore laws such as this have to be passed separately for Scotland, it does not apply to England. Likewise, when the equivalent law was passed in England, it did not apply up here in Scotland.

  6. @ Harry. The green party member – Patrick Harvie – who proposed this legislation first proposed it about 6 years ago (around the same time the english equivalent law was passed I believe). Its taken this ridiculous length of time to finally be passed, in no small part, due to the scottish conservatives trying to thwart it.

    The Tories in Scotland claimed this law would create a “two-tier” system, but neglected to tell their constituents that its not about aggravated offenses against disabled or LGBT people, but about aggravation against anyone perceived by the offender to be disabled or LGBT. Big difference. That puts the onus on the offender trying to intimidate a whole of group of people, rather than on the victim’s actual status.

    As a gay man, and as someone with a mentally disabled close relative, I found the tories line on this legislation extremely offensive. Their reasons for their reservations were, frankly, pathetic. I’m so glad its finally passed, despite the delay of 6 years due to the Tories.

  7. George: I’m disappointed to hear that. Withdraw the congrats on unanimity then..

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