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Katy Perry: Beth Ditto is ‘tacky’ for saying I’m ‘offensive to gay culture’

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Reader comments

  1. I think it was all said in the previous article on this matter.
    It’s all just so Over the Top.

    Left-wing “gay rights” people continue to cry wolf over some meaningless trivia. One of these days a real wolf is going to show up and bite your arse off, you will shout the place down, and you know what? We won’t care.

  2. Simon Murphy 4 Jun 2009, 9:46am

    Katy Perry is not offensive to gay culture. She is irrelevant to gay culture. That said I don’t think Beth Ditto is exactly someone we should all aspire to be either. They are pop stars. Will they have a career in 3 years I wonder.

    RobN – what has made you so bitter and unhappy. You might not like some people’s comments but to start flinging insults for no apparent reason is unnnecessary, uninteresting and perhaps indicative of deep unhappiness with your life. Why not try to sort your issues out?

  3. RobN is more out of date than anything else(the ‘wolf’ has been around for centuries), but is right about one thing – this is trivial rubbish. Katy Perry is obviously a totally vacuous band-wagon rider, and, unless her lyrics start to advocate violence against lgbt people, she should be ignored. The point about bubbles is that they are full of air and you just have to stop blowing them up.

  4. Unfortunately, hate crime is a slippery slope. If you’re being told (by the media and through those cutesy little songs whose chorus really gets you squealing) that being gay is something “wrong” that “good [people] don’t do” and panders to outdated, cliched stereotypes, then you begin to accept those ideas. From there it’s all too easy to start attacking those “differences” before attacking people WITH those differences. Parties like the BNP spread such ideas and I can’t see a queue of gay people clambering to excuse them! Or perhaps it’s because they don’t have a catchy enough tune.

    While it may be true that activism sometimes seem to lack a sense of humour, a lot of the time it’s necessary to maintain the fight for equality. By all means make excuses for discriminatory behaviour if you want but why criticise the people who see such things as something to speak out against?

    There are plenty of people struggling with their sexual identity. Imagine if one poor kid actually took Perry’s advice to “hang yourself with your H&M scarf”. Would it be so inoffensive then?

  5. Simon Murphy 4 Jun 2009, 11:24am

    Mark – anybody who felt inspired to hang themselves with a H&M scarf because Katy Perry inspired them to is an utter moron – whether they are 13 or 40. Stop insulting the intelligence of children. They are not stupid. They too know that Katy Perry is vacuous and irrelevant. Just like anyone who decides to become morbidly obese because Beth Ditto inspired them to is an utter moron.

    These people are pop stars. Unless they prove that they will have some long lasting impact on pop culture (which neither Perry nor Ditto have shown) then their songs and opinions are irrelevant and safe to ignore.

  6. Mark: There are many “artistic” works demonstrating self-expression and freedom of speech. Would you want to ban “Smack your bitch up” etc because it incites people to do things? That isn’t a problem of the artist, but of the people listening / looking / reading. Stop trying to nanny people. LGBT people are the first ones to demand freedom, but equally the first to complain when that same freedom is directed back at them. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

    Simon Murphy: I am a happy, well-balanced soul that just finds a lot of the attitudes on here go against my own opinions. I strongly dislike this self-appointed “voice” thrust upon us by a vocal minority of left-wing zealots. I just like to redress the balance in my own, admittedly aggressive, way. Read other comments, mostly in the Jonathan Ross related thread for more details.

  7. Christina Engela 4 Jun 2009, 2:28pm

    The irony is that all the gay and trans people I know, (including myself) like that song – it is even a dance floor hit at the gay clubs. The truth is, the song gives us exposure, popularizes us and helps to destigmatize who we are and who we love. Even aside from this, it is an in-your-face i-kissed-a-girl-and-i-liked-it and-i-dont-care-if-you have-a-problem-with-that anthem for both gay men and women as well as bi’s.

    Beth Ditto can rant all she wants, but I think she is just sour that she never thought about writing and performing a song like that before Katy did.

    In short, everybody and his gay dog has heard of Katy Perry – and right up to this day it’s been a case of Beth who?

  8. Simon Murphy 4 Jun 2009, 2:48pm

    #6: Rob N: You say:

    “finds a lot of the attitudes on here go against my own opinions.”
    Fine – that’s no problem. But then you say:

    “I strongly dislike this self-appointed “voice” thrust upon us by a vocal minority of left-wing zealots. I just like to redress the balance in my own, admittedly aggressive, way.”

    But how do you know that people whose opinions differ from yours are a ‘minority’ on here? Do you accept that you may be in the minority and your unpleasant personality on here simply reveals you to be a small-minded bully?

    People can say and think what they want but if they are unncessarily rude and obnoxious like you are then they will be regarded as fringe nutters like David Skinner and Alesha.

  9. Simon: If you knew me, you would understand that I never was and never will be swayed by what other people think of me, unlike the majority of gay men that can’t walk past a mirror without moistening their eyebrows.

    So you consider me rude and obnoxious? Well that’s your right, and it is also mine to voice my opinion, and I do have my supporters as well.

    I get this constant impression from many on here that if you are gay and not a hardened labour supporter, that somehow you are “letting down the team”. Well for one, I despise people that try and foist their political agendas on you by trying to impose some kind of guilt trip on you (ie: You are concerned about the immigration issue = QED you are a racist, and probably Nazi)
    and as for the “team”, the gay community is a myth. The only community that ever exists is when everyone wants a bit of c*ck.

    I am a community of one, and quite happy about that. My only similarity with anyone else on here is the gender of who I choose to sleep with, (which incidentally these days, is absolutely nobody), so call me whatever names you will. (Unlike so many PC types on here that blow a fuse if you so much as call them something they don’t like.)

  10. Beth Ditto.. ha! what the hell has she done for gay culture… well whatever it is i’ve never heard of it .. ‘I Kissed a Girl’ is a great song and if anything just makes people open minded

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Jun 2009, 5:56pm

    How f*cking dare she popularise homosexuality and make it front of mind and acceptable to people.

    How the hell are we supposed to carry on living in our isolated gay little ghetto, if she making our gayness seem so normal, everyday and un-special?

    …. what a fu*king joke …. who the sweet Jesus is this publicity seeking Beth Ditto anyway?

  12. Katie Perry is accusing someone else of being tacky?


    That’s funny.

    Sing us another one of your tacky, shit song sweetheart.

  13. RobN: “My only similarity with anyone else on here is the gender of who I choose to sleep with, (which incidentally these days, is absolutely nobody)”

    And you wonder why….

  14. David Griff 5 Jun 2009, 7:14am

    I find Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl song to be vulgar rather than offensive. I think what Ditto said was correct, she is just using gay culture to promote herself, which, while not offensive to gay people in general, should offend people’s sense of what is sincere.

  15. Linda: That is a matter of my choice, not somebody else’s. Unlike so many sad people on the scene that equate sex with love, I do not need anyone else, and certainly not some miserable bitch like you with a persecution complex.

  16. RobN

    F—-g chill out lad! If you carry on like that then nobody is going to listen to your opinions, no matter what you say; just because it’s you who has said them.

    I disagree with you on a lot, a lot, of things. But I can still recognise that you have your opinions and principles which, diagree or not, I respect.

    But this attitude has got to stop. You recognise you’re aggressive sometimes. Why? There’s no need.

    I think you need to accept and learn that people will diagree with you for whatever reason. It doesn’t mean they’re stupid or an arsehole, they just have different attitudes and values and hence disagree.

  17. Lezabella: I fully appreciate that everyone has their opinions, and not all are going to concur with mine. I can accept that. But that said, being opposed to me and being “stupid or an arsehole” is not mutually exclusive.

    As the great Popeye once declared “I yam what I yam. Live with it. I have to. That’s my nature. Homophobic? No. Dislike of gay people? You bet your bippy.

  18. Lezabella 5 Jun 2009, 4:23pm


    “Homophobic? No. Dislike of gay people? You bet your bippy.”

    That’s a really, really strange statement.

    You’ve grouped together about 6% of the population and put them in your ‘don’t like’ box.

    For you to make this statement you must be referring to ‘steretypical gays’, am I right?

    What do you not like? Gay bars? Gay icons? What?

    I don’t fully understand what you mean. It’s such a sweeping statement and I’m quite shocked.

    Please elaborate?

  19. Lezabella: Well I can only really talk about gay men, as I don’t really know many lesbians, but in a nutshell, they are selfish, vain, unreliable, devious, unfaithful, egotistical shitbags.

    Not bad a cooking though.

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