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Labour launch gay election video ahead of European elections

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Reader comments

  1. Vicki Morley 3 Jun 2009, 10:53pm

    I don’t deny that labour probably have a lead over other british political parties in their stance on lgbt, but it does annoy me that they boast of all their successes when they continue to believe that civil partnerships are adequate and there is no need to fight for gay marriage as many states in the US are doing. It’s frustrating that the UK seems to have slowed down in its fight for equality, and is complacent with civil partnerships.

  2. As the Labour Party is just about to drop off the political map completely, they will try anything to recruit support; the LGBT community is one of the few remaining pockets of support still there, although that seems to be dwindling fast. All I can see is this promotional stunt is preaching to the converted.

    Will the last LGBT socialist please turn out the (environmentally-safe, politically correct and dolphin-friendly) light on the way out. (WTF was wrong with light bulbs anyway?)

  3. Are gay people the only people who might vote labour on Thursday??

    The green party, the liberal democrats, and the SNP in Scotland have all worked for gay rights. If you are gay, you can choose another party, not just labour or tory.

  4. It’ll be The Green Party for me tomorrow.

  5. fulllovegirl 4 Jun 2009, 2:47am

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  6. Brian Burton 4 Jun 2009, 6:06am

    What a lot of Belly-aching from you ungreatful nimcompooks!
    If Labour had done precicley nothing (which you ricley deserve!) Then you’d have something to Belly-ache about would’nt you! (Give Me Streangth!)

  7. Peter O Neil 4 Jun 2009, 9:01am

    This video isn’t new, it’s been around for weeks and the fact that Labour choose the eve of an election in which they know they face wipe out speaks yet more volumes of their vulgar opportunism. Shocking that so many LGBTs have decided the only way to punish Labour is to vote for the party who treated us like dirt for decades. If you want strong voices against homo, bi and transphobia, the Green Party is one of the few ways left forward….

  8. So they put up a sexy straight man to front the video……interesting!

  9. It seems that despite all the gay bashing by Sinister Mary, Vulpine Rover et al, disgruntled labour voters still don’t believe their tory hype and instead turn to the Greens! (A split vote is probably what Cameron is praying for, but hey, if he gets in who knows; he may actually keep a promise that he vaguely sort of didn’t make!)

  10. Labour has done a huge amount for gay people and is the most consistently pro-gay mainstream political party. The only reason we have ANY rights in this country is because LABOUR MPs overwhelmingly voted to support them and LABOUR governments prioritised them.

    David Cameron’s Tories are about to side with homophobes and neo-fascists. Gay rights will be no where on a Tory agenda. Expect calls to repeal our hard-won rights during the forthcoming Tory administation.

    I voted Labour with pride and gratitude today. It’s because of the Labour party that I enjoy the full rights of a citizen in this country.

  11. I just love the way how LGBTlabour are claiming the credit for stuff the European court of human rights imposed on them. This labour government have resisted most thing concerning LGBT rights.

    Even section 28 was not on the governments statute books for being repealed. It took a private members bill to do it not the parliamentary labour party.

    So if you want your rights only after you have battled the government through every court in this country and Europe vote labour today.

  12. Just voted Green Party.

    I’m grateful for the work Labour have done for gays but I’m not ‘returning the favour’ and voting for them. They are no longer the most progressive force in UK politics.

  13. It’s just rubbish to claim as Abi1975 did that Labour had gay rights thrust on them. Letting cases go to the European courts was a tactic designed to make the repeal of anti-gay legislation easier. In the event the then Tory-dominated Lords resisted the private member’s bill (given government time) to equalise the age of consent and the government had to use the rarely-used Parliament Act to force it through.

    You can criticse this Labour government for a lot of things, but not on gay rights.

  14. “Letting cases go to the European courts was a tactic designed to make the repeal of anti-gay legislation easier.” MCC

    So why did Labour defend the cases with every lawyer in the governments arsenal. The labour party only ever gave up and complied with European human rights legislation when defeated in the highest court possible.

    Resisting basic human rights for the LGBT until your forced to do so is not supporting rights its denying them.

  15. Voting in a few hours, and so glad Labour are running out here in the sticks. It is skin-crawlingly icky to even contemplate voting Tory or BNP, so – even though they aren’t pro marriage at the moment – it’s great to have the option to vote for Labour against such parties.

    Doubly good news is that the Green Party is on the MEP ballot this time!
    The first time I’m actually looking forward to voting for a while now. :)

  16. Cut this patronising crap. I want an election, now, and I want them all out. For mismanaging the economy, creating murderous incompetence in the probation service (and I mean murderous, given that killers are on the loose BECAUSE Jack Straw cannot organise his department), the ruining of education, including the closure of 50 science faculties.

    Get them out.

    But, PS thanks for the legislation – I doff my cap.

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