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Gay penguins rearing chick in German Zoo

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Reader comments

  1. Keepers have decided to segregate the pair during hatching season to avoid disrupting the rest of the community.

    Says it all, really…

  2. Adorable, but I rather incline to the old-fashioned view that not having to do it is an advantage of being gay. Discussions about having children when my boyfriend and I got together quickly foundered when we realised we hated sleepless nights. I hope the chick will not be bullied on the nursery ice-floe.

  3. I wonder if these penguins are “sinners” too, and if they “chose” this unnatural lifestyle? Do they know they’re going to hell? Do you think they want to be “ex-gay”? Does god love the penguin, but not the sin?

    If we all “chose” to be gay, then logically, so did the penguins, according to all these religious nuts we are blessed with on this site.

    Hank and Skinner, perhaps you can enlighten us as to the state of their immortal souls given their “choice” to sin.

  4. fulllovegirl 4 Jun 2009, 2:45am

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  5. The C*nt of Monte Crisco 4 Jun 2009, 9:22am

    Yay for gay penguins! I’m a HUGE fan of penguins, and love it even more that there are gay penguins out there :)

  6. Bringing in sexy swedish female penguins to try and turn our lads straight! Tut tut!! Heard about the Gay penguins before and the monkey’s and dolphins; so not so “unnatural behaviour” eh!

  7. Precisely, Will.

  8. Will Narth by developing its Focused affect therapy for penguins.

    . . I wonder

  9. I sure hope so John… maybe they’re use aversion therapy where they show the penguins pictures a a sea lion even ever they “sin” towards each other. And no doubt it will be followed up by an “unbiased” report from NARTH on how the mortality rates among gay penguin is higher than god loving penguins… based on “scientific” feedback from the sea lions, of course. The conclusion will probably be that the reason Antarctica is so cold is because the penguins are gay and god was unhappy with them, so froze the continent.

  10. This is beyond cute. ^^

  11. Will . . . Hilarious – more please

    By the way I love acroynms . . . NARTH

    Perhaps David Skinner will unpack this for us, presumably
    NARTH = Not At All Related to Homophobia

  12. Not Anyway Reasonable Towards Homosexuality?

  13. Will Exactly . . . but presumably not according to our resident

    Fundamentalists. Hank, Skinner, Victim et al

    (1970s advert for chocolatde biscuit)
    PPP Pick up a Penguin.

    No doubt will proabably raise a few eye brows for the Fundamentailsit queer penguin hating christians on here.

  14. I don’t think it’s enough simply to condemn these penguins. We need to get at the root of what led them to choose this unnatural lifestyle. Was it failure to bond properly with their same-sex parents in earlier years? Perhaps if they can be taught to form healthy, non-erotic, same-sex friendships with heterosexual penguins that will make good the deficit and free them to move into heterosexuality.

  15. I also wonder whether these same sex attracted penguins displayed any early warning signs during childhood which their parents should have picked up on. Were they overly sensitive, creative and artistic, or did they display other gender atypical behaviour? Did they show an aversion to normal rough and tumble play with other male penguins?

    1. Man Will take a break. you are really digging too deep I say Let ther little guys alone as long as the “family” in general is mating whats the harm they are keeping each other company. So cute.

  16. William, you’re quite right, clearly thee penguins had an overbearing mother or a regimental father… my guess while still an egg. No doubt they were “thought” homosexuality at penguin school (the clump of snow at the far rock to the left of the breeding colony), as we all know that queer penguins have no choice but to recruit the youngest eggs into their “homosexual penguin agenda”. No doubt they hang around the hatchery, looking for young eggs to take away, or molest, as all gay penguins are obviously paedophiles.

  17. I hope schools use this wonderful learning opportunity for kids.

  18. Lol. The comments are more interesting than the article,

  19. Many scientists believe that homosexuality is so widespread in the natural world because of situations like this. Homosexuality is more common in species that live communally so it only make sense that the biological purpose to having genes causing homosexual individuals in a group is to create extra parents. These extra parents either help to raise their nieces or nephews of younger siblings, or they step in as surrogate parents when infants are rejected or lose their own parents.

    All the more reason for me to smile about being a gay man with a soon-to-be-born son. I am fulfilling my biological purpose.

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