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Gay marriage legal in New Hampshire after Governor signs law

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Reader comments

  1. 6 states out of 50… we’re on the way….

  2. Let get the federal government involved an not waste our time on state by state. Until the federal governmnet nots not recognize LGBT marriages, there are no benefot for our suviving sprouse. Lets get Presiden Obama involved and our our elected official involved in this.

  3. fulllovegirl 4 Jun 2009, 2:38am

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  4. Jean-Paul 4 Jun 2009, 4:00am

    Obama is getting involed. Didn’t he just proclaim June to be LGBT Pride month?

    We have been waiting for centuries for news like this.

    Education is swiftly evolving when we read today the Harvard University will have a professorship in LGBT studies. Talk about putting the Vatican in its place, eh. Not to mention ‘faith schools’.

    And to think all of this is happening when the world’s economy is being transformed. I wish I could see these historical events through the Hubble telescope! 40 years is not a long time; and Obama has only been in office a very short time. There’s more of that where it came from, you’ll see.

    We gotta have hope, miles and miles and miles of hope !

  5. You are so fortunate in the USA. Be thankful that your states can control and change the marriage laws because in Australia, our Australian Government controls the Marriage Act and will not allow same-sex couples to marry. Some of our states and territories have tried to legislate for civil unions but have had their laws overturned by the Australian Government. Cherish your states and their independence. Better laws state by state than by Washington. What happens if you ‘get’ Federal Marriage laws and then you get a ultra-right wing, fundamentalist, loony tune President that makes George Bush look like a left-wing Liberal and overturns those laws? It may take time , but state by state same-sex marrige laws will strengthen and enhance the same-sex marriage revolution.

  6. More good news in the right direction…. poor Skinner/Hank/Vee/Archdeacon-whast-his-face must be on their knees right now begging their god to smite us.

  7. Simon Murphy 4 Jun 2009, 9:41am

    Great news. Typicial that religion demands an opt out from equality proving the hateful, undemocratic divisive nature of religion.

  8. Yes once again religion opts out of gay rights. Thats because god made the earth and is constantly surrounded by praising angels and saints (so its no wonder he can’t hear a rational argument!!!)

  9. Yeah, well, putting the Vatican in its place is one thing, but we have to remember that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that human beings are free to practice a religion, and that’s because ideally, ethics have a place in our lives.

    There’s never going to be a Utopia; just a continual evolution in which dialectic is like one of the drivers in this here laptop. Just ask John K.

    I’m keeping a healthy distance from my cradle homophobic religion, and although I have been known to mock the laity, there are a lot of decent people in the pews.

    It’s the ‘boy’s club’ attitude of the hierarchy, the helplessness of catholic bishops, the restraint on brilliant theologians, not the least of which is Hans Küng, that makes me feel like… oh, never mind, like our Giant Varmint would say.


    I can’t tell you how much your perspective adds to the over-all view of the legal evolution of our LGBT rights.

    But even when all the laws will be supporting us, homophobia could still stare us right in the face when we look up while doing the groceries. The initialization of Gay Studies at Harvard University emphasizes an important cure for homophobia: Education.

    There’s a chance that with the right kind of education, a nurtured homophobe will be brought to the point where he/she will ask the right questions: ‘Am I homophobic?’, ‘Why am I homophobic?’, ‘Am I suffering from a mental illness?’, ‘How can I cure myself?’.

    Then, hopefully, global ethics will reply with words resembling the golden rule. That was the dream of Vatican II; maybe it will be reinvigorated by a Vatican III. Who knows?

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Jun 2009, 1:19pm

    Brenton, don’t write off centralised government entirely. Holland, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, ALL have centralised governments and look what happened, marriage equality passed. The UK has centralised government even though it settled for something less than marriage. Denmark will be next, yet another with centralised government. As more countries get on board, its going to become increasingly difficult for the rest of the civilised world to ignore it, including Australia and the UK, among others.

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