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Politics poll: Tories top pick for gay voters, Greens top for EU election

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Reader comments

  1. What short memories readers of Pink News – 39% plan to vote Tory. Madness. A party that resisted every single attempt to remove discrimination against gay people.

    David Cameron consitently voted against gay rights until a sudden volt face when attempting to ‘de-contaminate’ the Tory brand.

    God forbid the Tories win the next election and influential individuals will be Melanie Phillips, Simon Heffer and the other homophobes who still populate rank and file of the party.

    From 1967 onwards, gay people owe every single significant advance in gay rights to the Labour Party, the only party that has delivered equality and fought prejudice.

    Forget this at your peril.

  2. Gay rights have been actively supported by other political parties – and not all Labour party members have ACTIVELY (Gordon Brown for example) supported gay equality. The Lib dems, Green party, Plyd Cymru in Wales and the Scottish National Party in Scotland. All these have supported equality legislation.

    Labour does not have a monopoly on gay rights.

    Patrick Harvie of the Green party in the Scottish parliament has pushed many times for gay equality legislation, and had support from the lib dems and the SNP government.

    Forget those at your peril.

  3. Brian Burton 2 Jun 2009, 10:17am

    Nobody really knows what the general election vote will be. Torys’ are always getting caught with their pants down (Edweena/Major, Boris!, the now lord parkinson with lovechild by his Secretary.) and many more. Lots of sticky fingers in the expences cooky jar. My MP charged hobb- nobb biscuits on expences (LIB DEM Leader) I am voting UKIP in the Europe elections just for the hell of it!

  4. Brian Burton 2 Jun 2009, 10:20am

    I ‘ant gonna argue about politics. BOLLOCKS to all of them!

  5. MCC: I think old school Labourites like yourself continue to slag off everyone else, particularly the Tories, whilst doing damn all themselves.

    One noticeable factor in British politics over the last 30 odd years is the growth of the smaller parties and independents, so there many choices to be made across the political spectrum. One merely has to spend a little time reading the manifestos.

    Equally, why is it so many gay people are obsessed with gay rights to the ignorance of everything else? There are many more important things to be considered.

    I have visions of sitting in a nuclear wasteland, with some queen commenting “Well at least we have rights now”.

  6. vulpus_rex 2 Jun 2009, 10:23am

    The most pleasing thing about this is if respondants on a gay interest website say they are going to vote Conservative at the rate of 39%, then the figure will be much higher in the wider community.

    The unelected dictator Brown is going to get smashed at the next general election – halle- effing-lujah!

  7. Do not be fooled into voting for the political party who brought in section 28!! So, its been abolished but the theory behind it lives on! When you are poised to vote tory think of the kids and adults who topped themselves because of section 28; it happened!!!

  8. Richard Angell 2 Jun 2009, 11:10am

    The 3 million strong LGBT population are not ready to vote Tory. Cameron was voted the Worst Politician of the Year by Gay Times this month. In contrast, Gordon Brown was voted third best!

  9. vulpus_rex 2 Jun 2009, 12:44pm

    Politics is a cycle – Labour party gains power, wreck the economy/country, everyone starts to hate them and so vote in the Tories. Tories clean up mess but in the process get reputation for being nasty, so people then start to hate them and then turn back to Labour, and so the cycle goes on.

    The fact is we are at the stage where the Tories are going to form the next government whether you like it or not.

    My only worry, judging from Brown’s self -confessed determination to cling to power at any cost, is whether he will call an election at all, or even worse find some way of “fixing” the election so he can stay in the job.

  10. Lezabella 2 Jun 2009, 1:18pm

    “In the last year, Tory MPs tried to block Labour’s work on homophobic hate crime, voted against the lesbian fertility rights and sought to wreck the Equality Bill. Next week the Tories will show their true colours when they team up with variety of right wing homophobic parties in Europe. Only Labour has delivered equality, and only Labour will protect and strengthen our hard-won rights.”

    I. Rest. My. Case

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jun 2009, 2:57pm

    RobN, perhaps if you were denied fully equality as a straight voter, you’d be singing a different time. Nobody should have to fight for their equal rights, government should do it voluntarily. Since when did straights have to fight for the right to marry? They’ve taken everything for granted because they’ve never had to think about it let alone face any kind of discrimiation. Don’t be so smug.

    If Cameron wants toprove he’s truly reaching out to LGBT voters, let him get behind FULL equality, including the right to marry for those of us who so choose and allow straights their FULL equality by allowing them not to marry by opting for a civil partnership for starters.

    If every gay voter backed the Greens, 3 million or more of us, you’d see how fast labour and conservatives would come grovelling.

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Jun 2009, 2:58pm

    You’d be singing a different tune is what I meant to have said in that first sentence, RobN.

  13. Nobody really gets it, do they? It’s always been a case of two major parties squabbling. That’s how it should be done. If one says “black” the other will automatically say “white” just to be contrary. If a bill or an idea is good enough, it will get through. If it isn’t the other parties will rip it to shreds, and they will have to go back to the drawing board. Even then it’s not a definite as the Lords may yet deem it unworthy.

    That is the process of democracy. Or at least it was until Labour won a landslide victory. That in itself may appear superficially a good thing for Labour supporters, but unfortunately, it stops any safety net, and having 80% of the votes means they can push any old crap through. Then Blair eliminates any threat in the Lords by sacking all the life peers and replacing them with all his mates. Even when that fails, he just invokes the Parliament act and rides roughshod over 500 years of tradition and any semblance of democratic process.

    Politicians are crapping themselves now because of the proportional representation used in the EU elections should hopefully allow level headed parties like UKIP and the Greens to get seats, as well as rather more suspect ones like the BNP. However, it does prove that there is a true democracy operating here if they feel that threatened.

    The next time you see a politician attacking a bill or proposal, check both sides of the story. They are only doing their jobs, and are not necesarilly trying to invoke the opposite, but just ensure that if a bill is made law, it is a worthy, just and workable one. We have had more laws made in the last 15 years than all the governments put together since before the war. So many are useless, unmanageable or just plain daft. It’s about time this country got back to common sense and a strong, honest and well balanced parliament where only the strong survive.

  14. cheekyfag 2 Jun 2009, 3:45pm

    What short memories everyone has. If it wasn’t for approximately 40 LABOUR Scottish MPs voting against an equal age of consent, when Edwina Currie (Tory MP at the time) tabled it, we would have had it YEARS before Labour were voted it. Shame on you LGBT Labour – thinking you have a monopoly of LGBT rights.

    In addition, we have STILL to fight for equality. Civil Partnerships and Marriage are NOT legal. ie if you are a same sex or an opposite sex couple and one of you decides to have a gender reassignment, then you have to divorce and the re-marry or re-civil partnership. How is that making us equal? How does that show that we ARE all equal – we are NOT and I challenge anyone to tell us that we are.

  15. cheekyfag 2 Jun 2009, 3:46pm

    Sorry, I meant to say Civil Partnerships and Marriage were not ‘EQUAL’ – whoops – getting too excited for my own good – cheers.

  16. Kevin Peel 2 Jun 2009, 4:34pm

    Glad to see 63% of the LGBT community still has some sense and realises the tories haven’t changed – the rest would change their tune pretty sharp if Cameron and his cronies get in and start to take away all the right we have fought for and won under a LABOUR Government over the last 12 years!

    Labour may not have the monopoly on LGBT right but we’ve done more than anyone else ever did and we’ll continue to do more. Meanwhile Cameron has had an expensive makeover but look at his record – he voted AGAINST icnreasing protection for people subject to homophobic abuse, AGAINST equal fertility rights for lesbian couples and way back when AGAINST the repeal of Section 28!

  17. Andy & Steve 2 Jun 2009, 4:44pm

    How anyone gay can vote for a Tory leader that aligns himself in Europe with the Far Right is beyond me.

    If you are blind to the reality of Tory policy and “mind set” then go ahead – vote Tory, just don’t believe the slick and oily sheen Cameron has daubed the Nasty Party with.

    And before the Tory lovers get going – it was greedy bankers who support the Tory party that f*cked the UK this time round, not the Labour Government.

    Still, maybe I’m just jealous of Tory MPs Balmoral Looky Likey houses….. not.

    One World. One Chance. Vote Green.

  18. The Green Party is progressive on most of the issues that should be concerning us. I shall be voting Green this time – in fact, my postal ballot has already gone into the post.

  19. any one else getting a pop come up when they go on pink news?

  20. A telling reminder that gay people have fish-like memories – much like the rest of the population.

    Without exception, on every initiative, whether supporting or attacking gay rights:

    Lib Dem MPs have been the most supportive
    Labour second
    Tories have always included the highest proportion of Antis.

    If the Tories do penance for another 5-10 years then it might, just might be worth entertaining voting for them – and that’s assuming that you can swallow their hard right economic policies – but at the moment it would be like saying to a bully “Oh, so you’ve stopped hitting me? I’m going to be eternally in your debt.”

    If you want to bash Labour then Lib Dem or Green are perfectly reasonable alternatives, each with a near impeccable record on gay rights.

  21. It is a shame, but I think people (not just LGBT) will be stupid enough to vote tory at the EU and next general election. It isn’t going to give the Uk the political development it really needs, we will just get more of the same self-serving behaviour from a bunch of unrepresentative idiots.

  22. We also have to face facts that a lot of gay attitudes, and a lot of behaviour by gay people has always been rather “reactionary”.

    I was long ago struck by the predatory “weakest (or ugliest) go to the wall” aspect of much of the scene – which often resembles a classic “free market”. Treating people like disposable consumer objects, giving in to selfish short term urges, with little sense of community or solidarity.

    Very like extreme laissez fair capitalism in fact.

    So perhaps it’s not surprising that once the Tories cease being so actively hostile, a lot of gay people drift back towards them.

  23. I notice Pink News shows its characteristic anti Lib Dem bias.
    No percentage given for Lib Dems in the Euro poll and no comment from a Lib Dem spokesperson.
    Henry is quite correct. The Lib Dems have been the most supportive party and their record in the European Parliament has been outstanding.
    The opposition of the Greens to European integration would mean in practice that all the progress on LGBT rights that has come through the European Union and forced the Labour government to take action would cease. Significantly too it would prevent European wide action on the environment. Environmental threats don’t stop at national boundaries!

  24. Pink News shows again its characteristic anti Lib Dem bias.
    No Lib Dem percentage in the Euro poll and no comment by a Lib Dem spokesperson.
    Henry is quite correct. The LIb Dems hav far and away the best record on LGBT rights and the contribution of their Euro MEPs has been outstanding.
    The Greens’ opposition to European integration would be seriously damaging to progress on LGBT rights. It is EU pressure that has forced the hand of the Labour government to implement reform. that would stop.
    Interestingly it would seriously harm progress on environmental issues too. Climate change and demage to the environment does not stop at national borders. European action is essential. Curious the Greens don’t recognise that. Maybe a bit populist? Echos of Labour there surely?

  25. Stuart Neyton 2 Jun 2009, 8:00pm

    “The Greens’ opposition to European integration would be seriously damaging to progress on LGBT rights.”

    The greens support our continued EU membership and the progress of LGBT rights throughout the EU. The green EP members both voted recently in favour of anti-discrimination legislation, so I don’t understand your point. With regard to opposition to EU ingtegration, I’d rather look at individual candidates’ opinions rather than that of the party. Jean Lambert voted in favour of the lisbon treaty. Vote green.

  26. I am shocked that so many gay people would cast their vote for a party who has fought so hard to block LGBT rights in this country. The homophobia still rife in this country has much to do with section 28 which still resonates in many schools in England. It will take another generation to change the culture of challenging homophobia in schools. Mr Cameron may have fooled 39% of you but the Tories have a long way to go before they would ever get my vote. Not sure if a party still dominated by white upper middle class Eatonians really represent my interests and views on how this country should be run! Disillusioned with Labour my vote will go to the Lib Dems.

  27. Its all the Tory loving Stonwall 2.0 gay men who have found a new closet to hide in and its called the Tory party.

  28. Three Cheers for Conservative-voting gay Brits! Proves 39% of us have grown up at last and freed ourselves from the shackles of the sheep-like bleat “I’m gay so I must vote Labour”. This must really stick in the gullet of the dwindling die-hard socialist worker types who’d stick their head in a gas oven if Labour told them to! Being a gay Tory is the norm now – it is the Lefties that are retreating to the shadows of the closets hiding their faces with embarressment and the gay Tories who are Out and Proud!

  29. Thomas: Almost there, but I would actually say that just because you no longer have to support Labour if you’re gay does not automatically mean you have to go Tory. There are many other alternatives. I for one would not vote Tory or Green because of their pro-Europe stance.

  30. Thomas, it’s fine and dandy singing praises to the Tories, but let’s face it, the party has more than its fair share of poisonous crackpots. The Cinservative Christian Fellowship. The Cornerstone Group, for instance. They are not small groups within the party are they?

    Cameron may hav e seen the light, but the rank and file tories who elect MPs are another matter

  31. William Hague has just admited on BBC that his party will form a grouping with Poland’s Law and Justice Party. He said that calling homosexuality an abnormality is not homophobic but cultural. He did say they will not go into partnership with racist parties, homophobic parties seem fine though. Shame on any gay who votes tory.

  32. RobN (4):

    “…vision of sitting in a nuclear wasteland… commenting: ‘Well, at least we have rights now.'”

    Good one.

  33. Good luck Greens! They’ve got more integrity and more intelligent/inspiring ideas than all the other parties put together, so they have my vote.

  34. Excellent poll figures. No doubt the Gay Times will have apoplexy and go into a frenzy next month, running numerous stories along the lines of “David Cameron and Boris Johnson want to kill all gays at birth then Margaret Thatcher will dance on their grave” or some other ludicrous nonsense to that effect. Don’t fall for it; the Labour party no longer has a monopoly on this community.

  35. How can gay people vote on the tories? It’s beyond any possible and reasonable logic.

  36. Maybe the gay community needs to go through another homophobic party to learn once again what’s lurking beneath the thin tory facade.

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  38. I am voting green !!

  39. Despite what I say above, regarding Labour not having a monopoly on gay rights, I do think that the conservatives have not so far shown they have changed enough to get my vote. I can still remember Thatcher vividly. So, If I didn’t vote Labour lib dem or SNP (in Scotland) then I would likely vote green, just to give them a punt.

  40. Monkeyface 3 Jun 2009, 10:04am

    As all parties have been shown to be of loose morals, the choice is all the more difficult. Gay voters, like all others, have been weighing up the pros and cons. Perhaps Tories do not have the best record on gay rights, but that’s just one issue. Right now, Labour are screwing up everything and have proven to be just as avaricious as their Tory peers have always been described. Hence they aren’t worth voting for. I think it just reinforces the fact that being gay is just one part of my life, there are other important aspects to consider – economic stability/growth, tackling criminal activity, education, health….the list goes on. You have to make a trade-off to get the best global outcome you can. For me, that would be either Green or Tory. But Greens have no experience of running Council, let alone a whole country.

    You cannot simply vote for a party based on their gay rights record, be sensible and consider how their manifestos will affect you as a whole.

  41. Monkeyface 3 Jun 2009, 10:10am

    When voting for a party, you must choose the global benefits they will bring to you as an individual or to your family. Tories may not have the best gay rights record, but Labour have proven to be useless in many other areas – and just as avaricious as the Tories were accused of being. Right now, the UK needs change. It reinforces the fact that being gay is just one aspect of your life and while important, aspects such as health, economic growth, education and climate change are important to us all. Of course, I’d like all of these to be first-rate AND have equal rights. But if you had to choose, would you rather have a good salary, bringing stability and opportunities, or gay marriage? I’d go for the money anyday. I can still be gay and have relationships – but the extra money means I would be able to save for any eventuality. And maybe even move abroad to a country where I could marry. You have to make a trade-off, no party will suit your individual needs perfectly. Be sensible and consider all the factors influencing your life before you vote, voting for a gay-friendly party may mean the other parts of your life are not worth living.

  42. When I was a little boy I was told you can’t vote labour because they are socialists and socialists are like communists(!)
    Catholics were told not to vote Liberal because they brought in legalised abortion laws. This only leaft Tories to vote for in those past times (when Ted Heath was around!) As an adult I have dumped both church and tories for their hypocracy, specifically on LGBT issues! As for Edwina Curry, there is always an exception to the rules; she IS and always WAS a gay friendly MP. If you vote tomorrow please don’t vote for anti-gay rights groups!

  43. vulpus_rex 3 Jun 2009, 10:46am

    The leading editorial in the Guardian today is calling for Gordon Brown to be “cut loose”.

    This is the Guardian, not the Telegraph or the Daily Mail.

    Now if the newspaper of choice of the left wing in this country recognises what a useless pile of steaming cack Gordon Brown is then surely some of the blinkered Labour slaves in here should be able to also.

    Hate the Tories if you will – but don’t vote for the worst prime minister in recorded history to spite your face.

  44. When I was a little boy I was told you can’t vote labour because they are socialists and socialists are like communists(!)
    Catholics were told not to vote Liberal because they brought in legalised abortion laws. This only left Tories to vote for in those past times (when Ted Heath was around!) As an adult I have dumped both church and Tories for their hypocrisy, specifically on LGBT issues! As for Edwina Curry, there is always an exception to the rules; she IS and always WAS a gay friendly MP. If you vote tomorrow please don’t vote for anti-gay rights groups!

  45. I won’t be voting Labour this time, but neither will I be voting Tory (or for the other right-wing more extreme parties). Its not wise to jump out of the frying pan into the fire after all.

    As mentioned above, the Tories have said they will be allying themselves with an extremely homophobic polish party that considers us gays to be “abnormal”, and then have tried to justify this action by saying this statement is “cultural”, not “homophobic”!

    Sadly, if the tories do win seats (and I admit they more than likely will) then we’ll just wait for the uproar when gay rights are quashed. As also mentioned above, whatever David Cameron or some Tory leaders say, their rank & file are still highly homophobic.

    Tomorrow, I’ll be voting either lib-dem or green party, depending on their stances on gay rights & EU integration. I’m still as yet undecided as to which of these two parties to vote for, the greens appear stronger on LGBT rights, but the lib-dems might have a better balance when it comes to having definitive policies on other issues between the UK & EU. I’ll research on the internet this evening to decide & to see past the rhetoric.

  46. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Jun 2009, 11:27am

    For all those cracking on about the Labour party being all things good gay-wise, perhaps you’d like to refer to one of the other big current stories about the guy illegally deported to Nigeria.

    For those (who can’t put two and two together) still supporting Labour, the reason for him getting deported is because New Labour are taking the view that they are not bound by Euro legislation that prevents them from acting in this way. A government who genuinely cared about the welfare of the gay community would not have acted so callously.

    I still hope one day that reality will dawn for a few of you and you will start to acknowledge that the equalities that we are all now enjoying are a product of European legislation and not Labour party benevolence.

    On the subject of the Greens, they have shown in local and regional government that they will offer their support tactically to other parties in exchange for support for their own agenda. This horse trading is to an extent understandable, giving them access to real power and influence over policy, but it is a dangerous game and may well not always serve the gay, or wider, community well

  47. “William Hague has just admited on BBC that his party will form a grouping with Poland’s Law and Justice Party. He said that calling homosexuality an abnormality is not homophobic but cultural. He did say they will not go into partnership with racist parties, homophobic parties seem fine though. Shame on any gay who votes tory”

    I agree.

    I am a lesbian, but that doesn’t define me or my views as a whole and is not the most important factor influencing my vote.

    But how can you be true to yourself and who you are and still vote for this shower when they do this?

  48. If only people would vote Lib dem we might actually break this chain of the two party tyranny once and for all!!!

  49. The only way we are going to change this countries permanent stalemate is to get out of the EU. For that reason, don’t vote for Labour, Conservative, LibDem or Green. They are all pro Europe to a greater or lesser degree.

    I suggest UKIP, Libertas or if you are English, maybe the English Democrats.


  50. Well said, MCC. I endorse absolutely everything you have said:

    What short memories readers of Pink News – 39% plan to vote Tory. Madness. A party that resisted every single attempt to remove discrimination against gay people.

    David Cameron consitently voted against gay rights until a sudden volt face when attempting to ‘de-contaminate’ the Tory brand.

    God forbid the Tories win the next election and influential individuals will be Melanie Phillips, Simon Heffer and the other homophobes who still populate rank and file of the party.

    From 1967 onwards, gay people owe every single significant advance in gay rights to the Labour Party, the only party that has delivered equality and fought prejudice.

    Forget this at your peril.

  51. Remember it is the bankers and financiers who have screwed up the economy with their total lack of integrity and ethics. And then remember those rich cunts are all Tories. Bleed your anger on them, on the Tories, and NOT on the party that has done more for gay rights in the history of Great Britain than any other party.

    Vote Labour or LibDem or Green. But do NOT vote for those stinking privileged Tories. They are the acceptable face of a mentality that is hardly any different from the BNP.

  52. Really, Pete, comparing the Tories with the BNP is absolutely ridiculous.

  53. vulpus_rex 3 Jun 2009, 5:01pm

    Ridiculous Adrian yes, but hardly untypical of the desparate claims of labour supporters.

    As support for the Tories increase their bleating and hysteria increases exponentially.

    The meltdown in our financial systems was caused by one person and one person only – Gordon Brown.

    Bankers are a convenient scapegoat for the ill-informed and those who are desperate to absolve the Labour party of their financial madness.

    Even his own cabinet ministers are deserting Brown in droves, they know the truth about this mad man as they deal with him daily.

    The Labour party hold no majority on gay rights and trying to claim
    it repeatedly on here won’t actually make it true in the real world.

    A vote for Labour tomorrow is a vote for incompetence, deceit, dishonesty, fraud (endless list of pejorative adjectives)…

  54. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Jun 2009, 5:40pm

    How all you Labour party trolls can keep banging on about everything Labour has done for us, when we have the EU to thank for it is just plain ignorant – you’re no better that the brainwashed religious twats that come on here telling us we are devil spawn.

    For Christ’s sake educate yourselves.

  55. Sister Mary: Do it for your own sake, not Christ’s. I mean, what did he ever do for us?

  56. One wonders what would happen on here to all the whinging socialists if they came fourth in the EU election, went into total meltdown and Parliament called a general election. Where would these right-on lefties have to turn? Here’s hoping these really are the death throes of the most despicable, corrupt, inept and hypocritical government and party this country has ever known.
    (Oh, but they were nice to the pooftahs, so that’s alright then.)

  57. You’re SO right RobN. What’s the fuss about? If anything we’re one step closer to equality, now that we’re just as stupid, insular and naïve in our voting habits as the rest of the country! Yay!
    Seriously though, I implore you, enjoy the museums, hospitals and galleries while they’re still free. And don’t forget to say goodbye to the EU before it disappears from our lives under the unfounded prejudice of white-collar jingoists and we become an even more conceited and detached nation than we apparently are today.

  58. Lezabella 4 Jun 2009, 8:45am

    Labour trolls? Why because people have an opinion? And their opinion happens to outnumber, or have evidence outweighing, yours???

    “No better than the religious twats” – Well if I see correctly, you’re here commenting just as much as anyone else only you’re in favour of the Conservatives; hence by your analogy, you’re a twat too!

    So infantile. Give your head a wobble.

  59. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Jun 2009, 1:58pm

    Lezabella, check the stats, Labour have lost the gay vote (along with the BME vote). Polling is also showing they’ve lost the vote on the council estates as well. All in all they are f*cked. Outnumbered? Its 2009, not 1999 – have you lost a decade?

    As for you seeing it correctly, clearly you’re not seeing even that correctly.

    I am getting so hacked off with all this crap that people keep trotting out about the fantastic benefits Labour have provided us with. They have introduced EU legislation that has been forced on them.

    Please read the Treaty of Amsterdam, the European Convention on Human Rights – these are the two main pieces of legislation that have bought us equality.

    Gays in the military – google the European Court ruling FORCING the Labour government to cease discriminating.

    Continuing extradition of gays to homophobic regimes where they may face torture and death – blimey, government not (yet) been forced by the European Court to cease doing so.

    It is sheer laziness that people do not avail themselves of the facts and just rely on a few tabloid headlines.

  60. I’ve just voted conservative today. As I think we can do more to promote and preserve gay rights from within the party that we would otherwise if we chose to ignore it. The Tories are not ideal but it’s not good to have a single party democracy dominated by Labour.

  61. I cannot believe people are falling for the Tories. I can only assume that the majority of this 39% who back them are younger people who were not old enough to remember the Tory party’s hateful legislation in the past. A word of warning to the not-so-wise: don’t kid yourself that the Tories will honour the growing equality we have gained in recent years. If they return to power it will only be a matter of time before they start allowing exemptions to the Equality Act, and even creating a newer, covert version of Section 28. They absolutely cannot be trusted and we will all be second class citizens again when we are so near to be treated with respect and equality.

  62. Marcy and others, yes, isn’t it extraordinary. The gnashing teeth of the Tory dogs are managing to erase from people’s memories all memory of the reality of Tories. And gays who are willing to believe that they will EVER be genuinely accepted by the Queen-loving Bishop-loving public-school traditional backbone-establishment of this country are truly being sucked in. One bit of evidence of this crazy woolly-thinking appears in the Peter Tatchell honours-thread where several gay readers applaud his honour and call on the government to give him a Queen’s Honour, such as Knighthood! They simply are unaware that the blue-blooded methods of royal establishment “bribes” (which are what Queens’ Honours actually are) are incompatible with radical progression. Peter knows that to accept such a bribe from the establishment would be to allow himself to be bought into conformity and gagged silence.

    The political ignorance of many gay men and women is appalling, and it is sad to see comments in support of establishment-loving infiltrators on this website.

  63. I can still remember Thatcher vividly. etc etc. Seems to me all Labourites can troll out is the Thatcher years – hardly a historically typical tory government!

    There are other issues, and how much would labour have done without the EU…probably not much.

    anyway, I voted tory yesterday just to piss you labourites right off…it felt soooo good!

  64. vulpus_rex 5 Jun 2009, 4:02pm

    Hurrah, Hurrah – Brown is being CRUCIFIED in the local election results.

    Massvie swings from Labour to Tory have handed the Tories counties like Derbyshire – Labour for the last 30 years, Labour to the core until the Brown terror was let lose and destroyed our economy.

    I’m so happy this man is gonig to be anhilated at the next general election!

  65. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Jun 2009, 10:26pm

    Okay, so a few people can remember Thatcher – either I’m getting old, or …. well, I’m getting old.

    Cast your minds back pre-Thatcher to the shit-hole this country was before she got elected. 25% inflation, power cuts, either everybody on strike of sitting at home because they could work as a result of the power cuts. Rubbish piles in mountains in the streets, begging to the IMF for money to keep the country solvent.

    Some of you really have no idea whatsoever – oh and I don’t remember much in the way of gay rights at the time either come to thing of it.

  66. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Jun 2009, 12:49am

    oops – ‘couldn’t go to work’

  67. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jun 2009, 3:12am

    Mmmm, that poll was money well spent – 24 seats to the Tories, but the Greens gnashing right on their heals, just behind UKIP, Labour and the LibDems, with an incredible two MEPS – dear God its really been their night (….not)

    Who votes in these poles for Christsake?????

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