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New Hampshire reaches compromise on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. This issue is going to come home to roost on the tax-exempt status of churches. Under what circumstances do churches qualify for tax exemption? Under what circumstances SHOULD churches qualify for tax exemption? (Personally, I don’t think they should at all, except for the portions of their budget that can be tied directly to charitable activity.) If a church doesn’t want to perform same-gender marriages, that’s fine. Are churches required to grant membership and provide services to all citizens who inquire? Is tax exemption hinged upon them being open to the public in that matter?

    Now, I DON’T think churches should ever be allowed to NOT recognize marriages properly recognized by the state. That could easily go a lot of directions… mixed-race, for example. We know how people would feel about that.

    So it comes down to whether they get to keep their tax-exempt status if they refuse to provide a service to a same-gender couple that they provide to a mixed-gender couples. In any case, they can’t be FORCED to provide such services… but I think it’s fair to make organizations pay for their discriminatory practices… and now, as I type that, even that sounds wrong. Is discrimination like a carbon credit? Is it OK to discriminate because I paid to be allowed to do so?

    Lots of stuff to consider, here.

    But yea for New Hampshire, anyway!