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Gay asylum seeker John Bosco Nyombi wins right to stay in UK

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Reader comments

  1. This rubbish by the Home Office is disgusting. If you act “discreetly” you can go back to a country where you are likely to end up dead! We need Jonna Lumley in on this one!!!

  2. Uganda to Britian……hmmmm how many safe countries do you pass through to get here? The mere fact that we’re an island should explain this.

    This man will have had to of passed through other EU countries but he chooses here, why? Our benefits system that’s why.

    I have sympathy with his plight but the fact that he chose here is calculated and another example of extremely picky ‘asylum seekers’ who don’t thank God when they reach the first safe country; but choose to leave it altogether to get here!

    The fact he’s gay is immaterial and I don’t view him any differently than the Afghani asylum seekers who pass through the likes of France and Germany to get here.

  3. lezabella this man had a job here, he wasn’t wanting any benefits….he did put something into society, and worked as a careworker…whatever happened before that is immaterial.

  4. paul canning 1 Jun 2009, 1:05pm

    Lezabella – if you knew him you might have a different attitude. as yup yup says he has worked and never claimed a penny, infact he’s paid taxes. he is a graduate and former bank manager and his job has been held open for him precisely because he is such a valuable (in their eyes) care worker.

    why do people jump to these conclusions without knowing anything about the person and their situation?

    sometimes I just grieve for humanity and I know John and know these attitudes are extremely hurtful.

  5. Lezabella 1 Jun 2009, 1:10pm

    I didn’t realise he had worked here?!?

    Sorry guys my bad.

  6. Lezabella 1 Jun 2009, 1:14pm

    Genuinely didn’t know guys, I was wrong and I am sincerely sorry.

  7. paul canning 1 Jun 2009, 1:33pm

    That’s OK :]

    Too often people don’t hear about the people behind the label ‘asylum seeker’ – and of course most of the media isn’t interested in anything else but stirring up anger at the ‘other’

  8. my initial reaction was exactly the same as that of Lezabella, and sadly the reason why this gentleman got such bad treatment from the uk in the first place. It is all the thousands of scroungers that don’t need or deserve asylum that spoil things for those genuine cases.

  9. Lezabella 1 Jun 2009, 1:57pm

    Thanks Paul, I just assumed (which I shouldn’t of) he had been here on and off for 8 years under the ‘asylum’ label therefore preventing him from working etc. Poor man. They let a lot less worthy people (like Abu Hamza for instance) stay here and yet say ‘No’ to people like John.

    Dean- that’s the difficulty though, who’s lying and who isn’t.

  10. Oh dear; we seem to have another one of those strange spammers on here again!!! Its as well some of us are concerned about our fellow human beings with silly stuff like this around!

  11. paul canning 1 Jun 2009, 3:02pm

    Almost all the LGBT asylum cases are worthy (a very few are not). I know as I cover this in depth. Many other European and other countries take them in – we aren’t overburdened, the numbers are very small.

    The situations they are fleeing are ones we simply would not survive two minutes in, they make me shudder when I read of them. Think of the situation for Iraqi gays and lesbians and imagine yourself in them.

    To survive, make it out of there and make it through the bastardry of the Home Office’s tactics (happening in our name) is admirable. To me people like John are heroic.

  12. I go with Lezabella on this one. Just because someone has a job here, does that justify him being here? As an asylum seeker, he is not allowed to work, pending an outcome, so he was working illegally. Also, it has just been announced today that immigrants are sending up to £11m a day back home.

    For years we have been told that immigration can only benefit the economy, but when the evidence is examined, that claim falls apart. As employment of foreign born workers has risen, employment of UK born workers has fallen, and now we find that remittances have shot up as immigrants have sent savings home. So much for the benefits of uncontrolled immigration.

  13. paul canning 1 Jun 2009, 6:16pm

    RobN – he was working legally as a careworker supporting vulnerable adults, exactly the sort of job which is hard-to-fill. In that job he paid tax. The only ‘expense’ he has caused taxpayers is from his (illegal) treatment by the Home Office. His job was held open for him and he’s going back to it. His employers certainly valued him.

    He speaks English and is highly qualified.

    The issue you have with foreign vs british workers is almost entirely in different sorts of jobs and down to unscrupulous employers.

    Further, the idea that Britain has never benefited from immigration is ridiculous – think of the Jews who fled here in the 1930s or the Ugandan Asians and where they are now.

    And finally, is your solution to send John back knowing full well the fate which awaits him? Is that the sort of country you would like us to be? If he was a white gay American looking after the vulnerable in Southampton would you feel differently?

  14. It’s high time Jacqui Smith was made to resign … what a condemnation of a Home Secretary for a High Court Judge to say the Home Office was guilty of “a grave and serious breach” of the law.

    If politicians are getting so incensed at the expenses scandal, how much more scandalous is the Home Office’s behaviour to knowingly put someone’s life in danger, and in such a nasty devious and underhand way.

    Time for Smith to GO!!!!

  15. Poor man, I wouldn’t want to live in Uganda either. He’s working and doing a really hard job (care work), so we should support him as a gay man and now effectively a British citizen. Especially as we’ve treated him like crap, and when there are many other immigrants who, unfortunately, don’t have the same work ethic.

    What is really offensive is when people come to scrounge. From personal experience, I know that they get across the border somehow, on the pretence of studying usually, and then get pregnant. As soon as they have a British baby….. benefits, housing, indefinite leave to remain etc.

    I also know people from foreign countries who are full time students at a UK university and on full benefits – as a British citizen I couldn’t even get the job centre to help me find a part time job!! What a joke.

    This country is sadly ridiculous in a ‘do-gooder’ approach to everything, and it’s the honest people/idiots that pay.

  16. In overall charge of the Border Agency are 2 serial expenses fraudsters, namely Jaqui (Jackboot) Smith) and Phil (remember him with Joanna Lumley re the Gurkhas) Woollas, so what can we expect with people like that deciding the fate of ordinary folk. Good Luck to John Bosco, and let’s get this criminal Labour gang out of office as soon as possible, before they turn Britain into a fascist state.

  17. Paul Canning: “Is your solution to send John back knowing full well the fate which awaits him?” Well the man is obviously so grateful that he wasn’t sent back to be murdered that he is now seeking damages from the government. He is lucky he is here at all.

    The Jews and Ugandans were forced here against their will, and there were far fewer than the poncing crowds now clawing to get over the railings.

    “Is that the sort of country you would like us to be? If he was a white gay American looking after the vulnerable in Southampton would you feel differently?” In a word? “No.” I do not discriminate against colour. I do discriminate against foreigners, (EU or otherwise) taking over my country.

  18. paul canning 1 Jun 2009, 6:44pm

    Rob I will assume then that the answer to “Is your solution to send John back knowing full well the fate which awaits him?” is yes. At least have the guts to say it rather than hiding behind words taken from Daily Express editorials.

  19. paul canning 1 Jun 2009, 6:46pm

    “Jews and Ugandans”

    People like you were making exactly the same comments in the 1930s and the 1970s (‘poncing crowds’). Go look it up.

  20. Paul Canning: It may be true that at the time, people viewed the immigration of Ugandans and Jews with disdain, but I like to think we live in more enlightened times. Those people had nowhere to go and been forcibly evicted from their homelands. However the people now coming here are predominantly economic migrants who have already travelled through numerous countries with the sole intent of coming to the UK. We have the highest percentage of immigrants in the EU, and this fuckwit government doesn’t even know how many are here.

    Our public resources are groaning under the weight in almost every sector. Meanwhile they continue to be ferried in their thousands hidden in artics and freighters. There are genuine cases of asylum, and they should be processed accordingly, but for every real case, you can bet your arse there are 50 others trying it on. Brits now have the reputation of walking around with MUG written broad on their foreheads, whilst every Tom, Dick or Hari-Krishna sticks up two fingers at us, and continues black marketeering, avoiding tax and sending whatever money they make back home.

    And no, as I continue to tell people, I’m not a Tory, certainly not BNP and not a racist. I just think my country has been shafted by this government trying to do the PC “thing” and ignoring it’s indigenous population.

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Jun 2009, 11:22pm

    Until Britain addresses the problems with its own national workforce, foreign workers will continue to be what is keeping the wheels of industry turning.

    We have allowed ourselves to develop into a nation that has high expectations out of life, in return for little input. The reality is that is you are not educated in this country, with UK qualifications or equivalent, and don’t speak the language, or speak it poorly, you are at a disadvantage in the jobs market and yet we see tens of thousands of such people ‘taking’ jobs from British workers.

    We have bred a generation of young people who often feel they are took good to do most of the jobs available and that what is available is beneath them. Immigrant workers invariably come from countries were there is not an over generous welfare state that will support you and your family comfortably if you choose to wait for the ‘right’ job to come along. Its all very well waiting for that phone call from NASA or Arsenal, but in most other countries, people are not afforded the luxury of being able to sit on their arse and wait at the expense of the state.

    Britain rightly has obligations under the UN Convention on Refugees and the Human rights Act to offer safe haven and I totally support that. There is often a misconception also that refugees will always be a drain on the state resources. They are not more often than not and often contribute hugely to our society. Logic dictates that the sooner we resolve their immigration status and give them a National Insurance number, the sooner they contribute to the economy, and irrespective of where they choose to spend their money here, or send it home, the still contribute taxes to the Treasury coffers.

    Where problems arise is with the time it takes to get people to a point that they can work. This leaves little option for many people other than crime or the black economy (working illegally). Having given these people little option for supporting themselves, we then kick off that they are not paying taxes or are living off the state.

    As for leap frogging over several other countries to get here, I’d probably do the same myself, if I spoke English rather than Spanish, French or German. A gay Gambian for example is hardly likely to seek refugee in Nigeria or anyone of a number of other African nations with no better track record on violence against homosexuals. If that person has learned English at some point in their life, Britain would understandably be the country to aim for, rather than another European country with a language they don’t speak

  22. “Science and Engineering subjects will
    continue to experience relative difficulty
    in attracting well-qualified students
    in sufficient numbers to meet national
    need and to sustain existing levels
    and forms of higher education

    – from the annual report of a leading university in the UK. That’s one reason why we will continue to be ‘swamped’ – with bright people, because we desperately need them to contribute to our economy, in R&D. universities need them to stay open. You reap what you sow – a 3rd rate educatin system and a nation of dummies.

    This whole conversation has no relevance to the problem of people trafficking, hundreds of thousands of labourers dissapearing in the system. Asylum seekers like this man are a different matter and for sure, we should accept such cases.

  23. paul canning 2 Jun 2009, 2:33am

    RobN: well, you still haven’t answered my question … and that’s really the point.

    I am talking not about a policy but an individual that the nation I want to belong to should offer shelter to. Persecution should mean sanctuary, if we want to call ourselves ‘civilised’.

    If you knew John I am sure, actually certain, that you would feel the same. He is heroic, far more than I am and, I venture, yourself.

    The reason he is still here is because he won against exactly the sort of blind, numbers-driven, rule-breaking and – yes – violent bureaucracy which doesn’t differentiate between the ‘deserving’ and the ‘undeserving’ – it’s all about targets to report to the media, not the human reality. This is what is being done in our name.

    In five years he will be a citizen and I will be proud to call him a fellow Brit, because I know what being a Brit means.

  24. Bouncerman in Black 2 Jun 2009, 5:29am

    I well remember the FORCED immigration of Ugandan Asians, as I and many other volunteers, met most of the planes landing at Heathrow with them aboard..that was around 1971.

    They arrived during our late autumn and winter with just one thin layer of material and open sandals…they had nothing.

    Many of them fled from their homes, forced at gunpoint, with their valuables on their 100-3/400 mile walk to airports to be ejected from THEIR Country. They were robbed of all their prized possessions and money en-route by Ugandan Soldiers and many were also raped.

    Some even arrived with broken limbs whilst others were left dead on the roadways of Uganda.

    Others were extremely ill and had been forced from their hospital beds to make the 3 to 7 day walk to the airport with NO FLUIDS and NO FOOD as theeir robbers had left them moneyless. Drips had been ripped from their arms, surgical wounds were rotting.

    As a (unpaid) St John Ambulance volunteer …our job was to show a friendly reassuring face at the airport, to equip them with warm clothing given by the Salvation Army and then we escorted them (as welfare workers) to the many army camps around the Country that had been hastily prepared for them. Sometimes we traveled as far as Wales.

    It was horrible for us as we did ‘toilet stops’ at Motorway Service Stations as they would rush in to obtain food as they were starving… we had no money for them and these poor people had to wait many more hours until their firt meal in often 7 days was offered to them.

    Being made ‘unwelcome’ in your home Country isn’t a welcome thought and in many instances the hatred shown ends tragically violently.


  25. So now he is going to sue the country (you the tax payer) that has given him freedom. Another one on the compo bandwaggon.

  26. RobN: “Brits now have the reputation of walking around with MUG written broad on their foreheads, whilst every Tom, Dick or Hari-Krishna sticks up two fingers at us, and continues black marketeering, avoiding tax and sending whatever money they make back home. […] I’m not a racist”

    I think you are the definition of a racist and exactly the kind of people that bring this country down. Have you ever thought of the high number of foreigner residents living in this country and paying taxes to support all those British people who sit on their backsides all day chanting “England… England…” and “foreigners go home”. The irony!

    If the UK has the highest number of foreigners residents, the consequence is that it’s the country that is most reliant on foreigners’ tax contributions to function.

  27. Valerio: “If the UK has the highest number of foreigners residents, the consequence is that it’s the country that is most reliant on foreigners’ tax contributions to function.”

    You may well be right there, but is it the chicken or the egg? Had the UK not had the influx of foreigners, the rest of us may have had to work harder. I don’t deny a lot of Brits have become lazy and complacent, but the question is, why?

    Do you seriously think the majority of the immigrants coming here pay taxes? A great many are illegal, and if they are working, they are being exploited, often by other foreigners, and being paid a pittance for what they do. I live in a heavily populated ethnic part of London. I see it going on every day. At best, these people devalue the economy by not spending their money in this country and keeping it circulating, but at worse they are avoiding income tax, VAT, selling fake and dangerous goods, ignoring public health regulations and often claiming numerous social benefits.

    It is only human nature to try to improve ones lot, and I cannot blame most of them for trying, however, that frankly, is not my problem. I have no concern at all with genuine, qualified people that have jobs that cannot be covered by naturals. I also have no qualms in accepting our quota of genuine asylum seekers; However the rest should go back from whence they came (which includes France as their last port of call) and let other countries take responsibility instead of waving them through with a Gallic shrug.

    I equally think it’s about time this touchy-feely government got hard with all benefit claimants and ensured that if people want money, they should earn it, even if that means sweeping the streets or helping in a care home. That should get a few white arses off their well-padded sofas that spend too much time watching daytime TV.

  28. This is why you get labelled a racist. You are assuming that because people are foreign they are not going to pay taxes. That’s racisim pure and simple. If your problem is with the payment of taxes, you should target tax evaders, not foreigners.

  29. Valerio: How can someone who entered Britain illegally pay tax?
    You couldn’t do it if you wanted to, and if you did, you would be caught.

    What is racist about that statement? That’s why this country is fucked up. Pure and simple. As I said earlier to others, get off your socialist high horse and wake up and smell the elephant in the room. ;)

  30. Oh come on, if you can’t see it I don’t know what to tell you.

    “Had the UK not had the influx of foreigners, the rest of us may have had to work harder”

    You are now blaming foreigners for all the Brits sitting on their arses all day claiming benefits instead of getting a job because all these evil foreigners come here and keep the benefits system running with their dirty tax contributions so now all the poor Brits have lost the drive to thrive in the job market.

    Wow, these foreigners are really out to get us with their bad, bad tax contributions! People like you make the BNP crowd sound like commies.

    That claim is obviously in stark contrast to your other claim (in your next post) that foreigners can’t pay taxes because they are illegal.

    Not all foreigners are here illegally. My guess is that the majority of foreigners in this country are here legally although I do not have the data in front of me to back this up. When you walk around your “heavily populated ethnic part of London” and see all these “foreigners”, most of the time you’re probably looking at British people.

    If you think you’re offending me by calling me a socialist simply because I’m trying to defend people’s individual liberties I don’t know what that says about you and whatever political group you feel is in line with your thinking.

    This article is about an asylum seeker – an asylum seeker has the right to be here while his claim is considered – and, since the asylum claim has been granted, he has the right to remain now. What more is there to say than to be happy that he’s managed to get away from a society that targeted and abused him for his sexual orientation and is now making a contribution to this society where he’s appreciated for his work by those who work with him?

    You’ve stated your problem: ” I do discriminate against foreigners, (EU or otherwise) taking over my country.”
    I’m sorry but that does make you a racist. EU citizens are perfectly within their right to be here just like British people are perfectly within their right to live anywhere in Europe. And believe me, as someone who moves around Europe a fair bit I can vouch for British people taking advantage of that right to its full extent.

    British people are probably the single most represented nationality everywhere you go in the world. They travel wide and large and set up home in every country on earth. Let’s hope they don’t meet people as hospitable as you.

  31. Valerio: “EU citizens are perfectly within their right to be here just like British people are perfectly within their right to live anywhere in Europe.”

    Oh really? And when exactly were you or I ASKED? We have been railroaded into this after being offered a referendum which never came, followed by totally uncontrolled immigration policies.

    It’s only now when it has become so bad that people are now looking to the likes of the BNP to fix it. (God forbid). The bitter irony of this is that it was the Labour government that caused this state of affairs.

    “My guess is that the majority of foreigners in this country are here legally although I do not have the data in front of me to back this up.” Funny that. Neither does the Home Office.

  32. RobN, we’re not asked about every single decision our government takes. I also haven’t been asked if a Scottish person can live in Wales or if some guy from Manchester is allowed to move to Bristol. And frankly I don’t care that much about where people choose to live. You want everyone to stay and live in their country. Why don’t you mind your own business? A survey published in 2006 indicated that as many as 1 in 10 British people are living overseas. That’s 10% of the British population. Do you also want to force all these people to come home? Why don’t you start going about your life without telling people where they can or cannot live?

  33. Valerio: “Why don’t you start going about your life without telling people where they can or cannot live?”

    I tell you why: Because it affects my way of life, my countries values and traditions. My country’s economy. My country’s values, standards and culture.

    I have no problem with anyone coming here as long as they adopt our way. If they don’t like it, they can do the other thing. When in Rome and all that.

    These people are a rule unto themselves, they do not mix, they do not integrate, and then they complain we don’t do anything to support them. Half these people cannot even speak English.
    No wonder this country has such a problem when there are people like you running the country with blinkered, socialist and naive attitudes. Stop bleating the party line and examine the facts for yourself. There is an elephant in the room the size of a fucking mothership, and all you can do is come out with the same old crap all the lefties have been whinging on about for the last 30 years.

  34. I can’t see an elephant, I can see a big racist in the room that’s not making a lot of sense. You keep talking about “these people” as though they were all one people who all did the same thing so I’ll leave you to your blinkered views and your nostalgia. You keep ignoring the fact that British people do the exact same thing abroad. In fact, if Britain hadn’t gone building an empire all around the world there would be fewer foreigners here. You reap what you saw. Take a good look in the mirror before you go blaming the world for what’s wrong in your own backyard.

  35. Lady Tanya 6 Jun 2009, 3:06am

    Good on you Bosco we will go out and paint the Town in PINK
    Love you lots
    see you soon
    Lady Tanya xxxxxxx

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