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Danny La Rue dies aged 81

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul 1 Jun 2009, 2:30pm

    Sincere sympathy to Annie Galbraith and surviving members of Danny’s family.

  2. Dear old Danny, now sitting on the heavenly doorstep of mother Kelly etc; should be given a state funeral as befits an aged and beloved old queen! RIP

  3. As I grew up, Danny was unique. I never realised there was an entire industry of female impersonators and drag queens.

    He was the ultimate, and although there are many that followed him, nobody will ever reach the glamorous heights that was our Danny.
    He will be missed by many.

  4. I was surprised that he is survived by Annie Galbraith, a woman. It was a natural assumption that someone so flamboyant would be gay?

    Sad to see him go anyway x

  5. BrazilGayScene 1 Jun 2009, 5:45pm

    In his time, as a pioneer, Danny was the No 1. Not only a true professional, but also a very nice man with a big heart. Danny, RIP.

  6. Dan try reading the article properly, Annie was his companion only i.e friend.
    He was very much gay and lived with his partner Jack Hanson until Hanson passed away some time ago

  7. Keith Bradley-Wilson 1 Jun 2009, 6:23pm

    I’m now very very sad :-( A truly GREAT performer. No other words. RIP

  8. Gaz – get over yourself mate!

  9. Good-bye Danny you will be missed

    Lee x

  10. good-bye Danny you will be missed by thanks for all the laughter you brought us

  11. Dan: Oooh! Gaz corrected you! A blatant case of homophobia if ever I saw one!!

  12. Jean-Paul 1 Jun 2009, 8:34pm

    It’s the plain truth, Dan. The article was clear about the fact that Danny did live with his gay partner for years. Skimming an article is one thing, selective reading is another.

    I had never heard of Danny La Rue, really, but the minute I read the names of Judy Garland, Noel Coward and Dame Elizabeth Taylor, I instinctively knew I was reading the obituary of a giant in the entertainment industry.

  13. Brian Burton 1 Jun 2009, 10:14pm

    One of Danny’s Quips (after 30 years) made me and others I know fall about laughing, he said with mike in hand: Thirty years in the Business and still not Gay Ha! Ha! Harrrr!

  14. #9
    Don’t tempt me…!

  15. Brian Burton 1 Jun 2009, 10:23pm

    Danny made the ‘Drag Act’ respectable, even Royalty liked it and Danny was given the OBE for his contribution to show-Biz.

  16. When i was about 10 or 11 yo, my uncle showed us a video of Danny La Rue’s performance. We had a South-African version of Danny La Rue by the name of Evita se Perron, but i remember him telling us that one could be locked up in jail for having such “material”. It was awesome and enjoyed every minute watching it. We come a long way since then and we had Danny La Rue and others along the way to make the yourney a litte bit more enjoyable. Thanx and R.I.P

  17. Alex, Brisbane, Qld, Australia 2 Jun 2009, 6:35am

    I used to watch Danny La Rue on my great grandma’s knee back in the U.K. and we both loved it…

  18. Liam Ledwidge 2 Jun 2009, 10:18am

    Cheers Dan and thank’s for the memories. Liam Ledwidge

  19. Liam Ledwidge 2 Jun 2009, 10:19am

    Cheers Dan and thanks for the memories. Liam Ledwidge

  20. Brian Burton 2 Jun 2009, 1:49pm

    Danny La Rue’s name will be immortal because many Drag story referances will include Danny for years to come!

  21. A brilliant performer. He did an especially memorable turn as ‘Charlie’s Aunt’ in the late 60s/early 70s.

  22. A brilliant performer. Does anyone else remember him as ‘Charlie’s Aunt’ in the late 60s/early 70’s? Fantastic.

  23. Lady Tanya 6 Jun 2009, 2:58am

    Good night and sweet dreams
    Lady Tanya

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