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Middle East

Radical Iraq cleric orders ‘depraved’ homosexuality to be eradicated

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Reader comments

  1. Edward in Los Angeles 29 May 2009, 12:07pm

    By the looks of him, cleric is one person who will never have a homosexual relationship – no one would have him.

  2. Edward in Los Angeles 29 May 2009, 12:08pm

    By the looks of him, that cleric is one person who will never have a homosexual relationship – no on would have him.

  3. Funny I think that the “depravity” of Islam must be eradicated

  4. “Moqtada Sadr, a radical Shiite cleric in Iraq, has ordered that the “depravity” of homosexuality must be eradicated, yet urged an end to violence against gays and lesbians.”

    So presumably according to his logic, once LGBT have been eradicated the violence towards then will also disapear.

    Perverse . . . is not the word

  5. depravity is threatening midwives with death; depravity is threatening female teachers with death; depravity is stoning women who have been raped; depravity is blowing yourself up in a crowded market place or place of worship; need I give more examples?

  6. both the vatican and Sadrs official policies are almost identical now…..i’m sure Ratzinger will be pleased to know he can now label Sadr as an ally is his war on gayness

  7. jonnielondon 29 May 2009, 1:54pm

    Radical extremists exist in every religion. Radical islam, judaism, christianity, sikhism, buddhism, etc., must be kept in check everywhere by governments. So hard to do, however, if the government itself is a radical theocracy (read Iran), or is highly influenced by the clergy (read Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., etc.).

  8. Mihangel apYrs 29 May 2009, 1:58pm

    so just why did the UK help depose Saddam?

  9. You have as much chance of eradicating the four winds, Mr. Sadr…..pssst!…… pass it on!

    ‘To whom’, did I hear you ask?

    To all the other no-account, religious fascists…that’s “to whom”..!
    Oh…! and b/t/w …LAY OFF THE PIES..!


  10. yup yup; I agree! With his Nastyness the Arch Homophobe of Rome around you don’t need an “unholy” alliance but looks like they have one!

  11. Colm Howard-Lloyd 29 May 2009, 3:22pm

    We ought to take him literally. He’s only against “depraved” homosexuals; I dont consider homosexuality to be depraved so there is no real base to his views.

    That’s nice dear, have a nice cup of tea and calm down.

  12. “That’s nice dear, have a nice cup of tea and calm down.”

    I just love it! Colm – brilliant.

    PS – It’s spooky that the spam filter has got me to type in ‘on lashing’ in order to post this comment!!-Is this evidence of the birth of AI?? :)

  13. Every time I read something like this I wonder what the person has to hide. Normal human beings don’t care about what other people do as long as it doesn’t affect them. Obviously, being attracted to men must be something that pops up in his mind all too frequently for his liking…

  14. #13

    Yes, Iris…that and pies…!
    Aaeeeyoop…Pies have come!

    It’s called comfort eatin’..!
    Distracts a smidge from facing those awkward inner troofs..

    Anyway, no more flippancy from anyone pleez..

    That nice Mr. Benny C, PINKNEWS editor is coming for us all next week, so wotchit, peeps!

    Just serious innerlekshll stuff now..
    That’ll let me out.
    So bye bye all peeps…just had to get one more inane comment in before el choppo..


  15. “Yes, Iris…that and pies…!”

    You made me giggle! :D But seriously, I do get annoyed when people, religious or not, go on and on about things that are a)none of their business, and b)something that they obviously know f**k all about (not that that stops them).

  16. On a more serious note…I will try to behave mesel’ Mr. Cohen, Editor, Sir..!

    Please don’t ban me from next week for me nonsense…!

    Some weeks ago a poster on these pages gave us sight (YOUTUBE CLIPPING..?) of a muslim cleric spewing forth his invective at a (ahem!)…’service’.

    Is not this Muqtada al-Sadr one and the same.?
    I think it is.
    The likeness to Hitler’s style, the ranting, rabid screaming of that zealot in that video-clip was chilling in the extreme.

    I could not concentrate on the message he was delivering (the subtitles) for watching the fury of his possessed rant.

    Just like Adolf Hitler.
    He had a ‘something’
    So did Hitler; he had some of the same as if from the same jar, or off the same spoon.
    Powerful to watch.

    That is what we have to watch out for and that is why I go on with such inanity about ‘lay off the pies’ and other drivel..!

    What other weapons have we but ridicule?
    They will only land YOU in nick.

    How can you be prosecuted for takin’ the piss?
    Take it, people!
    Piss take big style!
    Deflate the vanity and pomposity that fuels this scum.
    Sorry, this VERY DANGEROUS scum.

    Now; double mushy peas with those 4 steak puds Mr. Al-Sadr…?
    ..and 3 lots of chips..?
    Thank you, that’ll be £8.50.
    By the way, we fry in beef drippin’ -is that ok…?


  17. Iris..!
    And you a lady!!
    You said a no-no!
    You norty peeps..!

    And your comment…?

    Exactly so as you describe!

  18. paul canning 29 May 2009, 5:43pm

    Iraqi LGBT desperately need support to save people from the torture and murder campaign. Find out what’s needed here

    Please pass on!

  19. To me, this cleric symbolizes the kind of ambiguity characteristic of the opening of the 21st century: we want peace, we make war; we want to clean up the envrinmoment, we drive cars; we want equality, we don’t accept one another; we want to follow the word of ‘god, allah, whatever’, we want to eradicate others…

    Gadzooks, pour me a cup of that tea ! ! !

    KEITH (14, 16)

    If you dare drop out of PinkNews comments, I’ll take the first trans-Atlantic flight and go get you myself, drag you kicking and screaming to your computer…. Better yet, I’ll conjure up (you did call me the Acadian Wizard!) the ghost of Christmas past and then you’ll be sorry, you giant varmint.

    We loves you, hasn’t anyone ever told you that ! !

    Please don’t go.

  20. Funny how when a country gets destabilized (like by say an invasion) Radicals like this guys suddenly pop up and get lots of power to do stuff like this.

    The right thing to do would be to give gay Iraqis asylum. As well as all the Iraqis who helped our troops and now are in danger because of it.

    Unfortunately that is NOT going to happen. Our government is too full of people who are perfectly happy with others suffering for the consequences of the US government’s actions.

  21. Though I should amend this to say at least this particular guy isn’t saying to kill gay people.

    Though how else does he think it would be “eradicated”?

    He’s either lying or incredibly naive.

  22. “Please don’t go”…..?


    Super group…great toon..sorry, Mr. C, Editor, sir.. :(

    If this cleric is the same as was in the YOUTUBE clipping which someone posted a while back, well, he sure wasn’t getting folks together for a game of bingo.
    I do not know what he was ranting on about in that clip of his sermon, I do not speak Arabic, maybe the ‘place’ of women..?

  23. Keith (22):

    It’s a tune that I certainly wouln’t sing to this cleric, but it was by CHICAGO.

    I may be getting two of their hits mixed up, after all me marbles are all over the place (!), but the words ‘Please don’t go’ may be found in my favorite CHICAGO tune from the late 60’s that goes:

    ‘If you leave me now, you’ll take away the best part of me;
    Oh-wo-wo-o, no, baby please don’t go-o;
    A love like ours is really hard to find,
    How can we end it all this way… ‘

    Wow, those were the days when every word of the lyrics was audible and so meaningful. Swo-o-o-n-n-n…

  24. Oh God. Now we have Keith vs Jean-Paul.
    Welcome to the Pink News Ramble-a-thon 2009

  25. RobN:

    Touché ! ! ! Ha!

  26. Robert! (ROBN)
    MR. ACERBIC GAY 2009.

    I was wondering where you’d wented..nice to have some vinegar on me chips now you’re back.
    And haven’t you got a point!


    Indeed it can be at times!

    The Manc and the Acadian!
    Never mind.
    Us days is numbered; us ramblings.
    It’ll be ‘pertinent’ or ‘shut it!’ from next week and probably rightly so!
    Benny’s comin’ to edit us OUT.
    No! Not ‘Vatican’ Benny, silly! …. EDITOR BENNY!
    Ooops there I go again.. shoutin’ – with me kapikals.
    So ta-ta..!
    ‘Amuse-toi bien!’
    (I hope that translates as ‘have a good time’.
    I have a sneaky feeling it might mean..”Go pl.. )

    Oh never mind!


    One last ramble and then I’ll shuffle off and gedda life.

    Why is it that these religious loo-looz all power-dress?

    It right piddles me off.

    What is it with the big black hats on Orthodox Jewish heads; all the more ridiculous when on some little babby’s head who is two minutes off his Bar Mitzvah.
    My Yiddisher great-grandfather is in a photo with his huge daft black hat but that was taken in 1800 and something.

    What is it with this al-Sadr, and his ilk ,with that huge black doughnut on his bonce, like mistletoe up a tree?

    And the Christians don’t get off.

    The huge, pointy hats, be-jewelled, gold brocaded…the crimson this, the purple that; costing thousands.

    All of it meant to impress.
    All show.

    All – ‘I am so much better than you, ya raggedy pezzunt!’
    All from a different, pre-1914, pre-1939 age.
    Know your place.
    And so is this tirade from a different age….”BE SILENT! BE SILENT!! BE SILENT!!!” (Father John OWEN, Cardiff, Big Question BBC)

    I might listen to what they had to say if they wore a business suit and tie and dumped the bling.
    I really would listen if we could meet, just as plain ordinary humming-beans, in Thailand, in 100 degrees, all in flip-flops and shorts and bare chests, Pepsi at the ready.

    But all that marble and lace, flowing gold capes, tall hats and tat?

    Gone to get a life.


  28. Pumpkin Pie 30 May 2009, 10:10am

    “Funny how when a country gets destabilized (like by say an invasion) Radicals like this guys suddenly pop up and get lots of power to do stuff like this.”

    Unless I’ve misunderstood history, I think this is pretty much how the whole current Muslim fundamentalism situation came about. Nearly a thousand years ago, the feral, barbaric, dogmatic Christians attacked the Muslim countries, home to science and enlightenment. As people do in times of great fear, the Muslim populace turned from their scholarly leaders to embrace the soothing promises of the more radical imams.

    Europe eventually grew prosperous, thanks in no small part to its cruel subjugation of the rest of the world, and science and understanding were finally able to flourish there. For most of the trodden upon Muslim nations, reason never recovered, and what was taken away from them would eventually come back to haunt the rest of the world.

    It’s not specific religions that are a danger to us, but the dogmatic controlling influence of organised religion in all its guises. Islam is just the flavour of the week (or century) – it’s not any worse than the other Abrahamic religions, it’s just that our current global situation means it’s Islam’s turn to play the “bad guy”. Merely being a Muslim doesn’t make you any more likely to be a maniacal terrorist than being Christian does. I am a sceptic and an atheist, but I still have wonderfully accepting religious friends – both Christian and Muslim (and none of them are moronic enough to think that telling people who are different to you how they should be living their lives is a “right”). The only reason a disproportionately large amount of bigoted radicals are Muslim is because a disproportionately large amount of downtrodden countries are Muslim.

  29. Brian Burton 30 May 2009, 11:22am

    All these evil, radical nutters want eradicating by us let alone anything else. Nazi Shiit (minus the e!!)

  30. Pumpkin Pie (28):

    Interesting synthesis, informative too.

    Also, I appreciate receiving an insight into your world view.

    Your last sentence is quite a clincher. Nice job.

    Whipped cream anyone? Just joshing…

  31. Keith (26, 27):

    How many times have I thought the same thing about pointed hats, liturgical lace and an endless row of tiny buttons from the throat to the ground, the gold threads, the tassels, tassels and more tassels.

    Why not just wear jeans and a T-shirt and try relating normally. What’s with these outfits, anyway? Something about symbolism? Jeans and a T-shirt are not symbolic?

    Years ago, when I was living in one of Canada’s ‘Big Apples’, Montréal, I had a number of good friends who were borderline jewish. When one of them, a guy named Schmeltzer, moved away from home into his own apartment close to where I was living, Momma came around to inspect the place.

    When she had seen every nook and cranny, she took a mezzuzah out of her handbag, complete with tiny nails and a little hammer and nailed it onto the door frame.

    I can still see Sydney rolling his eyes when Momma said: Kiss mezzuzah. And I can still see Sydney giving mezzuzah a casual tap on his way out.

    I like laided-back muslims and christians in the same way, just as I like laid-back agnostics, atheists and whatever.

    It’s the guys like this radical cleric that are to be found in every religion that have the mental illness, the ignorance and arrogance to believe they know it all, got it straight from the mouth of the allmighty, etc.

    There’s no reasoning with them. How they can keep a straight face and a clear conscience after actually killing someone is beyond me.

  32. Henry Collier 30 May 2009, 1:21pm

    One giant step toward peace and tranquility would be the elimination and eradication of Al-Sadr … how long would HE be remembered???

  33. Isn’t it time we got rid of the depravity of Islam. Isn’t it time we got rid of those depraved Muslims.

    Oh, and by he way, isn’t the silence just deafening from those so-called moderate muslims condemming the comments from the cleric.

    The reality is, the koran is very clear on its hatred of gay people, and the barbaric treatment they should recieve. And yet, governments around the world roll over and let their cultures be f***ed by this disgusting superstitious nonsense.

    Some might think that’s a bit strong, but I’m going to keep making similar comments until Islam and the supposedly ‘peace loving’ muslims of the world publicly state they have no problem with people like me.

    I have no problem with anyone, but when people start spouting hatred against me, I fight back.

  34. Jean-Paul 1 Jun 2009, 2:36pm

    J Mathews:

    Way to go!

    You’re right about moderate muslims not speaking up. Makes me wonder.

    It may take three generations to de-program a muslim in favour of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  35. Pumpkin Pie 1 Jun 2009, 2:57pm

    Thanks, Jean-Paul (30)!

    I just think it’s important to keep sight of the big picture, of exactly why fundamentalist Islam gives us such hassle and how any other religion could do (and frequently does) the same.

  36. Lets face it we would all be a lot better off without established religion, especially the RC and Islamic religions! And as to the Bible and the Koran, you may as well use Tolkien’s books as your moral compass where at least the evil is out in the open and you can tell the goodies from the badies!

  37. Dr Arthur Frederick Ide 15 Jun 2009, 2:28pm

    Religion and its predatory priests, pastors, prophets (especially Mohammad) and other panderers seeking to enrich themselves to “study the holy books” while othes work to feed them is the greatest crime on this planet. Religion, especially Islam, Mormonism, evangelical Christianity (black, white, latino) and Roman Catholicism have caused more pain, suffering, and death than all the wars recorded. It is time to eliminate all tax breaks for religious institutions and put religious structures back on the tax rolls, tax the clergy, and establish an entertainment tax on those who enter these dens of insanity. Not until all religion is erased from this planet, beginning with the mullahs of Islam and Mormonism will any mortal be free.

  38. Isn’t that funny!
    I was just about to say he looked like a radical, humourless Shiite!

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