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Lesbian sports presenter Clare Balding suffering from thyroid cancer

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Reader comments

  1. Get well soon!

  2. Brian Burton 29 May 2009, 11:11am

    My heart goes out to you Clare. I battled with cancer from 2005 to 2007. Lucky for me I’m clear now but the Hospital follows you up for five years afterwards. I hope your treatment is a sucsess.

  3. Simon Murphy 29 May 2009, 12:47pm

    Hope she gets through it quickly.

    Why is she doing an interview with the Daily Mail I wonder. She is a lesbian, so the Mail hates her?

  4. This is sad news; she is just the sort of role model the Gay community needs, especailly for the Lesbians (we men have got Mr Barrowman!)

  5. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    To Simon Murphy:

    The Daily Mail hates you less if you have cancer.

  6. I had what sounds like the same cancer in 1982 and got through it.
    I wish Clare all the very best and hope she will take it easy for a few months until she’s properly back on her feet.

  7. Sending all my best wishes for a speedy recovery Clare

  8. Get well soon Clare. You are one of my favourite TV presenters. xxx

  9. Sorry to hear this. Best wishes and get well soon Clare.

  10. Brian Burton 2 Jun 2009, 2:00pm

    Having beaten cancer (but still hving follow-up scans etc.) I know what it is like (Total Misery) the long treatments and surgery that seems to cut away half your body. But once they tell you that you are clear of tumors and the like, the relief is stupendous!

  11. hey clare you know you can get through this and you are the number one reporter for the BBC with your wit and quick thinking. I wish you a speedy recovery take your time we can wait patiently for you, my mother had her thyroid removed before i was born so i know what she has been through but i thin k i’ll be fine if i turn out just like her. Remember its things like this that make us strong. ;-) x

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